The below is a striking allegory on the subject of feminine beauty and the religious distortions and oppressions therewith. It starts out quite mild, but toward the end gets more heated. Little Sally was a poor little girl having only one faded rose, which nevertheless was special and dear to her. Although she loved the beauty of roses, little Sally was strongly rebuked for admiring her friend's rose which was at it's prime. Little Sally also had only one small doll with the tip of it's nose broken. At times she liked to admire the picture of her doll as given on the box in which it was originally packaged. She liked to remember and think of her doll perfect as such as she played with it, but she also was strongly rebuked for such. Since writing this allegory over 12 years ago I have had many additional miraculous incidents confirming the issues it speaks of, adding to the many miraculous incidents I had earlier and which encouraged me to write the allegory.

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Did God intend the most splendid beauty of woman as without spot or wrinkle, as He created for man in the paradise Garden, and which without any obstruction is as honorably described in our Bibles, to be man's friend or foe?

The above unique video, which I first ran across at Valentines season 2019, vividly exposes an issue on which I have had a burning concern about for nearly 20 years, and which I hardly knew how to deal with. Adding to my burning concerns relating to this video, God provided me with a multitude of miraculous incidents to encourage and teach me as I extensively researched the subject. Although often feeling like giving up on trying to assist an immovable world, the continuing fire of that concern caused me to create the below poem page for Valentines 2019. The word PORNOGRAPHY which is often mentioned in the above video is a very dubious word, and is often used quite barbarously and imprecisely. Technically and according to its Greek roots, the word pornography means something irreconcilably and inherently evil. Although the couple in this video repeatedly use the word, the unobstructed and most splendid feminine beauty and creation as HONORABLY described the Song of Songs (Bible), and as God placed in the immaculate paradise garden and declared very good, certainly should not be thoughtlessly befouled with the loathsome word pornography. Obviously any photos or materials which display and encourage fornication and irresponsible sex, and which behavior jeopardizes the secure family unit, should be called called pornography. Yes such photos and materials, show evil, promote evil, destroy homes and marriages, and certainly are evil. Nevertheless regarding the unclouded and optimal beauty of woman as without spot and wrinkle, as is honorably and vividly spoken of in Scripture and as God placed in the paradise garden, which the clear realization of can encourage affections and therewith bless and strengthen homes, should such beauty mostly be a foe, curse, and an evil and disconcerting matter to Christians, while being richly appreciated and praised by sinners?

The bitter pains caused by barbarously, broadly, and blindly demoralizing the best of feminine beauty as God richly created and placed in the paradise garden, were vividly demonstrated to me by a buck deer suddenly appearing in the midst of our front lawn at matting season with both back legs broken and running on his broken knees with its lower legs dragging behind. Yes this strange buck deer and sight appeared at a most meaningful time in my study and contemplations about issues closely relating to this video. Even further the suffering buck then ended up jumping into our neighbor’s lake where it died in it’s great pain and distress, as if committing suicide. Yes a perfect metaphor of issues being discussed here. The man in the above video at times thought of committing suicide because of religious pressures upon his life.

Regarding issues being discussed here, I once was told by one who encouraged my concerns on these issues, that few have courage to deal with or tackle the elephant in the room. Yes religious people often do overlook the elephant, or even might cleverly pet the cruel elephant in the room to make themselves look good among their religious peers, and while furthering and promoting popular and prestigious religious agendas. With religion as such no wonder many people become bitter at all religion, and no wonder Jesus spoke of the publicans and harlots entering the Kingdom before blind, cruel, and haughty religious people.

The couple in this video was sadly threatened with divorce because of religious or supposed moral pressures complicating their marriage. I know of a situation where a couple did end up divorced because of complications as in this video. Concerning that situation, interestingly almost right after I started a special website intended to help prevent such conflict and pain, I largely had a supernatural opportunity to share my new site with this man (who then was sadly separated and living in another state). The opportunity to share my new site with this man occurred through a friend of mine who invites numerous of us to breakfast, one morning somehow getting a wrong number and accidentally calling this man’s phone, and who although then living in another state happened to be in our area that day, and who then ended up being invited to the breakfast. I then ended up sharing my new website with him. It certainly appeared this was more than just a coincidence. I never seen him before or after, but may God have mercy on Him is my prayer, even if men and blind religion does not.

Although God's perfect law of liberty does not withhold rich and good things from humanity, it nevertheless still certainly has laws, but healthy and protective laws to bless the family unit! The ill nation destitute of warm and secure homes, and where most all have separated parents while they themselves have also lost their cherished and romantic dreams and secure relationships, almost creates a HELL on earth for many. Both children and adults end up disappointed, abandoned, pained, and scattered, while social services and government certainly cannot fix this bitter plight and replace the solid and happy home! People want freedom, but freedom that simply gets people into trouble is not freedom! Yes, we need the Bible back in our schools, and certainly NOT ONLY BIBLES, but a revolution of understanding the glorious things, and warm homes it religiously promotes! A cruel and devilish beast (system) as spoken of in the below poem has greatly confused and distorted much of what the BIBLE stands for, and NOT SURPRISINGLY causing many to hate it, and to therewith somehow remove it from our schools and even nations. Yes the evil beast has twisted and even reversed the good Bible message resulting in the beauty, glory, and rich things God intended to greatly bless, warm, and strengthen homes, to often rather be a mere instigator of jealousy, contentions, frustrations, shame, and despair.

May 2019 be a time of fully rebooting our Bibles and learning what they really stand for, and learning what the PERFECT LAW OF LIBERTY is all about! Yes, may 2019 be a time of learning and realizing how romantic our God and Bibles really are, and to learn how to experience the fullness or fullest of the excellent things God created for the enrichment of humanity, rather than no law or faulty laws stealing the blessing and leaving many in difficulty! God has provided a treasure of pleasure almost without measure, which NO LAW and FAULTY LAWS have plundered, smashed, and trashed, while regarding it all both the religious and non religious have become so twisted and blind they can’t seem to find their right mind, and Oh how we need God to teach mankind. Interestingly after creating the below poem page and more for Valentine's 2019 yet another unique incident occurred about the Valentine's subject. This occurred on Valentine's eve 2019 and involved a tree with a unique heart falling in a unique manner at a church which is most critical to me, and yes I had certainly been praying and desiring that religious errors surrounding this Church and subject subject would be uprooted and fall as tall yet dead trees. That Valentine's tree incident with many other unique incidents is shown at

God is very concerned about warm and secure homes and therewith has clearly spoken on the subject of beauty and romance through many unique signs and wonders as is shared in provided links. May we enjoy God’s good plan, and seek to save others from hellish and painful situations resulting from no law at all, as well as bitter laws relating to the DOCTRINE OF DEVILS which disallowed marriage (1 Tim 4:1-3).

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