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Bead Soup Reveal 2, 11th August 2012


Lori Anderson

I was once asked to write about my "artistic journey”, and I thought of several ways that could go. I mean, WHICH journey? The journey I take each day when I sit to design jewelry or melt glass? The journey I take to find my creative self in the midst of a chaotic day? Or the journey I took to get to this point in my life, where I make pretty things for a living?
I thought it might be interesting to try the latter — how I ended up where I am now, where I have the absolute joy of actually making a living making jewelry. It’s a strange, convoluted journey, with lots of twists, turns, and almosts, and it will tell you a little more about me, and in the end, why my jewelry is so eclectic, and doesn’t adhere to one given style.
I’ll start with my first real-world job. It’s as far from jewelry design as it could possibly be — four years in the US Air Force. Joining right from high school, I spent a year in California learning Korean, and then off to Osan AB, Korea, to work an intel position. Lots of fun, except for chemical exercises, but no beading. I never even thought of it. 
After four years in Korea, I left the military for the civilian world, and held a few different jobs, mostly in marketing. While marketing didn’t have a thing to do with making cool things, it DID give me a solid background that I now use everyday in how to market myself and my company. 
A quick jaunt to Italy occurred when I realized I was never going to quite be complete without a college degree. I spent the three months before classes began living in Italy, teaching aerobics for spending money. I fell in love with Venice and, of course, Murano glass. I spent my time admiring the vases and large sculptures, never dreaming that glass beads were going to become an integral part of my future career. Oh, if I’d only known then what I know now, and had unlimited money to spend on Venetian beads!
After self-imposed poverty while getting that degree, I decided to take a year off to make some money before medical school, and ended up in the IT world, smack-dab in the middle of the dot.com explosion. Once again, I found myself working in sales and marketing, and gained more skills that would eventually serve me well when I owned my own company.
Another twist in the road — meeting my husband! Deciding to have a family rather than spend up to age 40 in internships, I happily got married, and discovered while making wedding programs, table cards, and favors that I had a bit of a creative side. I very nearly took the tests to become a wedding coordinator but then, oh joy, we were expecting a baby!
While I was pregnant, I spent part of the time on bed rest, and my friend brought me some beads to keep me busy. Uh oh. Kinda got hooked. I didn’t have time until after Zack was about 8 months old to really play around seriously with the beads, but it was addictive. I sent some things to my mom, who took them to her office, and they sold — and all of a sudden, I had a business! 
Now I exhibit at craft shows, run my web site, write tutorials for magazines and books, have been a mentor to a few new crafters, and have never had a job I loved more. I feel so lucky. All of those twists and turns in my life could have led me anywhere — a career military sergeant, a PeopleSoft IT professional, a doctor, a wedding planner. Each of those stops along the way gave me something to take with me to this part of my Journey. 

And I couldn’t be happier.

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Adlinah Kamsir

Compulsive bead hoarder. Occasional jewellery-maker. Hopeless cat-lover. Complete bookworm. And utter nerd.

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Adrienn Lukacs

Fő hobbim a szibériai macskatenyésztés Raszputyin tenyésznév alatt, emellett szívesen készítek keresztszemes hímzéseket és 2009 ősze óta intenzíven foglalkozom a gyöngyfűzéssel ~ my main hobby is siberian cat breeding under name Raszputyin, than I like cross stitching and I'm beading actively since autumn 2009.

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Agata Grygiel
"I am young girl (16)  who lives in Poland (Bydgoszcz is my city ) with many creative passions. I want to be an artist. I want so many things! Travel, live in Benelux, be a jeweller, speak four languages, but now I make jewellery and write a blog. I love what I do and I hope people like it too. I started my journey with jewellery three years ago, because I think that life without hobby  is so, so, so empty! I try to instill in others my passion."

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Alenka Obid

Secovlje, SloveniaHello! My name is Alenka and this blog is dedicated to the colorfulness of my creative moments that are at the same time my best relax. As far as I can remember I always feel the need to create with my hands, just the medium changed from time to time. Now I'm a polymer clay addict. Hope you will find an interesting reading. You can find more of my creations on my flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pepita_handmade/ ------------------------------------------------------------------e-mail: pepita.handmade@yahoo.com --------------------------------------------------Živjo! Na blogu boste lahko spremljali barvitost mojih ustvarjalnih trenutkov, ki so tudi trenutki moje sprostitve že od malih nog. Vedno sem morala nekaj ustvarjati s svojimi rokami, le mediji so se skozi leta spreminjali. Trenutno me najbolj navdušuje polimerna glina. Upam, da boste našli zanimivo branje. Alenka

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Amy Dickerson

I am a Mother of 3 grown children who at times still need there mom. Nana to 5 Grandsons and 1 Grand-daughter who is the apple of my eye. All my grandchildren i have been there with their mothers after they were born and watched all of them till they were at least a year before i let someone else watch them call that selfish but i love the babies. Now it's just me and my hubby at home in this big farm house.which seems to be getting harder for me to keep clean i go thru spurts of depression,anxieties,and i either sleep alot or i have insomnia what a vicious cycle we live in I have been Married along time i was married at 15 to my hubby who is the most loving man i could ask for we were married November 6, 1971 @ Grace United Church where my husband was a member thru his parents. We have had our ups and downs thru the years but i now just look at the ups no sense dwelling on the past which you can't change anyhow..........................I love to bead and make jewelry,play misc games on facebook and i keep in touch with my kids that way since they tend to forget to call lol

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Amy Freeland

I work in the legal field by day, and play with copper, beads and enamel at night. I make jewelry. I buy beads (oh my do I buy lots of beads). I blog about beads. Yeah, it's pretty much beads, beads, beads. No good bead goes unpurchased...

