Board Restores Some More Cuts

Post date: Jun 4, 2010 8:17:52 PM

Acting upon the state department of education's projection of a 7.64 percent reduction in district funding from the initial allocation for 2009-2010, versus the 10 percent reduction used in its original budget for 2010-2011, the Board of Education on June 3 amended the budget:

  • Math textbooks will now be purchased as part of the usual adoption cycle
  • BHS and Mid-High will share a restored Spanish position and restored math position
  • One elementary teaching position will be restored

The board also approved two further amendments with a proviso that Superintendent Quinn have discretion over their restoration:

  • Up to three additional teaching positions may be restored if needed to solve "hot spots" in the schedule when otherwise a high class size would result.
  • For now site 015 funds will be left at the current 25% reduction at all sites, except Oak Park and Jane Phillips, which were cut 12.5%. But the Superintendent has been given the discretion to restore some or all of those cuts at mid-term if the state meets its projected monthly allocation payments. This reflects concern that the state may not come through with the funding it has projected - it has frequently failed to do so in the past.

Overall, the district will have cut 18.5 teaching positions for 2010-2011, which could fall to 15.5 positions if the three unspecified positions are needed. Since the district has already received 29 resignation or retirement notices from certified staff, it will be hiring some teachers. Qualified first-year teachers whose temporary contracts were not renewed may apply for those positions, along with anyone else with the necessary qualifications.

The district's job openings are posted online.