Words from the Prez for November 2016

Post date: Nov 10, 2016 7:44:26 PM

Happy November!

This time of year makes me think of many things, but mainly thankfulness and gratitude. To me, gratitude helps us to see what is present instead of what is missing. Oftentimes, as educational professionals in Oklahoma, it is common for us to see what is missing: funding, not enough time, not enough supplies, energy for all the things that we need to complete. During this time of thanksgiving I encourage us all to be grateful for this amazing responsibility we have to educate, love, and care for each student. To be mentors, friends,

and cheerleaders for our co-workers is also extremely important.

Personally, I am grateful to all of our members for their support for our organization, our building reps and officers that work so hard to make sure you feel supported and heard, and my family who doesn’t mind the extra time and hours I spend working at school and for the BEA.

Hang in there, that wonderful week long Thanksgiving Break is just around the corner. Make sure to take time to be thankful for all of your blessings, and to take care of yourself to refresh and renew to finish out this semester strong.

Our next BEA meeting is Wednesday, November 16 at the Madison Library at 4:15.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Rachel Hough

BEA President