Mobility equipment hire. Professional table tennis equipment.

Mobility Equipment Hire

mobility equipment hire
    mobility equipment
  • Mobility Equipment are products that individuals use to maintain their mobility and independence. Products include traditional wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, walkers and electric scooters. Many companies may bill Medicare or other insurance for products needed by the consumer.
  • Make oneself available for temporary employment
  • Employ for a short time to do a particular job
  • engage or hire for work; "They hired two new secretaries in the department"; "How many people has she employed?"
  • rent: hold under a lease or rental agreement; of goods and services
  • a newly hired employee; "the new hires need special training"
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mobility equipment hire - Alert Light
Alert Light
Alert Light
The battery-operated Alert Light provides high visibility in both daylight and darkness on POV/scooters, power chairs, bicycles, strollers, among other mobility equipment and outdoor equipment. Spurred by an increasing number of accidents involving those using mobility vehicles in high-traffic areas, James Wilcox, an employee of Valley Metro Transit System in Phoenix, Ariz., began building a device that would allow for better visibility of individuals using mobility equipment. James got in touch with Al Thieme, Amigo Founder and President. Al saw James' passion and enthusiasm for this product and was excited to help him make his idea a reality. After months of testing and building prototypes, the Alert Light was completed.

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Hire On Hay...
Hire On Hay...
...but don't hire this one. It's cute and all, but I don't think it could take me very far. :-) Outside a bike hire shop on Hay Street. East Perth, Western Australia.
Hires Root Beer - Portland, Oregon
Hires Root Beer - Portland, Oregon
Nice old wall sign for Hires Root Beer. Located in SE Portland.

mobility equipment hire
mobility equipment hire
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