Your personal coach

I am  a fully qualified Personal Trainer with CYQ. This qualification includes gym and circuits instruction, nutrition and advanced exercise and fitness knowledge.  

I have been a regular gym user for many (20+) years and I am familiar with many advanced training and free weights techniques. In addition, I hold a black belt in Okinawan Goju-Ryu karate and I have been instructing for around 10 years. I regularly attend seminars and senior training sessions and my immediate sensei(instructor) is 7th Dan master and was the world continuous fighting champion for 3 years running.
Apart from being able to fight, my karate has given me a great insight into many advanced training and body conditioning techniques, which I am happy to share with any who are interested. Naturally, I have maintained a very high level of personal fitness over the years and I am as keen to maintain and improve upon this as I am to help others do the same. 



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