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Makeup Tips For Smoky Eyes

makeup tips for smoky eyes
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  • Smoky (c. 1943 - 21 February 1957), a Yorkshire Terrier, was a famous war dog who served in World War II. She weighed only and stood tall. Smoky is credited with beginning a renewal of interest in the once obscure Yorkshire Terrier breed.
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  • MC Bogy (1979 in Berlin), born Moritz Christopher, also known by the pseudonym Der Atzenkeeper, is a German rapper and co-founder of the Berlin street gang Berlin Crime.
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makeup tips for smoky eyes - Smoky the
Smoky the Cowhorse
Smoky the Cowhorse
Smoky knows only one way of life: freedom. Living on the open range, he is free to go where he wants and to do what he wants. And he knows what he has to do to survive. He can beat any enemy, whether it be a rattlesnake or a hungry wolf. He is as much a part of the Wild West as it is of him, and Smoky can't imagine anything else.
But then he comes across a new enemy, one that walks on two legs and makes funny sounds. Smoky can't beat this enemy the way he has all the others. But does he really want to? Or could giving up some of his freedom mean getting something in return that's even more valuable?

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Tip for Single-edged Eyelid Make-up
Tip for Single-edged Eyelid Make-up
Single-eyelid girls are always envying those people with wide eyes, complaining that whatever they do they just can’t make a difference. Actually, if you have learned some makeup skills for single-edged eyelids, you can be as charming as double-fold eyelid girls. Single eye shadow: Single-edged eyelid is characterized by sleek eyelid and shallow outline, on which single eye shadow can work with greater effect. 1. The first place you should pay attention to is the coloring scope. You should keep eye shadow as close as possible to the curve of your eye. For better effectiveness, you can first shut your eye and feel the convex of your eyeball with your finger on your eyelid. Then sweep the eye shadow powder to cover the whole semicircle part evenly. 2. The second point is to avoid selecting eye shadow with a colorama effect since that effect will make eyes look flatter without shadow serving as a contrast. 3. To make your eyes bigger and brighter, you can use pencil-style eyeliner and mascara that makes eyelash longer. Steps for single-edged eyelid of temperament: The most important thing of single-edged eyelid make-up is a beautiful eye line. 1. Use eyeliner to draw an exquisite eyeline. 2. Put on a little black mascara on eyelash to make eyes more energetic. 3. Puff some loose powder on the lower eyelid, avoiding your eyelids having oily gloss and the mascara smudging when you wink. 4. Print a little lip gloss with bright colors on the lips. Steps for single-edged eyelid of elegancy: 1. Draw the eyeline of upper eyelid using dark blue pencil-style eyeliner with you eyes slightly closed. 2. Look down, and draw the lower eyeline with light blue eyeliner. 3. Use a small-sized eye shadow brush to brush some blue shadow on the eyelids. 4. Clamp the lashes with an eyelash curler. 5. Look down again, and brush flatly on the lashes with mascara. Steps for single-edged eyelid of mini: Do not print light red eye shadow over the whole eyelid, since it would increase the feeling of swelling. 1. Brush grey shadow on the eyelid using a large-sized eye shadow brush from the inside out. 2. Close your eyes and let your friend check whether the effect of smoky eyelids is symmetrical. 3. Brush a little blusher to alleviate the side effects of smoky eyelids 4. Some bright-colored lipstick is indispensable for the final step I hope all single-edged eyelid girls can be as charming as they hope.
Benefit BADgal pencil HKD80
Benefit BADgal pencil HKD80
Product Description: She's big, she's bold, she's BADgal! It's the beauty addict's dream of a black eyeliner and a makeup artist's must-have. The powdery consistency of kohl makes this the ideal eyeliner for straight lines or soft, sultry, smoky eyes. You can get so many great looks with this one eye pencil. Tips and tricks: Dab BADgal between lashes to make them look fuller and more defined. Product details 2.2 g net wt 0.08 oz

makeup tips for smoky eyes
makeup tips for smoky eyes
CoverGirl Smoky Shadowblast Silver Sky 805, 0.162-Ounce Pencil (Pack of 2)
Smoky ShadowBlast is a smoky eye tool & makeup artist all in one brilliant shadow stick

Take your look to extremes with Blast Collection's high-glamour line of mascaras, shadows, eyeliner and lipgloss. Blast has the shimmer, the smoke, and the lash looks that get noticed, giving you bold, beautiful eyes and lips day or night.
Get Drew Barrymore's look with LashBlast Length mascara in Very Black, ShineBlast Lipgloss in Flare and Smoky ShadowBlast in Silver Sky. BLAST COLLECTION Get big, bold looks with Blast Collection mascaras, lipgloss, eyeliner
and shadows.
LashBlast Fusion Liquiline Blast Eyeliner LashBlast Luxe ShineBlast Lipgloss Smoky ShadowBlast Get Drew's Look STEP 1
Using the rounded end of your Smoky ShadowBlast stick in Silver Sky, apply the base color all over your lid from just above the crease to the lash line.
Use the tapered tip to define the outside edge of the crease plus the upper and lower lash lines.
Curl lashes with a lash curler and apply two coats of LashBlast Length mascara in Very Black.
To complete the look, add a blast of shimmer and shine with ShineBlast Lipgloss in Flare.
Get big, bold looks with Blast Collection mascaras, lipgloss, eyeliner and shadows.