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Flower Girl Basket

flower girl basket
    flower girl
  • A young girl who carries flowers or scatters them in front of the bride at a wedding; a child bridesmaid
  • a young girl who carries flowers in a (wedding) procession
  • A woman or girl who sells flowers, esp. in the street
  • a woman who sells flowers in the street
  • Wedding ceremony participants, also referred to as the wedding party are the people that participate directly in the wedding ceremony itself.
  • A container used to hold or carry things, typically made from interwoven strips of cane or wire
  • horizontal circular metal hoop supporting a net through which players try to throw the basketball
  • a container that is usually woven and has handles
  • the quantity contained in a basket
  • A group or range of currencies or investments
  • A structure suspended from the envelope of a hot-air balloon for carrying the crew, equipment, and ballast
flower girl basket - Jamie Lynn
Jamie Lynn Wedding Accessories Charming Pearls, Flower Girl Basket, Ivory
Jamie Lynn Wedding Accessories Charming Pearls, Flower Girl Basket, Ivory
Your flower girl will love this beautiful basket to carry petals down the aisle. The Charming Pearls collection features soft satin and a pearl and bead motif. A beautiful wedding can start from the smallest detail or ideas, which then turns into a mood or theme that represents you. Our collections make your wedding come alive with coordinating accessories to enhance any wedding theme or idea. Whether you want something satin, something blue, something classic, sophisticated, trendy or new - take a look at Ivy Lane Designs' Beverly Clark and Jamie Lynn collections where you are sure to find something you love.

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Eggplant, Plum Wedding Flower Girl Basket And Pillow Set
Eggplant, Plum Wedding Flower Girl Basket And Pillow Set
Beautiful and Bold Flower Girl Basket and Ring Bearer Pillow set, done in rich eggplant/plum color, embellished with ivory ribbons and ivory lace trimmed with iridescent beads. Elegant set for your autumn wedding
Red Rose Flower Girl Bridal Basket
Red Rose Flower Girl Bridal Basket
Unique and stunning flower girl basket in deep red roses. Highest quality and very real looking. So pretty for Bridal especially a Christmas or Valentine's Day wedding.

flower girl basket
flower girl basket
Badger Basket Three Basket Set, White
Both useful and stylish, this three-basket set adds a touch of charm to any nursery. These beautiful rattan baskets with decorative fabric liners nest inside each other for storage, or can be placed next to each other for a fun stair-step look. They're ideal for storing and organizing diapers, lotion, baby socks and shoes, small toys and books, baby clothes and more.
Three-basket set includes one extra-large, one large, and one medium basket, measuring 19"L x 13"W x 9"H, 17"L x 11"W x 8"H, and 15"L x 9"W x 7"H respectively. Spot clean baskets as needed. Each liner fully lines and protects the interior of the basket, and can be removed for machine washing on gentle. Air dry or tumble dry low or no heat.