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Brown Makeup Tutorial

brown makeup tutorial
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brown makeup tutorial - Tutorials: Smoky
Tutorials: Smoky "V" Eye from Bare Escentuals
Tutorials: Smoky "V" Eye from Bare Escentuals
Hey, beauty school dropout. This kit is for you. With its one-of-a-kind, patent-pending brush with unique "V" end, it helps you create a smoky, sultry eye style in seconds with the most expert intensity. Just follow our simple instructions on the detachable tip card and you'll walk away with a beautifully sophisticated smokiness that's sure to heat things up. Collection includes: Pacific Heights Eyecolor (a gray lavender matte shade) 1990s Eyecolor (a deep, smoky-violet glimmer) Double-Ended Smoky V Brush Detachable tip card with easy how-to instructions A $54 value for only $32

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Better picture with my camera... I think i will keep this makeup for a while x3 i do like it <3 Al fin, mejores fotitos para el registro con mi camara!! Pucha que costo que llegara xD las tias la mandaron por partes, literalmente... Las pestanas de un lado siempre me quedan mejor que el otro xD... lo mismo para las cejas... Esto de no ser ambidiestra 9_9 Actualmente trabajando en su vestidito...
Line eyes close to lashline with a black or brownblack eye pencil.thicken line near outer corners, thinnest near inner corners, and smudge the line slightly with your fingertip. I am using Prestige Eyeliner in E-24 "Black Brown"

brown makeup tutorial