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Professional Makeup Video

professional makeup video
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Black Jack Manga Makeup Test 2010.4.1 0124 PDT Part 1
Black Jack Manga Makeup Test 2010.4.1 0124 PDT Part 1
(Note: This is a preliminary test. The finalized version will differ somewhat from what you see here. This was a video frame capture off my Sony DCR-TRV130 Digital8 camcorder, in widescreen standard definition.) Thursday morning, about 55 hours before the actual costume project. The suit is the same, only the makeup is somewhat different. This time, I'm trying to capture the look of Osamu Tezuka's color illustrations of Black Jack, his legendary outlaw surgeon. In Tezuka-sama's color illustrations, half of Black Jack's face is usually colored blue, rather than the darker brown tones in the anime in present day. Ada "Putrocca" Palmer of (and a wonderful Black Jack cosplayer in her own right, as well as various other Tezuka character cosplays, such as Rainbow Parakeet and Makube Rokuro) had the following to say about this: "As to why the skin is frequently depicted as blue, rather than brown, I am not sure, but it may be related to the traditions in Indian and Chinese art of depicting figures whose faces should be brown as blue because it was considered less ugly. Another possible explanation is that the colored yellow ink used by printers in the period Tezuka was working did mix very to make complicated hues like brown, orange or green and blue simply came out better – it is for this reason that, in early American superhero comics, one rarely sees costumes in any color besides plain blue, red and yellow." A friend of mine suggested I take on this challenge, and this is the initial result. Apparently, I'm going to have to put on about 2-3 coats minimum for the blue side of the face, sealing each with powder, and then add on the brow pencil, eyeliner, and black pencil stitch details. I'm leaving out the liquid latex this time around. Materials used in the face design: Ben Nye CL-22 "Sky Blue" Creme Color Ben Nye P-121 "Lite Japanese" Creme Foundation Ben Nye FS-1 "Studio Cover" Five O' Sharp Beard Cover/Concealer Ben Nye MO-2 "Medium" Mellow Orange Concealer Ben Nye MC-1 "Black" MagiColor Pencil/Ultralite Ben Nye MJ-2 "Velvet Black" MagiColor Creme Crayon Ben Nye Neutral Set Colorless Face Powder Mehron 204RA Rigid Collodion "Scarring Liquid" Rimmel Professional Liquid Eye Liner "001 Ebony Black" NYC Brow & Liner Pencil "902A Dark Brown" Total time spent: About 1 hour 30 minutes. (And now, I have to take it off, and pray that as much of the residual blue pigment comes off. I have to go to work in a few hours, and I'd prefer not to have a blue-tinted face. ^_^;)
Video Shoot Day
Video Shoot Day
Final touch up by our professional hair and makeup artist, ensuring the client looks good under the lighting

professional makeup video