Introducing The Workplace Healthcheck Scheme

What is the Workplace Healthcheck Scheme?

The Workplace Healthcheck Scheme is a health initiative that enables companies to provide their staff with a confidential health check and lifestyle consultation that is carried out in the workplace by a qualified health professional. The aim of the scheme is to encourage staff to adopt healthier lifestyles which in turn will have a positive effect on their morale, work output and work/life balance.


The workplace provides an ideal location in which the health professional has a ‘captive audience’ and is able to work with large groups of people in one convenient location. Schemes such as this are a global phenomenon, with programmes being developed in Japan, Europe, USA and Canada. The United Kingdom is still in its infancy in developing these schemes, which can offer a wide range of benefits to staff and employers alike.


The scheme allows the employer to ‘gift’ to its employees a 30 minute slot during which the employees go through a brief but ‘to the point’ consultation that encompasses such key measurements as BMI, hip-to-waist ratio, body fat percentage and blood pressure. All of these results are measured against medically verified scales in order for the employee to understand how they fare against norm groups. This is followed by a professionally led discussion surrounding key aspects of the individuals’ habits which allows the practitioner to make observations and feed back important information to the employee that will often lead to improvements in aspects of their lifestyles.


What are the benefits?

Benefits to the employer include:

  • Enhanced corporate image
  • More effective and motivated workforce
  • Positive effect on productivity and staff turnover
  • 10-20% reduction in absence rates
  • Healthy employees are 8 hours more productive than unhealthy ones
  • Better retention of staff

Benefits to the staff include:

·         Higher morale and motivational levels

·         Gains in both physiological and psychological heath

·         Access to nutritional and physical activity advice

·         Increased team rapport


What does it cost?

Individual lifestyle and health checks in the workplace are available from as little as £20 per person depending on the number of participants in the company.

We truly believe this to be a fantastic opportunity for employer and employee alike and one which can only have a positive impact on company morale and performance.

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