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Amy Schmidt

Kanadaban elek 1985 ota. Eddig csak kotogettem vagy falikepeket csinaltam ,festegettem de rettento amator szinten , csak sajat kedvtelesre. Az ekszerek nem izgattak soha egeszen 2010 nyaraig amikor elkezdtem fuzni es elkaptam en is a gyongyitisz nevu betegseget. Nagyon sokat kell meg tanuljak de elvezem minden percet a tanulasnak meg akkor is ha eppen sikitok es a hajamat tepem mert nem sikerul valami ahogy en szeretnem :) Ha irni szeretnel : aschmidt21@rogers.com

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Amy Severino

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Ana Krepel
In a nutshell:
I'm a twenty something just turned 30 self taught seamstress/jewellery maker/nuts about DIY in general pescetarian (a fish eating vegetarian) .
This blog is, well kinda like my life, a little bit of everything tossed into the mix. Among my many random ramblings and obsessions about the most unusual things, you'll find an absurd amount of photos of my cat Rufus, a lot of my projects and hopefully some useful information and DIY tidbits.

Some other genuinely quirky details that might (or not) provide you with a more in depth personality assessment:

My favourite colours are turquoise and teal, depending on the season.
I'm a cat person. No doubts there, huh.
My star sign is Virgo and true to form I'm exceptionally neat and organized. I even have a T-shirt folding template, an infinite source of amusement for my friends.
I'm extremely loyal. To people, animals, things, ideas.
Though my eyes are brown, I've always wanted green eyes and even wore tinted contacts for some time.
I don't own a single pair of black trousers. Bought two pairs after graduating. Sigh.
When I became a pescetarian two years ago, I also made a commitment not to buy leather items anymore.
I love coffee to the point of addiction. No surprise there.
I never forget. I always forgive.
I have a pathological fear of failure. So I tend to procrastinate. Progress report: procrastination has been evicted to some island in the Pacific, where it enjoys a nice retirement. Cocktails included.
I don like odd numbers and I always sit in an even numbered seat in the theater.

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Andra Weber
I am on a journey to explore myself and my life. I often define myself as a mother of three beautiful daughters, but now they are grown and I need to find myself again. I have been working with beads over the past 10 years developing into a beader, most recently a beadweaver. I work full time and find myself beading every free minute I have. But I know I am still more than that and so I start the journey

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Andrea Trank

I began making jewelry in 2003 during a winter storm in Virginia. As a high school earth science teacher, I was always fascinated by geology, especially gems, rocks and minerals. I have since left high school teaching behind. Here in Florida I teach part-time at the college level, work at a few retail stores, and of course, design, create and sell my jewelry.

Colors and patterns are my specialty. Before I sell the jewelry, I test it to ensure its strength and durability.

The name Heaven Lane Creations was coined by my husband, Mark, because we live on Heaven Lane in Fort Myers, Florida. I am the only girl in the house. I have three sons and a male dog.

In addition to the styles of necklaces, bracelets, anklets and earrings featured on my web site, I sell my work at Traders on Sanibel Island, Florida and I work directly with customers in designing one-of-a-kind pieces for weddings or any other special occasion.

I use traditional beading techniques. But I have developed a love of bead weaving, bead embroidery, bead crochet and Kumihimo, a Japanese braiding technique. I use beads and findings that I collect from bead stores around the country and world. My three favorite stores are Bab’s Bead Warehouse in Fort Myers, Florida and Studio Baboo in Charlottesville, Virginia and the Bead Cellar in Pennsauken, NJ.

My pieces have been also been sold at the Art Alliance of Lee County, Fussy Female, Eva Essentials as well as art shows and private parties.

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Anke Humpert

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Ann Rishell

I am a graphic and interior designer living with my husband, daughter and beagle in Phoenix, Arizona.

I am currently working on a masters degree in interior design. My thesis is about art deco interiors represented in Hollywood film of the 1920s and 30s.

My hobbies include beading, kumihimo, knitting and painting.

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April Grinaway

Handcrafted jewelry and handmade glass beads. I make my own lampwork beads by melting glass in a torch flame. It's a technique which takes time, patience and skill. This is what makes my work unique and special.............It's Wearable Art!

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Ashley Bunting

I am a Portland, ME based jewelry designer. I have been making jewelry my whole life. Growing up with an electrician for a father, I was always digging through boxes of scrap wire and metal bolts and bits. My grandfather was a general do-it-all man and his workshop was an incredible place. The hundreds of tiny drawers filled with washers, screws, doodads, and light bulbs amazed me. I inherited the family love of baubles and parts. I spent my college years attending The University of the Arts where I received a BFA in sculpture. In school I discovered my appreciation of the hand-held object and explored the connection we feel towards objects.

Jewelry is precious; it can remind us of a place, a time, or a person. It is a tiny object that expresses who we are. My jewelry is primarily made from vintage components. Vintage has a wonderful nostalgia and a solid well-made quality. I collect metal pieces, chain, Lucite flowers, and sequins. I bend, form, glue, stack, and rivet my components together. My jewelry ranges from bold statements pieces to everyday wearables.

For my day job I work at The Beadin’ Path in Freeport, ME where I am the head designer. I also develop new products, teach, and travel as a sales rep. I am also the Brand Ambassador for Xuron Corp. an incredible hand-tool company. My designs have been featured in top jewelry magazines, recently gracing the March 2012 cover of BeadStyle Magazine and page 76 in the July 2012 issue of BeadStyle mag.

