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Images Of Beautiful Flowers

    beautiful flowers
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images of beautiful flowers
images of beautiful flowers - Happy Birthday-Beautiful
Happy Birthday-Beautiful Coral Peach Flower Image Greeting Card Card
Happy Birthday-Beautiful Coral Peach Flower Image Greeting Card Card
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Flower Float
Flower Float
It had rained really hard the night before I took this, whenever it rains, the next day there are always frogs in the pool. When I had trimmed the flowers the night before, I had thrown them in the pool and taken some pictures of them and left them in there, I figured it is always fun to swim amongst flowers. The next morning my kids spotted this frog using this flower as a boat. I like this a lot more than the photos I took of just the flowers floating, so I do owe my children credit, for spotting this. :)
Beautiful Belly Dancer 2009 AZ Ren Fest
Beautiful Belly Dancer 2009 AZ Ren Fest
I took this close portrait of a beautiful Belly Dancer at the 2009 Arizona Renaissance Festival. I loved the colorful bows covering the front of her belt. I was making some room by deleting older photos on my hard drive getting ready for a major upcoming photo shoot when I saw this image I had not posted. If anyone knows who this is please let me know and I will update. Shot wide open at F/1.2 using a Canon EOS 5D Mark II camera and Canon EF 85mm F/1.2L II USM lens.

images of beautiful flowers
images of beautiful flowers
NATURE'S PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTISTRY BY DSW - Beautiful Single Flower - Photography Print 8" x 10" garden plants blossoms art picture images #19
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