2013-14 Certified Salary Schedule

as bargained by the Bartlesville Education Association and ISD #30

All returning teachers will advance one step on the salary schedule.

All steps and lanes were increased by $450 as compensation for a 5-minute increase in the teacher work day to 7 hours 20 minutes. The administration has committed to NOT add 5 minutes to the instructional day in the 2013-2014 school year. Their stated goal is to provide additional compensation in future years to expand the work day to 7 hours 30 minutes, eventually using the added time to lengthen the student instructional day by 15 minutes. The net cost to the general fund is projected to be $317,114. A $224,000 correction for annual attrition savings was applied (as older teachers retire they are usually replaced by younger ones).

The state flexible benefit for those participating in the state insurance plan will continue to pay 100% of the Member HealthChoice High Option Premium.  (Those not in the insurance plan will continue to receive the same state flexible benefit as before.) 

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