Biblical Bebe

    Feed my ever-so-hungry Japanese Koi pet fishes  !                                   
            Drop some food by clicking your mouse over the water                        
                         You can also feed my ancient pet turtles ,             
                                    make my freezing penguins  head bang                
                                                or play with my pet spider named Outter          

Photo Credit: Joanne Bergenwall Aw, Iceland, 2008                    
Gadget Credit: Adam Bowman                   
Blue nights and bathing angels - there is no boundary when it comes to the world of fantasy and make-belief. This experimental sphere is dedicated to the free spinning forms and ideas that generate an awesome glow of energy too intimidating for the logical minds. In this world of chaos, it is a balancing art form to create an infinity sphere of creativity. No guidelines or rules, just a wilderness of expressionism striving for novelty, establishment and survival.
   Ideation is the process of creating new ideas. An escapist would ideally finds solace in such a process or psychological state, where the fantasy world takes over reality. A logist would analytically find methods, resources, and tools to strategically support this process in order to enable constructive outputs that can be documented and implemented. As a combination of both representations, my kind of ideation process is aimed to be both healing and constructive. To tame the wild (ideas); to conquer the wilderness (of ideas) - these have always been mankind's instinctive ambitions. 
   This ideation sphere is a kind of focused meditation for me where my consciousness spins off towards God's consciousness. The "Biblical Bebe" is born. 


Recent Quotes

  • Everyday love "Love is like bread, it has to be made fresh everyday" - An old saying - Michael Leunig, When I talk To You: A Cartoonist who talks to God
    Posted 6 Dec 2014, 09:32 by Joanne Bergenwall Aw
  • Stillness Sometimes I forget that stillness is a part of life. It's standing kind of still right now. The calm before the storm. Could be, could be not. It all ...
    Posted 21 Jan 2010, 01:24 by Joanne Bergenwall Aw
  • An end The love I have is so very different from the love I get. And it will forever be different. And I will forever carry you with me. Time doesnt really ...
    Posted 21 Jan 2010, 01:16 by Joanne Bergenwall Aw
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Recent Bible Verses

  • Psalm 103:8-12 耶 和 华 有 怜 悯 , 有 恩 典 , 不 轻 易 发 怒 , 且 有 丰 盛 的 慈 爱 。 他 不 长 久 责 备 , 也 不 永 ...
    Posted 17 Jul 2012, 09:31 by Joanne Bergenwall Aw
  • Psalm 103:13,14 Såsom en fader förbarmar sig över barnen, så förbarmar sig HERREN över dem som frukta honom. Ty han vet vad för ett verk vi äro, han tänker därpå att vi ...
    Posted 17 Jul 2012, 09:31 by Joanne Bergenwall Aw
  • Ecclesiastes 9:10 Allt vad du förmår uträtta med din kraft må du söka uträtta; ty i dödsriket, dit du går, kan man icke verka eller tänka, där finnes ingen insikt eller vishet ...
    Posted 10 Jun 2010, 03:10 by Joanne Bergenwall Aw
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