Lighted Magnifying Make Up Mirror. How To Make Up For Lost Sleep.

Lighted Magnifying Make Up Mirror

lighted magnifying make up mirror
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lighted magnifying make up mirror - Zadro 7"
Zadro 7" LED Lighted Vanity Make-up Mirror 1X-5X
Zadro 7" LED Lighted Vanity Make-up Mirror 1X-5X
Next Generation LED Lighted 1X/5X Mirror. No Power Cord Needed. Battery Operated. Lifetime "Eco-Friendly" LED Bulbs Never Need Replacing. Consumes 70% less energy than regular bulbs. Satin Nickel Finish. This high quality mirror has an ultra thin design. It offers the function of LED surround light and the convenience of cordless battery power. The mirror rotates full 360 degrees with no cords to restrict the movement. It is dual sided, with the 5-time magnifying mirror on one side and the true view mirror on the other side. On/Off Switch. Uses four "AA" Batteries (not included). Batteries will last for one year with regular use. 360 Degree Swivel. Cordless - take it anywhere in the house. Unit size: 13" X 8.5" X 5.5". Mirror Head: 3/4" W.

87% (18)
Leather Conditioner Comparison
Leather Conditioner Comparison
If you are like me, and believe in keeping your car looking as close to showroom new as possible all the time, then interior care is just as important as the exterior. And automobile leather is NO exception. Leather in general, is rather robust, and degenerates slowly, taking about 50-55 years to disentigrate completely, depending on how it was originally cured. Proper treatment and conditioning, can extend that. NOW, there are three main factors that determine the lifespan of leather in automobiles. First one, and probably the most important, is sunlight. Most cars made after 2000 have gotten better with this, but, tinted windows will SAVE an interior. I cannot stress that enough. If you buy a new car, that has no tint, go buy some 70% VLT tint. It's very light, one can hardly tell there is a tint there, not even enough to really darken the windows, but it will SAVE everything inside your car. My car has a factory tint, and believe me. My interior still looks new. No fading or warping anywhere. When a tint is not applied to the windows of a car, whether factory or aftermarket, all of the suns rays are magnified inside the interior. (Picture sitting out in the sun every day, from sun up, to sun down, for years) because of this, after 5-10 years, that nice navy blue interior of yours has become a sky blue, and every time you touch the steering wheel, more original dye comes off. Of course, the effects this has on leather is remarkably poisonous. The leather absorbs the UV rays, and the UV rays pull the original conditioners, protectants, oils, etc out of the leather, until it becomes hard and dry. When the leather gets in this condition, it will tear very easily. It is no suprise to find cars from the 80's and early 90's with completely shredded interiors, simply because they were not taken care of. Second biggest life span shortener, is us. Without conditioning the leather, it slowly becomes dry and brittle, and our sweat, tears, spilled Pepsi, etc does nothing to help it. In most cases, the leather will get "stress marks" or creases in it. Not a big deal, bound to happen, but, because it is not being conditioned and taken care of, the stress creases, become small cracks and tears. Very small, not a big deal, until you flop down one day and hear "Riiiip!" naturally, you jump up, scared to death that your friends will see your "Valentine's Day Special" boxers, but, to your dismay, there is a 4" long split in the center of the bottom of the seat. At this point, you realize, your pride and joy...isn't so new anymore, and....most people, simply do not care. The tear gets worse, and many more follow, until it gets to the point where you are pretty much just sitting on shreds of leather and foam cushion. Then, you break out the photos of the car when you first brought it home, and hold up the pic to your seat, and sigh. Third largest, is a mixture of neglect, and lack of cleaning/conditioning. As you know, little bits and pieces of sand, dirt, and other debris will fall on the seat. Some people do not notice, and the particles get drug across the seat, scratching as they go. This creates a weak point, which will definately become a crease, and eventually a crack, if not taken care of. This type of thing, among lack of care, leads to cracked and split leather interiors. Leather itself, is very robust, but like anything, it must be cared for. If you don't want to take the time, cheap out and get cloth. So, here is how you PROPERLY take care of a leather interior, which will prevent any form of tears/cracks for probably as long as you own the car. NEW CARS : First thing you should do, is tint the windows. Window tint isn't only for punk-ass kids in Toyota Supra's that try and rattle your mirrors off at stoplights. They are very beneficial to the interior of a car, as I mentioned earlier. If your car came with factory tint, you're good. Next, upon getting the car home, Use some form of leather cleaner/conditioner on the seats. I recommend LEXOL. This removes any excess oils, dust, dirt, and sweat from the time the car was manufactured, to when you bought it, giving you a great foundation for future care. Next, apply cleaner/ conditioner every 2-3 weeks, or whenever a soda or some other such thing is spilled, if car is a daily driver. By doing this for several years, you will be suprised how new your seats look 5-10 years later, while the same interior in another car is cracks/torn. It will be worth the effort. OLDER CARS: Providing the leather is in good condition (i.e. no cracks or splits, leather is still supple, not wrinkled and/or dried out, creases are fine) do a THOROUGH cleaning with a leather cleaner, from experience, I recommend (LEXOL ph.) Do it twice, if needed, then follow up with two treatments of some form of conditioner, I recommend LEXOL, from experience. After this do so every 2-3 weeks for a daily driver, and every 1-2 months for a &quo
G4 TV taping: digital cinema chip from Texas Instruments
G4 TV taping: digital cinema chip from Texas Instruments
Snapped and sent with my Treo 650. Backstage during a taping of G4 TV's "Attack of the Show" today -- a DLP chip for digital cinema projectors, from Texas Instruments. TI's d-cinema chip is one of two major competing cinema tech formats -- Sony's SXRD imaging device is the other. TI doesn't actually make the d-cinema projectors, other hardware manufacturers do (like Christie and Barco). It's kind of like how Intel sells the chip "inside," but Dell or Gateway or whoever produces the rest of the computer. What looks like a mirror with a contiguous surface here is in fact about 6 million teeny weeny mirrors, each of which are 1/7 the width of a human hair, capable of flipping light up to 5,000 times per second. There are about 2 million micromirrors each for red, blue, and green light. Together, they work to reflect light (some don't, and they "create" black). This creates the perception of moving images -- what we see as movies. Even when you hold the device up close to your eye, you can't see the separate mirrors. But you can if you look at the device under a microscope or magnifying lens. If you were in a DLP-equipped theater, and the projectionist were to freeze the movie on a single frame for you, and you walked all the way up to the screen -- then you'd see millions of individual dots of light in the exact shape of each mirror. I saw this demoed not long ago in USC's Entertainment Technology Center lab in Hollywood, and it was really neat.

lighted magnifying make up mirror
lighted magnifying make up mirror
Zadro 9" Makeup Magnifying Vanity Mirror, Satin Nickel, Surround Light, Adjustable Pedestal, 7X Magnification
9-1/4 inch diameter optical quality mirror. Pedestal Stand adjusts from 16" to 22". 100-Watt fluorescent lighted mirror (using only 22-watts of energy) with simply the best and brightest illumination available. Choose from 5x and 7x magnification. Inspired by the brilliance of polished finishes, 9 inch (228.6 millimeter) Diameter Surround Light Adjustable Pedestal Vanity Mirrors are available in chrome, brass and upscale satin brass and satin nickel. Color: Satin Nickel Diameter: 9 in (228.6mm) Magnification Power: 7X