Fruit Bouquet Baskets - Chocolate Flower Bouquet

Fruit Bouquet Baskets

fruit bouquet baskets
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fruit bouquet baskets - Bee Better
Bee Better Soon! Get Well Candy Bouquet
Bee Better Soon! Get Well Candy Bouquet
This adorable keepsake plush bumble bee delivers your "Bee Better Soon" wishes in the sweetest possible way. He peeks out of a bright and cheerful bouquet full of full size chocolate bars and candy mixed with silk flowers. They'll enjoy "Get Well Soon" Cookies, Starbursts, Skittles, Butterfinger Bar, Jolly Rancher Chews, Rocky Road Bar, M & M's and Bit O Honey Candy along with a jumbo sized frosted Bumble Bee Cookie and keepsake plush Bumble Bee presented in a "Bee Well" gift tub. Each gift is crafted with attention to detail, tied with ribbon, accented with silk flowers to create the "bouquet" effect, and includes a personalized gift message from you to convey your best wishes. Manufactured by Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets.

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Picnic Basket from Pusateri's
Picnic Basket from Pusateri's
EY picked out the basket and the team at Pusateri's filled it up with a dainty bouquet of fresh freesia, a picnic blanket, fresh juice and a whole bunch of yummy sanwiches, fruits , sweets and disposable plates and cutlery. They must have found the off season request odd for a number of reasons, the main one probably being that it was still too cold for anyone to go and picnic outside. I should explain that in our past silliness, both EY and I had mentioned that we should just camp out in front of his HD tv screen (with the nature channel on) and have an indoor picnic because we were never able to do so for real outside at a park. Lo and behold, he beat me to it by bringing it to my home. I was so touched.
Fruit Bouquets
Fruit Bouquets
Despite the fact that these are just cut pieces of fruit that have been handled and speared on sticks before being exposed (uncovered) to airborne particles, I still find them fun. Especially the large flower shaped pineapple pieces that are too big to wrap one's mouth around, making it rather messy to eat (a skewer isn't the most sturdy utensil for the disk). However the skewered melons, strawberries and grapes were chocolate fountain friendly (although I wonderd if melons and grapes were really a good pairing in terms of taste). No matter, I still ate the fruit on stick.

fruit bouquet baskets
fruit bouquet baskets
Household Essentials ML-7050 Basket Set, Paper Rope, Wood Handles, Dark Stained, Set of 3
From the Household Essentials "Paper Rope Wicker Collection" is this 3 piece basket set. The baskets feature a sturdy wire frame with woven paper rope wicker sides and bottom. Each basket also has convenient carrying handles at each end. The color is dark stained. The large basket measures 6-Inch high by 9-1/2-Inch deep by 14-1/2-Inch wide. The medium basket measures 5-1/2-Inch high by 8-Inch deep by 12-1/2-Inch wide. The small basket measures 5-1/2-Inch high by 6-1/2-Inch wide by 10-1/2-Inch deep. Item #ML-7050. 1-Large, 1 Med, 1-Small.