Words from the Prez, October 2014

Post date: Oct 10, 2014 11:30:22 AM

The fall weather brings about many changes, cooler weather, leaves changing colors, then falling off of trees and the start of football season! Thinking about changes causes me to reflect on my years of teaching time and how education has changed over the years. Some of the changes to education have been good and some changes have not been good. Many of these changes came to be through legislation, new laws that were passed by politicians, or changes from the state department.

All around town you can see billboards, yard signs or on television advertisements for people wanting to be elected or re-elected to an office. I hope that people, especially those who are in education, listen to what the candidates say but then also research the candidates, see if there is any evidence out there that shows that they stand behind their promises. This election is extremely important and in my opinion it is time to put party beliefs aside and vote for the issues that we believe in. Don’t just listen to other people, listen to the debates, do research, and listen to their speeches. Make an informed decision and vote for the person that you feel will be the best representative for the people but more importantly for our children who are the future. I know that I will be paying close attention to the political candidates.

Kelli Bryant

BEA President