How important nature in our life ?

Why Important  nature in our life ?

Nature will always be a part of our lives . It's up to us to make the environment clean and safe for future generation.

   Imagine a world without Nature . Without trees. Clouds . Season . Snow . Green grass . Beautiful flowers and everything what have nature be . What would the meaning of life be ?
   Nature is very importance of humans have needed to survive and thrive, was provided by the natural world around us : food, water, medicine, materials, for shelter, and even natural cycles such us climate and nutrients .
Nature is our sole supplier.

Nature is very important because if there was no nature we wouldn't be alive. Especially trees, they give us the oxygen to live and breathe. Nature is also important because we have comfortable clothes, right? Some of your own clothes are made out of animals. -CC

Some animals give us food. For example, cows give us milk and pigs give us bacon. Plants also give us food like corn, peas, barley and beans!

Trees are the most important of all the stuff that we talked about because they give us oxygen to survive.

 There is a lot of talking going on right now about nature preservation, green living and fighting global warming. All things I myself am a great partisan of. But why exactly is it that nature is so very important for us? Is it just because it’s pretty to look at, or makes us feel good? I think it goes even further than that. I think nature is the most intense connection we haven in this world with our own true nature. You don’t have to be a meditator or a spiritual practitioner to experience this, anyone can quite easily experience this in nature.