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Tips for a head to toe makeover for your mind, body and spirit

Beauty is not just outer appearance. It  is  acomplete harmony of mind, body and attitude that can be felt and sensed by others. After all "Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder" and one has to work towards looking beautiful as well as staying beautiful for ever. 

Visualize yourself as a most beautiful,attractive, self confident and sophisticated person.Prepare yourself for a complete makeover as you discover your inner world of true beauty and bring out your natural beauty. Your journey starts now.

In this article, I have compiled a few comprehensive beauty packs and tips that will help you to have a smooth glowing skin,look beautiful and youthful for ever by enhancing your natural beauty.  

Tips For  Skin Care

1. Use of Sunscreen And  Moisturizer 

Always use Moisturiser and then Sunscreen. If you have moisturiser mixed with suncream, there is no need to use miosturiser again. Do not use face powder after using these creams.  If your skin is sensitive to these creams, there are chances of rashes appearing on your skin.

2. Protect Your Skin During Rainy Season

Rainy season effects our skin due to increased heat , humidity, perspiration etc. Remaining in rainwater for a long duration also effects our skin causing Allergic Dermatitis by fungus or bacteria. We must protect our skin from any such diseases by taking simple preventive measures as under:

 (a) Clothings:  Use dresses as appropriate to the season. White, light and loose clothings are comfortable to wear. It should be porous enough to allow air circulation.

(b) Food  and Drinks:

       (A)  Seasonal green vegeables and fruits must be eaten in plenty. Ripe mangoes, lemon ,bottle guard etc are good for this season as it contain electrolyte,vitamin-C,and minerals.

       (B)  Take sufficient curd .

       (C)   Take plenty of fluid including water. It compensates  for  increased sweating  and water loss.

 (c)  Other Precautions: 

       (A)  Keep body clean and  skin dry .

       (B) Take bath twice a day.

       (C) Avoid body powder and moisturizer.

       (D) Anti fungal dusting powder may be used.  

       (E) Consult your doctor before taking any medicines from market.

       (F) Remain mentally happy and cheerful.


 Tips For Dental And Gum Care

1. How To Maintain Healthy Teeth And Gums

       (a)   Mix one tea spoon of table salt with one lemon juice. Massage your teeth gently with this mixture twice a week. This will  make your teeth natural white  by removing yellowish  color.

      (b)  Brush your teeth with tooth paste and brush purchased from reputed manufacturer, everyday  once in the morning and once before going to bed at night. After brushing your teeth , massage your gums gently. Follow proper way of brushing your teeth and use soft brush.

     (c)  Floss your teeth daily as brushing does not clean your teeth completely.

     (d)  If you have a swollen gum, massage your teeth gently with clove paste mixed with table salt.

     (e)   Never use pins or any other matallic  object  to remove food particles  stuck in between teeth. It is very dangerous and may cause infection. Always use good quality tooth pick  for thos purpose.

    (f)  Rinse your mouth immediately after having food mainly sweet items.

    (g)  Eat balanced diet every day. Avoid sugar or candy as much as possible. Eat food enriched with calcium and avoid  carbo-hydrate .

    (h)  Massage your teeth with powdered dried lemon skin regularly.

Tips For Your Hair Care

1. Get rid off  Dandruff And Falling Hair

Use a good and reliable hair tonic every day.  Shampoo your hair every alternative day. Massage your hair with little hair oil before shampooing. Do not apply much pressure. Shampoo your hair   one hour after massaging. Always keep your hair clean. Hair fall reduces once dandruff vanishes. Do not worry if few hair fall everyday as every hair has a life span.

2. Highlighting 

 Many of us might have the idea that hair dye, hair coloring and hair highlighting are all same. But actually its not the truth. Now we will focus on hair highlighting here since this is the latest trend. A few strands of hair are selected and only these are coloured. While doing so the skin tone and the original hair color of the person in question is taken into consideration so that the highlighted strands of hair meld beautifully and comfortably with the natural hair colour. Highlighting can be of three types:permanent, semi permanent and temporary. For permanent highlighting chemical substance called "developer" is mixed with the hair color which makes the color permanent. Semi permanent highlighting is just a coating and therefore is  not long lasting. For temporary highlighting "Mehendi" is used.Now we come to the method of highlighting. This again can be done in two ways:

1) 4-5 strands of hair are placed in an aluminum foil, next the hair color is applied, and then the foil is gently folded. After about half an hour the foils are unfolded and the hair is washed with a nourishing shampoo thoroughly.

2) Strands of hair are placed in small caps (after applying color) and after half an hour the caps are taken off and the hair is rinsed thoroughly to make sure that there is no residue as this might cause allergies.

Highlighting is after all a chemical process and in absence of proper aftercare there can be damaging results in future. To avoid that, the hair should be well conditioned and well nourished.