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Astrid Boyce

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B.R. Kuhlman
Hello! I'm B! Yes. That is the name I go by. The only people who usually call me by my full name are my close family members. A friend of mine in high school started referring to me as 'B' and the name stuck. If you're involved in the Bead Soup Cafe or Creative Bead Chat on Facebook, you've seen me around as Bee Kuhlman. Facebook doesn't like my initials. Go figure!
How my blog started and what it's about:
I started this blog originally on a whim. It evolved from an older blog that featured just sketches of mine which is now defunct. My focus shifted more on jewelry design in the past couple of years, thus spawning this blog's focus on homemade jewelry.
My current goal is to share jewelry design ideas with other designers, beginners, and to network with other artists. I've gotten to know some really wonderful people through my blog and through the communities of other blogs. I would like to be able to foster a similar atmosphere, and I hope that my journey towards becoming entirely self-employed artist will help others who are also interested in working for themselves full-time with a product-based business model.
A little more about me:
I'm originally from a very small town in Oklahoma, but I went to school and still reside in North Texas. I used to live in Fort Worth, but have most recently returned to the Dallas area. I now happily live with my awesome roommate in Garland.
For those who are curious about my business name, Mixed Mayhem Studios, it's actually a homage to both 'mixed media' and Oklahoma (hence the tornado logo). Mayhem is appropriate, because generally my craft space looks like a tornado wrecked it whenever I'm in the throes of a project.
How to contact me:
If you're looking to contact me regarding commissions or wholesale jewelry orders the best way to get a hold of me is through email. I check my email regularly, so it's unlikely your message will get lost in the shuffle. If you just want to say hello, feel free to chat with me on Twitter. I don't always post on Twitter, but I get messages directly to my phone, so I am sure to reply quickly. ♥

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Barb Fernald

I notice the edges and angles of my surroundings as often as I notice light and color. The lines of an incidental placement of tools can inspire my next piece of work. My designs are influenced by the random simplicity of life on a small island, as well as my sense humor and the latest techniques I have learned.
I make jewelry because it is the most fun way I know to employ myself. I love working with my hands and having a wearable outlet for my art. Beads play a large part in my designs. I like to create my own beads and components, or use pieces that are handmade by others, before I add any commercial findings to my work.

Much of my work is of fine silver that starts out as Precious Metal Clay (PMC). This is metal made pliable by suspending microscopic particles of fine silver in a water-based organic binder. When fired in a kiln at 1650°f, the binder burns away allowing the silver particles to sinter. The result is a solid piece of pure silver with all the shape and surface texture of the original clay design. With PMC, and now with copper and bronze clays I am able to create my own unique beads and components with a maximum amount of texture and a minimum amount soldering.

The recent rise in the price of precious metals compels me to broaden my knowledge of other materials such as base metals and polymer clay.

Jewelry education:
1965 to 1970 – Ruining more than one pair of my mother’s good eyebrow tweezers to make necklaces of beaded wire links, mussel shells and macramé. Rochester, New York.
1975 – Silver class, Earl Pardon, Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, New York.
1979 to 1981 – Bench worker for Caswell Samuel, Islesford, Maine.
1982 – Silver granulation and reticulation course, John Cogswell, Haystack Mountain School of Crafts,Deer Isle, Maine.
1983 to 2005 – Self taught, Islesford.
1985 – Silver Wire workshop, Mary Lee Hu, Haystack.
1986 – Silver Casting class, J. Fred Woell, Deer Isle, Maine.
1988 – Forging workshop, Ronald Pearson, Haystack.
1989 – Stamping, Chasing, Tool Making, Tim McCreight, Haystack
1993 – Polymer Clay workshop, Steven Ford and David Forlano, Haystack.
1998 – Precious Metal Clay class, J. Fred Woell, Deer Isle.
2003 – Precious Metal Clay, Rio Grande certification class, J. Fred Woell, Deer Isle.
2004 – Keum-boo workshop, Jayne Redman, Haystack.
2005 – Precious Metal Clay bead workshop, J. Fred Woell, Deer Isle. 2010 – PMC Pendant with New Polymer Inlay Techniques, Celie Fago, Bethel,Vermont 2011 – New Tricks to Bead Making Without Cores, Fred Woell, Deer Isle 2011 – Beginning Beadmaking/Flameworking Class, Ed and Virginia Slawson, Rockland, Maine 2011 – Mokume Polymer Clay Bracelets with PMC Adornments, Celie Fago, Bethel Vermont

Work on display and for sale: Archipelago Gallery, Rockland, Maine Alone Moose Gallery, Bar Harbor, Maine Center for Maine Craft, Gardiner, Maine Red Dot Gallery, Deer Isle, Maine Winters Work, Islesford, Maine Whale’s Rib, Great Cranberry Island, Maine

Publications: PMC Guild Annual #3 Exceptional Work in Metal Clay: 2009 PMC Guild Annual #4 Exceptional Work in Metal Clay: 2010 PMC Guild Annual #5 Exceptional Work in Metal Clay:2011 The Working Waterfront, monthly newspaper published by the Island Institute, “Cranberry Report,” 2002 to present

Awards: Saul Bell Design Award 2006. Second place, PMC category. Saul Bell Design Award 2009. Finalist, PMC category.

Shows: 15 Maine Jewelers at Shaw Gallery, Northeast Harbor, ME. 2006. Maine Public Broadcast Network, 2009 Annual T.V. Auction, Juried Art Show

Memberships: Maine Crafts Association Precious Metal Clay Guild

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Barbe Saint John
I am a mixed media artist, who envisions herself as a modern day alchemist/archeologist. I love taking items that are broken, rusty, vintage, lost, forgotten, sparkly, torn, and tarnished things and transform them into new creations.

