Words from the Prez for April 2016

Post date: Apr 4, 2016 5:22:03 PM

On March 15, a group of BEA members, BPS parents, and students made an impromptu trip to OKC to advocate for public education. The event was loosely organized by the Facebook

group “Oklahoma Parents and Teachers for Public Education” and drew several hundred to the capital. Senator Ford and Representatives Dunlap and Sears were gracious enough to

agree to my last minute request for a meeting and visited with our group for well over an hour. It wasn’t how any of us planned to spend a day of our break, but I think we all felt that it was worthwhile and enlightening. I was thankful and proud to be there with great teachers, and supportive parents and students fighting for public education.

Please be informed about the choices our representatives are making and let them know you are watching and care. Things won’t get better until we stand together and demand change.

Heather Boyle

BEA President