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Different Dry Shampoo Types

  • Clear: Often called "invisible", clear dry shampoos are color-free and versatile.
  • Powder: Powder dry shampoos are generally offered with a brush applicator.
  • Spray: The most common type, spray dry shampoos are aerosolized for easy application.
  • Tinted: Ranging from light to dark, tinted dry shampoos blend with your hair's natural color.

Different Hair Types & Needs hair extension classes littleton 

  • Braided Hair: Since brushing is not an option, clear or color-matched tinted dry shampoo sprays are your best bet.
  • Curly Hair: Selecting a spray dry shampoo is a must to ensure that it gets past your curls and into your roots.
  • Dark Hair: Be mindful of the right type (powder or spray) for your hairstyle, but the tint of the dry shampoo should be your highest priority.
  • Light Hair: Pick the right dry shampoo type (powder or spray) for your hairstyle; just don't go with a dark-tinted one.
  • Oily Hair: All dry shampoos are meant to absorb hair oils; just make sure to pick the right type (powder or spray) for your hairstyle and tint for your hair color.
  • Red Hair: As with dark hair, the most important thing for you is matching the tint of the dry shampoo with your hair color.
  • Weaved Hair: Since brushing is not recommended (similar to braided hair), clear or color-matched tinted dry shampoo sprays work best with weaves.

Still Uncertain Which Dry Shampoo Is For You?

Who's Most Curious About Finding The Right Dry Shampoo For Their Hair?

From light and curly to dark and straight, everyone's hair needs are different, especially when it comes to dry shampoo. In the U.S., people truly care about finding the right products for their hair types, as 1 in every 15,503 Americans googles "dry shampoo for [fill in the blank] hair" (or a similar phrase) every month.