My work has been published in a number of books and magazines such as Belle Armoire Jewelry, Jewelry Affaire, Steampunk Style Jewelry, Artist Trading Cards and 1000 Steampunk Creations with I am a coauthor of.

I love teaching mixed media art, resin and jewelry workshops across the country. I'll be doing some online classes later in the year, fingers crossed!

I was very honored to be a part of the Creative Team for Susan Lenart Kazmer/ICE Resin for over 2 years. I recently have moved up to working as the Customer Service Representative and Girl Friday atICE Resin and I feel so blessed, It's a dream job!

If you are interested in purchasing any of my jewelry or my classes, please email me!

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Beata Benkone Meggyesi

I do not speak well in English.
My name: Beata Benkone Meggyesi. Pécs (Hungary) edges, I have two sons.
Already small child I liked the craft workshops very much in soot.
I deal with stringing since 2009 more sincerely.
My favourite techniques: peyote, netting, bead embroidery, freeform, bead chrochet, raw.
My favourite creator: Julia S.Pretl, Sabine Lippert, Peetje, Pencio, Happyland Claudia, unicorniopasion.
I like preparing the spatial forms especially: cube, star, bell, vase, little box.

With thanks: BeataPécsett élek a családommal. Két kisgyermekem van. Gyermekkorom óta nagyon szeretek minden kézműves foglalkozást. Sokmindent kipróbáltam, most éppen megint a gyöngyfűzés a kedvencem.

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Brandy McNair

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Brenda Sigafoos

Wire Sculpture Jewelry designer

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 Bryna Lumb

I live south of Eureka, MO with my hubby, toddler daughter and our two dogs and two cats. When Cassie was born, we decided that I would stay at home with her although I still work from home as an insurance broker part time. Between Miss non-stop and insurance work, I have to make time for my creative outlet of lampworking and jewelry making. These days, that is very hard to do - did you notice I called Cassie Miss non-stop? But, I like being part of the bead soup blog hop because it forces me to sit down during nap time or after bedtime to let the creative juices flow. I found a notepad somewhere that says "crafts keep me sane" this fits me to a T! Besides lampworking, I enjoy kumihimo and wireworking. Every year I'm lucky enough to join my glassy friends at the Missouri Bead Retreat, www.mobeadretreat.com, to have a 4 day weekend of "adult time", glass melting and classes to learn new techniques for my hobby/fascination/addiction.

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Carmen Lau
Graphic designer and marketing professional by day, handmade jewellery artist and entrepreneur by night.

I’m Carmen Lau from Malaysia a.k.a. min of Little Maketto and like most girls, I love to be surrounded by all things beautiful. I'm still a student in love and life but I actually have a degree in Advertising-Creative from an Australia institution. I find inspiration in many things and I think the world is certainly our oyster.

I have always loved jewellery and sparkly things since I was a little girl. Creating things with my own hands is something that fills me with joy and fulfillment. So I guess it was not surprise that I would eventually end up making and selling jewellery.

Not all the accessories found on Little Maketto are handmade by me. Most of them are actually chosen with love during shopping trips overseas. I hope Little Maketto can bring inspiration to some as many of you bring inspiration to me.

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Carrie Tahquechi

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Cate van Alphen

I am originally from South Africa, but I have been living in the UK for nearly half my life. I have always loved making things, and have tried several mediums over the years; traditional painting and drawing, stained glass, digital work and most recently polymer clay. Some of my work can be found on Deviant Art andflickr. I’m also on facebook.

Although I have a BA in Computer Arts, I am a hobbyist artist, my current full time job being my baby who was born last year. Occasionally I do post items for sale in my Zibbet shop.

There is a lot of shared information about polymer clay which I have been reading voraciously, and I have made a few discoveries so far (some accidentally, some the hard way) which I would also like to share in the hope that they help someone else.
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Cathie Carroll

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Cathy Khoury

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Christina Stofmeel

My name is Christina, a self employed glass supplier and beadmaker. Working in my home studio in Steensel, the Netherlands.
I started as a jewelry designer in 2002 and searched the world for glassbeads and jewelry supplies. When I came a cross making glassbeads in 2006 I was facinated and immediately started brainstorming about the endless possibilities and even more exclusive jewelry cause of the handmade and one of a kind glass beads I could make.

I purchased my first torch, a Concineckt ( which is a hot head torch ) over 10 kg of glass, a bunch of tools and a book.
And I just went from there, insploring the world of glass and glassbead making. I am a self taught lampworker.

Within 6 months I got myself a Minor bench burner. But after another 3 months I wanted something bigger and hotter which ended in a Knight Bullet burner with manifolds for seperate use of my inner and outer flame with my footpedal.
I have followed a few classes:
May 2007 – Andrea Guarino-Slemmens(USA)
February 2009 – Manuela Wutschke(DE)
March 2011 – Margaret Zinser(USA)
June 2011 – James Daschbach (USA)
September 2011 – Pipyr (USA)
October 2011 – Jari Ann Sheese (USA)
November 2011 – John Kobuki (USA)

I have also written a couple of E-books:

Gold Champagne & Sparkle Balls
Rainbow Colors with Silverglass
The making of Flower Murrini Part 1 ( Sakura & Water Flowers )
The making of Flower Murrini Part 2 ( Blossoms & Lily flowers )

Currently I am writing my first “real” book that will be published. This book should be ready by the end of 2011 or early 2012.


