Event Raffle

At the Player Reception, which will take place at the Mayfield Panini's Bar & Grill, a Event Raffle will be held. Listed below are the details about the raffle.  

Please make sure that you attend the event and participate in the raffle.
Raffle Tickets

  • Each participant will get one (1) raffle ticket for showing up at the Player Reception.

  • Additional raffle ticket may be purchase at the following cost:
    • 3 ticket = TBD
    • 7 tickets = TBD
    • 15 tickets = TBD
  • There will buckets for the various raffle items. Simply place your ticket in the bucket of your choice to have a chance at winning the item.  The more tickets you put in the buckets, the better the chance you may win the prize item. 

  • At the end of the night, the event director will make a last call for tickets.

  • After the last call, tickets will be pulled from the various buckets. If your ticket number is called, you win the item.  (Note:  You must present the winning ticket to claim the prize.)
2018 Raffle Items

The Tournament Raffle will include the following items:
  1. Warrior Alpha QX Stick Backstrom curve (lefty- 85 Flex) (Value $270)
  2. Warrior Alpha QX Bakstrom curve (righty- 85 Flex) (Value $270)
  3. Warrior QX Pro Gloves size 14 (Value $199)
  4. Grit HYSE Hockey Tower 30” (2) (Value $149)
  5. Grit Sumo Goalie Tower 36” (1) (Value $349)
  6. 4 Tickets to Monsters Game (Club seats Value: $150)
  7. Tackla Hoodies: 6 jackets (value $50 each) varying sizes
  8. Tackla Track Pants: 2 Pairs (Value $50 each) varying sizes
  9. Tackla Montreal Team Jacket: 1 jackets (value $75 each) XL
  10. Tackla Cargo Bag (3) (Value $30 each)
  11. Tackla Wheeled Bag (1) (Value $45)
  12. Cleveland Browns Autographed photo Coach Hue Jackson
  13. Marker Deluxe Back Pack (Value $85))
  14. Cleveland Cavalier’s Jeff Green Autographed Basketball & Cavs Prize Pack
  15. Columbus Blue Jackets autographed picture and puck of Cam Atkinson
  16. Zamboni Desk Vacuum
  17. Zamboni Matchbox toy
  18. Zamboni Children’s book “Peter Puck” (Value $14)
  19. Zamboni glass ornament- Buffalo Sabres
  20. Zamboni Hamilton Bulldogs piggy bank
  21. Zamboni Radio Controlled Children’s Toy
  22. Zamboni Children’s toy
  23. Zamboni Sweatshirt (Adult L)
  24. Zamboni stuffed toy
  25. USAH Book: Star-Spangled Hockey- Celebrating 75 years of USA Hockey
  26. USAH Puck
  27. USAH Hat (2)
  28. USAH Miracle on Ice Replica Home Jersey (L)
  29. USAH Autographed puck (Jeff Lazaro 1994)
  30. Gift Basket from The Cosmetic Surgery Center (Value $600)
  31. Superior Beverage Wine Donation
  32. IHeart Radio Prize
  33. Labatt Blue Hockey Bag (Senior)
  34. Labatt Blue Hockey Jerseys (2) (Large)
  35. Labatt Blue Cooler
  36. Labatt Blue Puck
  37. Labatt Blue Portable Bar
  38. Labatt Blue Hockey Bench

In previous years, the following organizations have donated items for the raffle: