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Cooking Turkey Brine

cooking turkey brine
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Turkey #2
Turkey #2
This is the fourth time I've done the apple-cider brined turkey (a wet brine), and I still love it with all my heart. The color the sugars in the apple cider give the skin! (It is NOT burnt, that's just the darkness of the sugars.) The sweetness of the crispy skin! I think it's the most gorgeous thing. Like the first turkey, I did not put any fat on it before starting to cook it (no oil or butter). It's just not necessary to get crispy lovely skin. This one was cooked second so the meat was still very hot, while the other turkey had rested and come mostly to room temp. That may be why I liked this one best.
24 lb turkey, brining
24 lb turkey, brining
There is nothing to indicate scale here. That is a 24lb turkey. With the water, it was probably like 40lb that needed to get lugged around the apartment.

cooking turkey brine
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