Sen. Ford Authors New Deregulation Bill

Post date: Feb 11, 2010 12:26:10 AM

New Deregulation Bill to Require Majority Teacher Approval

Last year Bartlesville's own Senator John Ford authored a school deregulation bill (SB 834) which the BEA and OEA opposed because it placed many hard-won teacher rights at risk. In the House, Bartlesville's Rep. Earl Sears voted for the amended bill, although it was eventually vetoed by Governor Henry.

This year Senator Ford has authored another deregulation bill. However, unlike SB 834, this year's SB 2330 would require a 50 percent plus one teacher majority approval on any deregulation or elimination of any mandate. Also, a 60 percent majority approval is required for the deregulation of items within the collective bargaining agreement. Lawmakers are recognizing that teachers need and deserve a voice in every process that will ultimately affect their classrooms.

A Tale of Two Deregulation Bills

SB 834 (Last year)

  • Statewide deregulation
  • Elimination of trial de novo
  • Allowable changes in pay including reducing some pay to the minimum salary schedule only

SB 2330 (This year)

  • Deregulation is limited to a school district in order to meet the individual needs of that particular district.
  • A majority of teachers (50 percent plus one) must approve any and all deregulations or elimination of mandates before the request is submitted for board approval.
  • A 60 percent majority of teachers must approve any deregulations within the collective bargaining agreement.

Source: Oklahoma Education Association Legislative Update, 2/10/2010