Ban the Bag, Beaverton!

Dear Mayor and City Council,

We live, work, play and shop in Beaverton. We no longer wish to see plastic bags floating in our waterways, which hurt our wildlife and pollute our waters. We no longer want to see plastic bags on the sides of our highways and roads. Both the creation and proper/improper disposal of plastic bags are detrimental to our environment. Locally we can change this.

It’s critical that we reduce the number of single-use plastic bags that end up in our creeks and rivers, and Beaverton can lead the way in Oregon and Washington County. We urge you to cut the flow of pollution by banning disposable plastic bags in Beaverton.

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This petition was inspired by seniors at Sunset High School who, for a class project, presented to Beaverton City Council a ban on plastic bags. They talked to community leaders, industry leaders and the community. They did amazing work. When they presented their plastic bag ban to City Council, they were turned down.

We value our community's young voices and have created a community comment signature page just for students. Contact us if you would like to get paper comment sheets to get your classmates to add their names.