 Collette Collins
I spend my days with 26 great fifth grade students and my nights and weekends with an awesome selection of raku, lampworks, semi-precious stones, sterling silver etc. In fact, my passion for designing has limited the use of our dining room. I have cleared a spot for our son to eat but my husband and I have to sit in the living room.:)I sell my work locally in stores and art studios. During the summer I do art shows near the shores of Lake Huron.One of my raku designs won third place, and was featured in the Summer 2009 issue of Stringing Magazine.

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Courtney Breul

..wife...mom...jewelry designer!

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Crystal Thain

semi retired, motorcycling, beading & ceramics. played EQ, WOW, Rift, EQ2, Lotro. WOW was the best.

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Cynthia Abner

Just a little about me. My name is Cindy. I am the mother of 5 boys, and 2 beautiful Grandbabies, also boys. I live in Kentucky on a small rural farm (we raise sheep)with my children and husband, who makes lovely wooden bowls,cups, and other wooden treasures. (I have provided a link to his shop on my blog). When I'm not working on my jewelry, I work in the health care field. My favorite animal is cats, and I have about 20 of them. I love anything to do with fantasy, fairies, unicorns, wizards, ect ..... and I love flowers, butterflies and birds. I have been beading since I was a teenager but only rediscovered my love(obsession) for it about 10 years ago. I love working with all types of materials and colors. I use stone, coral, pearls, shell, bone, glass, wood, crystal, and seeds to create my pieces.

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Debbie Phenes

Well... I am a single gal that has never married.. Not really seeking, but pray I will someday meet my soulmate. My Faith in God is the most important thing to me! I like to call my self creative and love to sing, write, make jewelry and did I mention SING!! Hope you enjoy my designs and thoughts! GOD Bless!
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Debbie Rasmussen

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Dhea Powers
My name is Dhea.  I have been happily married to my husband Russ for just a little over 21 years now. We are parents of 3 very loved pugs.  :)
I'm a Christian...  I love Jesus and I'm so thankful for the inspiration, encouragement and ability that He gives me as person, artist, wife and 
pug mom. :)
I draw most of my inspiration from nature and from my fellow beading friends.  I have been designing jewelry for the last 10 years and dabble in lampworking 
here and there.  The types of beads I enjoy making are organic shells and hearts. As a jewelry designer, I'm blessed because my husband Russ is a boro glass lampwork 
bead artist. So if I ask reeeeeeally nice, he'll make me just about anything. :)  As for jewelry... I love working in earthy, autumn  & jewel tones the best.  Purple is my favorite 
color!  I love beads... especially chunky ones! Anything 14mm and up makes me happy! I design earrings, bracelets, necklaces, lanyards and pendants but my favorite things to 
design, are bracelets. :) 
I have made a lot of new friends thru Lori Anderson and the Bead Soup group... for which I'm thankful. And I look forward to knowing each of you better. If you'd like to see more of my work or 
my husbands boro lampwork beads, be sure to check out our links below!!
~ Dhea

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Diana Welte

'very limiteds' or one-of-a-kind

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Dita Basu

Not only making beautiful jewelry but making a beautiful day - that is what I strive for. Some times it happens when I make a piece of jewelry, or bake a cake for my husband, or plant spring bulbs in the garden,or organize the pantry after a year of procrastination, or just write a good blog. I like to give parenting advises (because I was a teacher for twenty two years)or post pictures of my darling Zoe (because I am a proud new grand ma) or write sentimental stuff reading my dad's letters -thus keeping him still alive in my life. I like to share all these in my blog with you. And if that brings a smile on your face and you come back again to visit me, I'll know that I had a beautiful day

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Dorota Zeranska

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Dot Lewallwn

The job I do with my hands is to make the money to live on...the work I do with my heart makes me soar and enjoy life. Hand and Heart keep me whole.

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Eleanor Snare

My name is Eleanor Snare and I run this blog, sporadically, alongside the rest of my life. I’m a content writer for a digital marketing agency, freelance fashion and culture writer, and general online-creative-stuff lover. I write for a number of clients across fashion, gaming, and lifestyle verticals, as well as being heavily involved with social media and blogger outreach.

I graduated last year from an MA in History of Art, where my dissertation was on fashion blogging. I’m committed to making academic thinking and writing accessible, rather than exclusive, and articles written on my blog about fashion, art, cultural phenomena and the like stand testament to that.

My freelance writing can be found nationally and locally, online and on paper – have a look at my portfoliopage for links. This blog was featured as one of Leeds top blogs by the Leeds Guide, and is part of theGuardian Leeds blogosphere list.

I also make my own clothes and jewellery; have a fanatical interest in cooking, baking and good food; serially volunteer for the arts and culture in Leeds; am fascinated by the power of social media as a labour tool; and listen to terrible 80s pop-synth music most of the time.

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Elisabeth Auld

Fueled by coffee, a love of jewelry, and a desire to do something completely different with my off duty time

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Ema Kilroy

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Emma Todd

Hello! My name is Emma Todd. I really am very fond of polymer clay and it has been my medium of choice the last five years or so. I can't wait to share my creations with the world.

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Eva Sherman

I'm a Christian. Wife. Adoptive Mom. Jewelry Artist. Small Biz Owner. Former Architect. Future Author. Blogger. Conservative. Hungarian Immigrant. 3X Cancer Survivor. World Traveler.

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Evie and Beth McCord
EB Bead and Metal Works is a mother daughter team creating one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces from handmade flameworked glass beads, enameled copper and Viking Knit.

