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Beautiful Flowers Names

    beautiful flowers
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  • Someone or something regarded as existing merely as a word and lacking substance or reality
  • A famous person
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beautiful flowers names
beautiful flowers names - The Bad
The Bad and the Beautiful
The Bad and the Beautiful
A Hollywood producer who has risen from poverty to power by using people, money, and sex, finds he needs the help of those he has betrayed.
Genre: Feature Film-Drama
Rating: NR
Release Date: 5-FEB-2002
Media Type: DVD

In The Bad and the Beautiful, Kirk Douglas plays a tyrannical, manipulative producer fallen on hard times. To get back on his feet, he asks for help from three Hollywood giants whose careers he helped launch--a director (Barry Sullivan), an actress (Lana Turner), and a writer (Dick Powell). Unfortunately, they all hate him. Flashbacks explain why. Douglas had been close to all three at different points in his career: He and the director started out together making B-movies, he gave the wayward actress her first starring role, he turned the novelist into a successful screenwriter. Then in one way or another he stabbed each of them in the back, though not always deliberately. The script has a lot of backstage clichés, but Vincente Minnelli's sharp, energetic direction, the gorgeous black-and-white cinematography, and the topnotch performances--particularly Douglas and Gloria Grahame, who won an Oscar for her sweet role as the writer's cheerful Southern wife--flesh out the clichés with cutting details and convincing bile. Caustic, starry-eyed, and slyly funny, The Bad and the Beautiful is a strange and skillful blend of "If I can make it here, I can make it anywhere" pluck and poisonous cynicism, one of the great movies about making movies. --Bret Fetzer

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a flower without name
a flower without name
anybody know name of this flower? kindly let me know
Beautiful flower in our building
Beautiful flower in our building
View this flower large to see the details, dont know the name

beautiful flowers names
beautiful flowers names
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