Sandy Nixon & His Scottish Dance Band

When seven-year-old Sandy Nixon received an accordion for Christmas he started playing ... and hasn't stopped since! His enthusiasm for playing, and for Scottish Country dance music in particular, lead to the formation of his own band in the late 1970's. The stable nucleus of the band guarantees the unmistakable Sandy Nixon Sound, delivered here by Sandy with Bill Hendry, Mike Hardie, Stan Saunders and Hamish Smith. The band's hallmark breadth of sound augments their superbly arranged tunes, giving life to the contributions of each band member and great pleasure to dancers, listeners and band alike!

Highlander Music Scottish Dances Volume 1
Catalogue number: HRMCD501
Reels, jigs, strathspeys, a hornpipe and a medley, favourite Scottish Country dances to first-rate tunes. Sandy's interest in new and less frequently played tunes fires the band's enthusiasm for arrangement and interpretations; the tunes, rhythms and syncopations fire the dancers; the dancers inspire the band.. ..and an evening's dancing with Sandy brings musicians and dancers to a state of mutually inflammatory exuberance! An incandescent addition to the CD collection of all those who love dance and dance music!
Repeat Prescription
Catalogue Number: HRMCD556
A second dose of a repeat prescription is usually a cause for concern, but as the dispensing doctor here is Sandy Nixon, and the mixture is a real tonic, the prognosis is definitely excellent! Now revitalised in CD format, this stimulating collection of dance music contains many brilliant contemporary tunes in invigorating style, played for full length dances. Sandy's jaunty genre and stylish syncopations make this album a real pick-me-up to be enjoyed on the dance floor or in the armchair at home.
A real tonic.. .this stimulating collection of dance music contains many brilliant contemporary tunes in invigorating style. Sandy plays some particularly tricky tunes with his usual jaunty confidence.
The Luckenbooth Brooch
Catalogue Number: HRMCD558
A CD of Scottish Country dances devised by the late John Bowie Dickson. The sparkle and sweeping flow of John's dances and the scintillating brilliance of Sandy Nixon's playing combine in a dynamic album of Scottish Country dance at its best.
Silver Spire
Catalogue Number: HRMCD016
For Ceilidh Dance, Country Dance or just listening pleasure it is hard to beat the enthusiastic playing of Sandy Nixon and His Scottish Dance Band. Here the 5-piece band gives amazing value with 23 great tracks including 8 Country dances.
Sandy Nixon - Lead Accordion
Hamish Smith - 2nd Accordion
Stan Saunders - Bass
Bill Hendry - Piano
Mike Hardie - Drums
Ian Powrie's Farewell To Auchterarder; The Peat Fire Flame; Sugar Candie; The College Hornpipe; The Peerie; Neidpath Castle; Traquair House; The Deuks Dang Ower My Daddie; Cauld Kail; The Reel Of The Royal Scots; The Wild Geese; The Garry Strathspey; The Blooms Of Bon Accord; The Baldovan Jig
Miss C. M. Barbour; The Castle Park Jig; Sandy Nixon's Reel; For All The Ladies; Jiggery Pokery; Lesley Nixon's Reel; Iain Nixon's Reel; Mo's Jig; Miss Suzanne Barbour; By Dundonald; The Cuckoo Clock; The Whitby Wedding; C.J.'s Reel.
The Luckenbooth Brooch; Tak Tent; The Wind On Loch Fyne; The Chairman; Cornet's Chase; The Pigeon On The Gate; The Quern; Pinewoods Reel; Marie's Farewell; The Marchmont Eightsome; Dalry Strathspey; Christina McLellan; The Cuddy; Bauldy Bain's Fiddle; Gypsy Glen; Bannockburn Reel; Reel Of The Puffins.