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I am a research scientist who loves live music, photography, reading, travel, swimming and scuba diving.



I build and maintain a web page to promote live music in the county of Kent, UK :,, where there are gig calenders and monthly news pages, so there is no need to miss an event..

So if you are putting on a gig or event in Kent, please do send me information about it and I will try and get the event listed on the web page calendar and news.


I research into matter that is structured on the nano-scale to micro-scale using NMR and neutron scattering and x-ray scattering. In particular, I study the properties of liquids in nano-metric pores - the small sizes greatly changes the properties of ordinary materials - i.e. water/ice may freeze and melt at -20C.

This fact can be used to probe the properties of ordinary materials like house roof tiles (how frost durable are they ?, what pore sizes do they have ?. These techniques can also be used to investigate subjects as diverse as the behaviour of oil and water in rocks, as well as the properties of the rocks themselves, and the adsorption and release properties drug molecules in small pores. 

Some of my research web pages  are :

Research home page :

Company home page :

Nano-science pages : (this page contains high resolution graphs)

Instrumentation pages :



I have fun with stitching together panoramic images from photos I have taken. There are a number of tools for this, but some of the more powerful are PanoTools and PTgui

Bluebells, Crundale woods:

Soriano nel Cimino: 

 Images © Dr. Beau Webber

Swimming and Scuba Diving

To learn more about scuba diving with a brilliant club, see :

Here are some links to a wonderful set of warm-water dives I made from the Eastern islands of Malaysia :

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