BCA Job Description

Bear Creek Ambassador (BCA)

2012 Job Description

As representative to your church, BCA’s are the vital link between the Congregations of Eastern Pennsylvania and Bear Creek Camp.


·      A $10 discount to each youth member of the BCA’s home congregation attending a week of camp.  To receive the BCA discount, the BCA must annually attend an annual training meeting.

·      The satisfaction of helping make your camp continue to be a fun faith formative experience for persons of all ages. 

We are looking for:

·      Active members in their congregations

·      Individuals that are passionate and informed about Bear Creek Camp

·      Creative and outgoing persons willing to present information to church staff, councils, Sunday Schools and congregation

Support Provided by BCC:

·      Camp promotion training at the Training Meetings

·      A camp video that is available on loan for use with camp promotions

·      Periodic mailings containing

o   Program information

o   Bulletin Announcements and Inserts

·      A website with current information about BCC events and news

Responsibilities Include:

·      Attending one of the annual Bear Creek Ambassador training meetings held in late January and early February in a variety of locations.

·      Promoting Bear Creek Camp in your home congregation by:

o   Posting information about current BCC events in your church

o   Submitting bulletin announcements/inserts to the church office

o   Encouraging congregation members to attend Bear Creek Camp programs

o   Keeping the Pastor, Christian Education, Youth and other appropriate committees informed about events at Bear Creek Camp. 

o   Organizing a congregational fundraiser to provide in-church scholarships for youth who attend Bear Creek Camp.

o   Coordinating group registration to ensure that all youth get all possible discounts from BCA signature, Pastor Signature, and Early Bird deadline. 

o   Presenting a congregational council meeting at your church annually to update and encourage continued partnership.  

If you or someone you know is interested, please email BearCreekCampMarketing@gmail.com!