Bargaining Completed

Post date: Jun 12, 2012 7:47:56 PM

The BEA and board teams completed the 2012-2013 contract bargaining on June 12 in near-record time. We are still awaiting some TLE appraisal system forms from the state for counselors, librarians, and the like. After those are received I will post the complete Tentative Agreement and a summary of the proposed changes in mid-July.

Meanwhile, be sure to check out the proposed salary schedule for 2012-2013. While many districts are having to again reduce staff for 2012-2013, our district's closure of an elementary school last year and consequent restructuring has allowed us to stabilize our budget and we will actually have some salary increases to make the upper steps of our schedule more competitive with our peers.

ALL ISD #30 teachers will be asked to consider ratifying the agreement at the district inservice on Tuesday, August 14. Please be sure to stay, after the classified personnel are dismissed from the rally, for our ratification meeting.

My thanks go out to those who were part of the BEA team at the bargaining session on June 12: Kelli Bryant, Teresa Underhill, Stacy Gerth, and Terri Bryan, as well as Paul Gayowski of OEA.

-Granger Meador, BEA Chief Negotiator