Accessing the Grievance Process

  • The grievant begins by contacting the appropriate representative.
  • The grievant and the representative meet to determine if a violation has occurred by consulting the appropriate governance document. 
  • The representative and the teacher meet with the principal involved.  If there is resolution, the grievance ends.  
  • If there is not resolution the representative informs the chairperson who moves the grievance to level 1.
  • The chairperson and the grievant complete the grievance form.
  • If there is no resolution at level 1, the chairperson moves the grievance to level 2.
  • If there is no resolution at level 2, the BEA decides whether or not to move the grievance to arbitration.
  • BEA and District meet with an arbitrator.  Arbitrator's decision is final. 
  • The calendar provides dates of grievance meetings.

  • Flow Chart: