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Update on New Visions and Transitions for Bear Creek Camp

posted Jan 29, 2012, 6:17 AM by Bear Creek Camp Marketing

John E. Greenleaf, Ph.D.

3415 Station Avenue

Center Valley, PA  18034



January 26, 2012

Re: Update on New Visions and Transitions for Bear Creek Camp

Dear Friends,

This has been a time of great change at Bear Creek Camp and some wonderful and exciting things are taking shape at this very moment. The purpose of this letter is to keep all members of the BCC family informed on the vital aspects of this transition process.

After a great deal of work by our strategic visioning committee, along with the help and input of hundreds of BCC constituents, a new vision and purpose has been discerned for the camp. Our new core purpose statement, as adopted by the board of directors at our January meeting, reflects this renewed spirit.

“Explore, Celebrate, and Grow in God’s Creation”

Beyond purpose statements, the board and staff are acting decisively to follow the visioning path laid before us. It is important for you to understand that the strategic direction of the camp is changing. In this initiative we intend to:

“Realign and focus all resources into strengthening summer camp, while rebuilding relationships with congregations and judicatory leaders”

One of the first steps in effecting this change, and making summer camp the absolute best it can be, is that BCC has retained the services of Mr. Mark Ristine to serve as summer director. Mark is already working with our interim executive director Don Hayn on upgrading the summer program for 2012. Mark is a truly dynamic individual with a strong background in youth ministry and programming. This is a recipe for a truly fantastic summer; I would give almost anything to be in middlers 1 and 2 once again.

In conclusion, many other efforts are underway to drive this vision into the future including the initiation of a national search for a new executive director. I sincerely hope that you are as excited about these changes and Bear Creek Camp’s potential as I am, and ask that you join with me in supporting our purpose and its goals.  Lastly, I ask that you keep the camp and its staff in your prayers during this time of change. With the grace of God, the talents of staff, and the caring of individuals such as you, the future of Bear Creek is extremely bright!
Yours in Christ                                           
 John E. Greenleaf
Chairperson, Bear Creek Camp Board of Directors