Both Evie (mother) and Beth (daughter) work full time at Purdue University. EB Bead and Metal Works is their way to relax and de-stress from their daily lives.

For Beth, she really wasn't an artist as a kid. The last art classes she took was in junior high school in 1986. During her time in the military she never even thought about art or that art would be part of her life.

Beth always knew Evie was an artists. Evie would always draw and paint things for Beth's Brownies or for her elementary school classes. Evie would also always paint Beth's face for Halloween and make the costumes for us.

Beth remembers exactly when she got hooked on art - June 2004. Beth was taking a management class at Ivy Tech and her group had to interview a small business owner - Sharon Owens of Inspired Fire. Beth had a wonderful talk with Sharon and her group did a great presentation, which got an A. Beth remembers talking about the store a lot with Evie - Evie went ahead and bought Beth a beginning class on flameworking. In the class we learned how to make several different beads, a sculpture piece and blow a glass ornament and make a marble. BETH HAD A BLAST!!!

For about six months Beth just made beads - though Evie and Sharon kept telling Beth she had to make something with those beads instead of hoarding them. At first Beth had no idea on how to make jewelry and just sort of winged it. Until 2005 when Beth found out that Purdue University offered a Jewelry and Metalsmithing class.

During Beth's time in class and making beads at Inspired Fire, Evie would help her by cleaning beads or measuring necklaces (Beth is not good at measuring). Evie would also help Beth with her design ideas.

In 2006 Beth brought Evie into the madness of sawing, flameworking and enameling. That is the year that Beth's grandma (Evie's mom) died, and Evie was ready for a change. That summer Beth bought Evie a beginning flameworking class and Evie joined the fun of creating beads. Beth then taught Evie how to saw and enamel. Evie finds sawing a soothing process and does most of the intricate cut outs in copper. While Beth loves to play with the enamels to see what kind of colors can be created.

During the summer of 2007 is when Evie and Beth started going to craft shows. They teamed up with another mother/daughter team and did their first show at the Brookston Apple/Popcorn festival. Beth and Evie have moved from craft shows to juried art shows. They have started to have a following of loyal customers both on Etsy and at the art shows.

Beth started blogging on December 12, 2008. Beth started the blog so she could post her school/jewelry projects for her relatives to see. It really wasn't until early 2010 that Beth really started working the blog (that is when her GI Bill money ran out and discontinued going to school). Beth also wanted to devote more of her time to the business with Evie.

So, that is the story of their mad ride to this crazy world of jewelry.

Thanks for coming along on the ride!!!
Beth & Evie

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Francy Inman

Oklahoma crafter. I like to piddle in many a craft.

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Ginger Bishop
I've marveled at the beauty of the world my entire life. Especially tiny little things most people overlook. Now I've decided to share with whoever would like to stop by the things that capture my attention and inspire my imagination.

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Giorgia Rossini
Hi! I’m Giorgia, I'm 30 and I'm Italien.

I' m a Radiation Therapy Technologist passionate in jewelry making :)

My adventure began 4 years ago assembling components (beads, metallic elements, etc ...) and has recently landed the manufacture of wire and metal sheet.

I love working with metal: modeling, hammering, sanding, oxidizing foil and sheet
to create from scratch the idea in my head gives me immense satisfaction.
Wire working , fold forming and stamping are now my favourite techniques, but I love learning new techniques and finding new challenges!

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Hajer Waheed

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Ine Vande Cappelle

Dag Iedereen,
Ik ben Ine en ik heet je van harte welkom op mijn blog !
Al van op heel jonge leeftijd ben ik creatief bezig : tekenen, kaarten maken, scrappen, enz.. Ook in mij beroep kan ik mijn creativiteit kwijt.
Mijn grootste hobby is juwelen maken en ontwerpen.
Via deze blog zou ik graag mijn creaties laten zien aan de wereld..
Ik hoop ook mijn grenzen te verleggen en andere stijlen uit te proberen.
Hopelijk tot ziens!

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Iveth Caruso
Welcome to Creative Atelier!

Creative Atelier is the concept of Iveth Caruso a Georgia based Jewelry designer. Creative Atelier explores the impact of simple shapes and color through a simple, modern, sleek, minimalist and contemporary line of handmade jewelry.

I design and manufacture every piece in my Georgia studio. I have been designing jewelry for the past ten years, constantly revealing an attraction for simplicity, strong colors and quality materials. I strive to create jewelry that is attractive, yet easy to wear.

The pieces are one of a kind and I rarely repeat a design. My works are always evolving and I constantly am trying new materials and techniques. A passion for arts and design are embodied in each one of my creations.

Thanks for visiting, please feel free to get in touch if you would like to know more about CreativeAtelier, the process or this line of jewelry.

Thank you!
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JJ Jacobs

My name is Judy Jean Justine Jacobs (aka "JJ") and I live in Northern California. I'm in love with bright, vivid colors and use them freely in my abstract paintings, fused glass designs and lampworked beads. I'm striving to make my living as a full-time artist after recently leaving a life-long career in the real estate industry. Follow along as I document the journey from commercial real estate developer/broker/property manager to successful artist!

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Jackie Ryan

We are a mother and daughter; Jackie and Lara, both multimedia artists. It is our intention here to share some of our work with you. We have a web site called Kydo Jewellery which is full of our jewellery designs including polymer clay and art jewellery. We live in a beautiful spot on the south west coast of England where the sea meets the sky and we do not have far to look for inspiration for our jewellery or artwork.

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Jeannie Dukic

I’m a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend. I work in the health and fitness industry and wear many hats. I’m the owner of two brick and mortar businesses and online jewelry website.

