Catering Equipment Servicing

catering equipment servicing
    equipment servicing
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  • Provide (food and drink), typically at social events and in a professional capacity
  • (cater) supply food ready to eat; for parties and banquets
  • providing food and services
  • (cater) provide: give what is desired or needed, especially support, food or sustenance; "The hostess provided lunch for all the guests"
  • Provide with what is needed or required
  • Provide with food and drink, in this way
catering equipment servicing - Servicing Satellite
Servicing Satellite TV Equipment
Servicing Satellite TV Equipment
This is the definitive practical guide to fault-finding, troubleshooting and servicing satellite television equipment, both indoors and outdoors. It will take you through all areas of satellite television system servicing from the simplest fixed dish to fully motorised systems. From PAL to Mac to MPEG all contemporary systems are covered.

Satellite TV systems have been installed in a wide variety of locations, using a bewildering range of equipment. That equipment is beginning to need maintenance and repair. To cope with the volume and variety of work, Nick Beer has written the first guide to satellite TV which concentrates on what to look for and what to do when it goes wrong. This book is up to date and crammed with real-life experience, not theoretical data or manufacturer's ideal specs.

Nick Beer has already written the best-selling Servicing Audio and Hi-fi Equipment and is a technical correspondent for many UK and international journals such as Television. He also works as an engineer and teaches satellite servicing to technicians.

A practical guide to a new and important area for service engineers
Covers indoor and outdoor equipment
Written by an experienced author, teacher and engineer

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Long Service award enamel badges
Long Service award enamel badges
Notes on individual badges in the above pic. Long service and retirement award badges are a tangible link to a way of life that has all but disappeared. The sense of loyalty and service between staff and management could go both ways and it was not unusual back then (leaving aside banking and public service employment) for an employee to spend their entire working life with the same company. Sadly, that sense of company loyalty and commitment has fallen by the wayside and it would be highly unusual these days for an employee to remain with a company for much, if not all, their working lives. Who these days still receive an award for 5, 10 or 25 years service: not many I’m sure.
Catering Equipment Servicing
Catering Equipment Servicing
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catering equipment servicing
catering equipment servicing
Servicing TV, Satellite and Video Equipment
A genuinely practical hands-on guide for service engineers -- including a new section on the latest digital equipment.

Previous editions of this unique `hands-on' fault-finding book became the guide and mentor for thousands of service technicians and engineers in many countries and was widely adopted as a college text.

Based on many years of practical bench and field experience, the book wastes little space on theoretical principles and circuit description where it is well covered elsewhere: here the emphasis is on the practical business of fault diagnosis and repair.

Twenty chapters focus on specific aspects of the equipment, dwelling longest on the most troublesome: TV power supplies, line timebases and video deck machines. Other chapters examine test-gear, intermittent faults diagnosis in digital TV and video equipment, satellite-receiver repair techniques, interfacing/hookups and workshop practice.

A symptom index is included for easy reference. Written for PAL, the differences for those working with NISC and other standards are also covered.

Eugene Trundle is the UK's leading author on Servicing and Video Technology, and a full time TV and video service engineer. His articles appear regularly in Television and several other magazines. He is the author of the best-selling Newnes TV and Video Engineer's Pocket Book and Newnes Guide to TV and Video Technology.

- The definitive guide for service engineers, installation technicians and servicing students- Written by a practising service engineer- Includes a symptom index for easy reference and new material on the latest Digital TV and Video equipment

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