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I enjoyed reading the tales of Beatrix Potter and Beatrix Potter nursery rhymes
as a kid and now my kids also enjoy reading Beatrix Potter books, nursery rhymes and watching Beatrix Potter Movies

I created this website so kids, parents and teachers, all over the world can read the fun and adventurous Beatrix Potter books, Cecily Parsley's Nursery Rhymes and watch Beatrix Potter movie collections, which have been adored and cherish for years.

Whether you are just reading your favorite stories, nursery rhymes or watching your favorite movie, please know that you can feel free to use any information on our website for school projects, personal use or whatsoever non commercial use.

Beatrix Potter books have been around for centuries and still remains one of an all-time favorite stories loved by kids and adults. Mrs Potter books have been proven to enrich the minds of children, is a constant source of joy, adventure and enlighten children of all ages.

These wonderful Potter stories, have continue to charm and delight, the hearts of many which one woman wrote, that had no children of her own.

We invite you and your kids to indulge yourselves in reading all the tales of Beatrix Potter. 

Favorite Potter Stories;

Helen Beatrix Potter wrote, illustrated and published children's books with unforgettable Beatrix Potter characters in each and everyone of her adventurous books.

Favorite Characters;
Want added enjoyment? Apart from reading your much loved tales of Beatrix Potter, but also get the pleasure to watch your favorite movies and characters right here online for FREE!

Favorite Mrs. Potter Movies

Quote by; Beatrix Potter

"Believe there is a great power silently working all things for good, behave yourself and never mind the rest."

Trust you'll enjoy reading Beatrix Potter Stories, Nursery Rhymes and watching Beatrix Potter movies online with us. 

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