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Jelveh Jaferian

My name is Jelveh & I am a glass addict...I have been melting glass & making glass beads since 2000 & I still have passion for it everyday... hope you like my beads & blog...peace

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Jenna Tomalka

My hands seem to have a life of their own. They need to be busy, whether I'm playing or working. Whenever I can, I'm experimenting with new techiques and materials like warm glass, textiles, vintage objects, copper and brass. When I'm not in the studio putting something together or taking it apart, I'm solving (or creating) software problems at work, and playing with my family in the beautiful Michigan outdoors.

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Jenni Connolly

My name's Jenni and I live in Melbourne, Australia. I love to make glass beads (lampworking) I find it a wonderful, captivating and totally addictive craft. Occasionally, I also dabble in a little bit of basic metalsmithing. Even less often, I try and combine both disciplines together in a piece of jewelry. This blog is about my craft journey and the techniques and challenges found and learnt along the way. I also love to take photos, garden, travel, draw and spend time with my husband and two gorgeous daughters. This year (2012) my personal challenges are to DEVELOP my existing skills and to also embrace new ones. This year I am learning to draw and dabble a bit in painting too. So you may see posts about that as well!

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Jennifer Van Horn

I am.... A mother of 4, my greatest accomplishments. The man in my life.... supports me, makes me & the childrens a priority, shares many of my passions, & will wait hours for me while I shop for beads & crap, I mean crafts :) I love... my kids, my man, my family & friends, animals, live music, & traveling (going to zoos & bead stores anywhere we go). My obsessions are... Aerosmith, Pink, Disney, & Josh Hamilton. I watch... Transformers the movie at least once a week (guess that's an obsession too) My confession... I am a hoarder of BEADS but I hope to be more productive in all medias of art jewelry.
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Jo-Ann Woolverton

I am a life long crafter. My current passion is beadwork.

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Johanna Rhodes-Nash

Ph.D student....pole dancer....avid musician...oh, and bonkers about all things beads!

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Joyce Blair

I am a stay at home mother of four, I am married to a wonderful man. We live in Arizona's Sonoran Desert where we simply enjoy life

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JuLee Wolfe

I have dabbled in many art forms over my life, but never really became enamored of any to the degree that I have of polymer clay. I was introduced in 2005 and it has become the major focus of my artistic outlet. I am past vice president of the local polymer clay quild and have traveled afar to attend classes. The instructors that I have enjoyed the most are Christi Friesen and Julie Picarillo. Proud mama of the most spoiled cats in the world...the Underfoot Clan. I am married to the biggest penguin in my collection, my beloved Opus. Still exploring and trying to find my own voice.

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Karen Vincent

We are Karen and Emma - a mother and daughter partnership. In 1996 we came to the USA from a sleepy cotswold village in England. It took us a while to adjust but we are very happy to be living and working in Iowa. We hope you enjoy our blog and we look forward to getting to know you. Thank you for your interest and for visiting our blog.

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Karin Slaton

My blog is about beads, of course, and the history that lends depth and interest to every finished project. It's also about backstories, the small beads of memories tapped out at the keyboard, archived, and returned to from time to time. Strung together, they frame a life.

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Kayla Potega

Hello Everyone. As you can see, my name is Kayla, I am 22 years young (November baby). I fancy myself a spiritual person, but not religious. I can't stand politics. And I've been sick with Lyme Disease for 8 1/2 years.

I am unable to go to school because of the LD (I would be finished with my Bachelors by now) or hold a job for that matter, but more ME time right? Please don’t feel sorry for me because that’s not what I’m about. Yes, I’m sick and sometimes I feel sorry for myself, but mostly I embrace this journey because it has given me many wonderful things.

One of which is my passion for jewelry and creating it. I started a little after I got sick and it has been a staple in my life ever since. It has definitely helped me through good, bad and ugly.

I also love to do other crafts. You name it, I have either tried it, are currently doing it, or plan on attempting to within my time. Love love love to read anything and everything I can get my hands on. Among many other things, the outdoors is my inspiration. I hate it when I can't be outside; Its like a part of my soul is missing.

Thanks for reading my bio and checking out my stuff!
Love and Energies.

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The Eclectic Element: Handcrafted

The Eclectic Element: VintageThe Eclectic Element: Handcrafted Facebook

The Eclectic Element: Vintage Facebook




Kim Dworak

Hi I'm Kim, I live with my husband, two Basset Hounds and our 4 cats in Wisconsin. I love to bead and do other crafts (I have craft ADD and I'm ok with that).

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Krafty Max

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Kris Lanae Binsfeld

Kris Lanae Binsfeld is a jewelry, wire and multimedia artist residing in Cold Spring, Minnesota. Kris admits to being a jewelry junkie and has spent a majority of her life collecting, altering or creating jewelry. In 2007, prompted by her friends, Kris started selling her jewelry which led her to start Cherish Designs by Kris Lanae. Happily married to her husband Tom for 19 years they love to spend family time with their three children Kya, Sawyer and Keegan (11, 12 & 13). They share a strong love and dedication to their kids, who took years to come into their lives. Much of their time is spent supporting their children in hockey, boy’s choir, volleyball, baseball, swimming, and softball. From her childhood love of digging in the woods to unearth vintage glass and plates from a dumping ground, to spending hours in her Grandparents Attic listening to music on the old phonograph while scrounging through the worn and tattered collections of her families mementos, journals and artifacts, Kris has a passion for vintage and found objects. She remembers begging her Grandma’s to play dress up with their costume jewelry. Her parents filled their home with antiques and unique collectibles and instilled in her an appreciation of antiques. When creating with wire, Kris is inspired by antiques, vintage and unique finds. Kris loves a good patina and she seeks to combine the essence of vintage treasure and upcycle them into a new and trendy love. She enjoys creating on the go, blogging at www.cherishdesigns.wordpress.com, teaching classes and inspiring others. Kris’ original, one of a kind jewelry is sold in local boutiques and on etsy. She has a line of coastal themed jewelry licensed with Demdaco/Silvestri and Creative Co-op.

