Bond Issue Website:

Post date: Jan 26, 2012 9:08:36 AM

All district teachers and staff are urged to visit for detailed information on all aspects of the bond issue going to voters on February 14, 2012. You'll find answers to Frequently Asked Questions so you can be fully informed and help educate voters.

The BEA urges you to vote YES on Valentine's Day! Please encourage your family and friends to do the same! The bond will restructure our secondary schools, eventually saving hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in the general fund, 90% of which goes to district salaries. We expect the legislature to further cut income taxes even amidst our ongoing funding crisis and thus erode the tax base for public schools. So we MUST become more efficient to avoid more layoffs. Remember, we are already tapping the fund balance just to make ends meet now, and that is unsustainable. Not only jobs and class sizes but even basic step increases are at risk unless we become even more efficient.

The bond also improves our elementaries, including finally getting rid of the nasty portables at Kane, and provides much-needed major and minor capital projects at every site. It provides the funding we must have for textbooks and other curricula, computers, name it.