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The internet is chock full of cool tools, great information and excellent resources.  Below you will find the ones I think are the best.  If you have one that you think is better, let me know about it and it may be added.

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Interesting Algorithm March - 40 people!!! The march is really cool when you get a lot of people to do it.  
Interesting Algorithm March Lego This song took off in Japan and has been done in many ways. This is Lego version.  
Interesting Algorithm Taiso This is a little segment of a kids video. Really cool. The march is even better!  
Interesting Japanese T-Shirt Folding (Original) This is the original and I was amazed when I saw it... as I'm sure you will be.  
Culture Quick Rhino This young man spent some time in Japan and shares his experiences. Remember, his experiences are not necessarily true for all people in Japan. They are his perceptions and observations.  
Hiragana The Japanese Play Song by Jason Lee This is a slower, melodic song to memorize your ひらがな 
Interesting U.S.A. Summer Camp Pecha-Kucha This is a video project from a graduate class I took last year. It's kinda cheesy, but it'll at least be informative.  It is 20 pictures for 20 seconds each. This could be a possible project format for you... 
Language Learn Japanese YouTube Channel This is the Genki Japan Learn Japanese Channel. A variety of videos dealing with the writing systems and vocabulary. 
Hiragana Japanese Alphabet Song 五十音の歌 This is another song to help you with your Hiragana 
Hiragana ひらがな できるかな?~あいうえおの歌 Japanese Alphabet Hiragana Song Another song to help you remember them. Find one you like and memorize it.  
Hiragana ひらがな だくおん はんだくおん This vide helps you learn the てんてん and まる and how they affect pronunciation. 
Interesting  Interesting Hiragana Video あ〜お 
Hiragana Animation by japanese letter "a i u e o"/ひらがなアニメ「あいうえお」」 This was a cool and clever animated video of the alphabet. Not sure how useful it will be in learning hiragana, though. 
Hiragana あいうえおのうた (Myu sings AIUEO) Another really, really cute Hiragana video 
Hiragana ひらがなのうた This song features all 46 sounds of hiragana and shows you which characters make what sounds. 
Hiragana Hiragna Song from class Down load and rock out! I will try to get the lyrics up in the printable section soon. 
Language Te-Form Song Remember this little diddy to help you with the Te-Form 
Interesting Japanese T-shirt Folding (Remake) Someone made this in English to make our laundry folding lives easier!  
Interesting Japanese T-Shirt Folding (Great Close-ups) Also done in English, this has great close up shots. 
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