This site was created to connect Beaverton residents with others who are working on social justice issues that are specific to those that live in Beaverton, which includes issues in Washington County and Oregon. We are a growing community and in order to make a positive impact in our city we need work together and empower each other to stand up and make our community a great place to live for everyone.

The idea came about when a few concerned citizens got together to discuss current Beaverton Police training in regards to mental health calls in Beaverton. As a result, we asked ourselves how can a few people effect change? It would be extremely hard. A conversation with an organizer in Portland graciously gave some words of wisdom: Gather a group of people together and we will come support you.  We asked ourselves how can we get a group of Beaverton residents together around this issue? They suggested talking with existing groups, especially the social justice groups in Beaverton.

So that is how this started. We can't wait to see how this grows. The possibilities are endless.

And we are pretty sure we are going to meet some pretty awesome people along the way.