The Beaver Creek Horsemen's Association (BCHA)  is also known as the Columbiana County Chapter of the Ohio Horsemen's Council. We  were established in 1989. We are celebrating our silver anniversary this year!
The primary mission of our club is to maintain the horsemen's camp and the bridle trails in Beaver Creek State Park, Columbiana County, Ohio. Our horsemen's camp is located  at 12816 Sprucevale Road ( County Road 428 ) East Liverpool, OH 43920

BEAVER CREEK STATE PARK bridle trail descriptions were submitted to our northeast OHC representative for the special Northeast Corral insert, however they have not been updated on the OHC website which may be accessed by the link on the left.The updates are dependent on that link being updated.  ACCESS to the 2014 COLOR bridle trail map is at the very bottom of this page. PLEASE SCROLL DOWN  BELOW THE PICTURE to the LINK.(May 23, 2014).   Please disregard the link at the left.

SILVER ANNIVERSARY 1989-2014:  We will be having a special reunion ride and dinner at Beaver Creek State Park Saturday September 27, 2014.  If you know former members of BCHA please share this information with them and invite them to join us. We have a special logo which is now available on a bumper sticker which sells for $3.00.  Cindy  Lyon, corresponding secretary and membership chair, has also made arrangements for this black logo to be applied to gray Tee shirts, crewneck sweatshirts and hoodies.  The logo will appear on the left top of the front of the shirt and in a much larger version across the back of the shirts.  Shirts costs will be $10.00 for tee shirts, $18.00 for crew neck sweat shirts and $25.00 for hoodies. Sizes over XL go up an additional $1.00 for each X.  You may place your orders with Cindy as soon as possible.  Additional details for the dinner will be added as they become available. ( updated Apr 26, 2014 ).( a picture of the logo is available on the BCHA facebook page: ).  

NORTHEAST OHC REGIONAL RIDE will be hosted by our Columbiana County Chapter on Saturday May 17, 2014. Our traditional pasta dinner will be served at the HorseCamp Pavilion at 6:00 p.m. Please bring your favorite sides and/or desserts and donation for the trail maintenance fund. DJ entertainment will be provided following dinner.


ECHO DELL ROAD NEWS:  Echo Dell Road between the Main Park and Sprucevale Road is still under construction and is not accessible. Once it is complete I will update the page, but also be aware - no matter what your GPS system tells you the Beaver Creek bridge on Echo Dell Road is NOT trailer friendly from either direction. Do not attempt to access the Horse camp by driving on Echo Dell Road.
NEWS:  Please visit our updated calendar of events.  2014 calendar updated April 23, 2014. Includes Beaver Creek State Park activities as well as Columbiana County chapter OHC/BCHA events.  You may also keep up with us on our FACEBOOK page at Beaver Creek Horseman's Association, which at the moment is open to nonmembers. Not all members of the facebook page are members of our organization.

We also wish to make it known that we, Columbiana Chapter of OHC/  Beaver Creek Horsemen's Association,  are NOT in any way associated with the recently formed Moore Road horsemen's association, nor do we condone or support their recent actions in spite of their claims to the contrary. ( April 2014)

HORSECAMP NEWS: This is the third year for  a reservations only tie line at the Horsemen's camp at Beaver Creek State Park. As well as the usual fees it is necessary to pre-register with  extra cost.    See the Beaver Creek State Park website for more details! 

STATE PARK NEWS:   State Park campers - earn free camping:  Do you know about the Ohio State Parks Rewards Card ?    Parks Rewards Card   Earning Points Redeeming Points Added Values Additional Terms    Sign up NOW!

 We, BCHA,  continue our letter writing campaign  to Save Beaver Creek State Park from commercial logging and drilling. We are also supporting the Save Beaver Creek State Park group in their  efforts to prevent the removal of water from Beaver Creek and its tributaries for the purposes of drilling.  Please visit their website for updates.  
FIRE WOOD ALERT: Columbiana County has now been identified as having the emerald ash borer which is an insect that kills ash trees • Following recent confirmations of emerald ash borer in Wayne National Forest, and taking into account the infestations in surrounding states, the Ohio Department of Agriculture has expanded the state's emerald ash borer quarantine to include all 88 counties

The quarantine stipulates that ash materials and hardwood firewood cannot be taken from a quarantined area into a non-quarantined area • Despite the fact that quarantining the whole state will allow for ease of movement of ash materials and hardwood firewood, it is recommended that Ohioans continue to exercise caution when moving these materials

The federal quarantine, enforced by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, remains in effect • This quarantine makes it illegal to transport ash trees, parts of ash trees and all hardwood firewood out of the state of Ohio   
Make your promise to not move firewood!   (posted April 18, 2012) 

 (Scenes of Beaver Creek were posted with Google Chrome and are a slide show - I have had reports not everyone is able to access them - I guess you will have to see them in person!)