Beaver Coaches Inc (1968-1994)

This section covers the time period between the creation of Beaver Coaches Inc and the purchase by SMC in 1994.
  • Interviews
  • Brochures¬†
  • The Bulletin, Bend Oregon Newspaper Articles
  • NADA Jan-Apr 1996
  • Schematics 1984-1994
  • Production Numbers. In personal communication from employees of Beaver Coaches Inc, the maximum number of coaches produced in any one year was between 400 and 500. Our 1993 36 ft Beaver Contessa Savoy (layout) was numbered between 8 or 9 coaches ever built with this layout.
  • Founders of Beaver Coaches Inc were Jim Hogue and Frank Storch. They started the company in 1966 in a two car garage in Corvallis, Oregon, (Bend Bulletin, Dec 9, 2002, article entitled Walking in Their Father's Footsteps by Monica Lee).