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Kristen Latimer

Hi, My name is Kristen. I am a very proud mother of three beautiful children; Meghan, Jack and Matthew...hence the name of my jewelry business "MJM Jewelry Designs"

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Kumi Fisher

Welcome to Malie Kai Designs which was named after my children's middle names. What started out as stress release from working in the corporate world, jewelry making quickly turned into an obsession/addiction. Every piece is handmade with Aloha and hope it inspires you in some special way. Mahalo for sharing my creative journey! ~ Kumi Fisher

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Kym Hunter
I enjoy designing and making jewelry, working with clay, writing poetry, gardening, reading, spending time with my family and playing with my granddaughter.

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Lennis Carrier

When Lennis was little, she used to love to make jewelry, but as she became an Adult…she forgot. Born in Florida, Lennis has also lived in California, England, Virginia, North and South Carolina, and Georgia. She has always loved antique shops, garage sales, and charity shops. As a flight attendant, student, pilgrim and thrill seeker, Lennis traveled through the United States and Europe collecting pretty, shiny baubles. Not understanding why, she was drawn to buying beads everywhere she went. One day, Lennis said to herself, “what am I going to do with all these beads?” Then she remembered a long time ago in a faraway land, she used to make jewelry and her alter ego, Windbent, was born. Windbent loves to combine vintage and modern components, paint, textiles and mixed metals to create fun wearable art. If there is a place to buy beads, antiques, or books then she will find it and spend hours there–just ask her long suffering husband.

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Leslie Wayment

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Linda Florian
I'm a 28yo mom ,I try to be creative every day because I think it keeps me sane, I have never met a crafting medium that i did not fall in love with & keep doing , I have a rotation of crafts i can be doing one type of craft and buying supplies for that for a few month and after that , that gets put away because something catches my eye i have huge supplies of everything from Jewelry making/Jewelry design, Polymer clay,Painting Sewing,Needle Felting,Knitting, as well as sewing , recycling/up cycling using fabric, magazines and old jewelry etc, I also love to make jewelry and sell my crafts , and love to take on custom orders I also write, model, my favorite place to be is in a craft store & if I can't get out I love being on other crafting blog's & material websites any place I can be inspired . I will be blogg'in about a little bit of everything , my crafts , my bargains , my kid. you'll see a bit of everything on this blog I really love chatting with people who share my loves , So please read , comment , chat and enjoy!!!

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Linda Murphy

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Lisa Johnson

I was born in the morning, I am in the early evening of my life and I hope to die before I reach the darkest night of the new moon.

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Lisa Lodge

I am a self taught jewelry artist and bead lover. I love to incorporate nature into my designs, especially ocean colors. My work has been published in Bead Trends magazine, and is sold locally and on-line. Find me at 

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Lisa Sittniewski
I live in the woods in a suburb of Buffalo, NY with my husband and two teenagers. When not in the studio creating, I am sewing clothes, gardening, reading, studying World War II or caring for Luna Sea, my coral reef ocean in my living room. I will forever long to live on the southeastern shores of North Carolina and will never give up on that dream :)

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Lois Moon

I am by no means a writer, but I have been keeping track of my life here in Georgia ten miles north of the Florida border in a land where I cross paths with peacocks, pigs, chickens, alligators, armadillos, fox, coyote, and rattlesnakes on a daily basis. I teach Spanish at a high school in the next county and my 64 mile round trip commute affords me time to listen to NPR and watch the changing of the seasons in the fields I pass. I can tell you more than you want to know about road kill and carrion creatures, and have been waging a months-long one-sided battle with a white rooster who has a death wish and a deep desire to cross the road in front of my car.

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Lola Surwillo

Hi. My name is Lola, and I'm a create-a-holic. I love to bead. I love to crochet. I love all things crafty. I'm committed to quality workmanship and the free-spirited need to mix 'n' match 'n' shake things up a bit. The simple act of bringing an idea to life with my hands and an evergrowing collection of fiber and beads feeds my soul in ways that surprise and delight me each and every time. Welcome to my addiction!

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Lorelei Eurto


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Lori Bowring Michaud

I'm Lori, a mother, wife, artist (my kids say so!). I do a little bit of this and a little bit of that; painting, stained glass, jewelry making, and scrapbooking. I'm 50 years old and still don't know who or what I want to be when I grow up. I'm finally spending some time figuring that out! This blog is part of that journey, won't you join me?

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Lori Callahan

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Lori Finney

I'm a beader with a mission, a photographer with a point-and-shoot (albeit a good one), and a quilter without a studio. And now a blogger because it seemed as though I had to be. I bead for enjoyment of the pretty, and as a fundraiser for my favorite cause, the National Inclusion Project. I take photographs for the memories...just because. I love quilts but seldom actually produce them anymore because I have no space to really do so, and have moved on to other inspirations (see the beading); but that doesn't mean that time won't come again! I follow Clay Aiken wherever he asks me to go...he just makes me smile.

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Marcia Dunne

Single mum, 2 daughters, 2 cats, 2 hamsters, 1 fish...he's anti-social. I support autism, dementia and mental health issues.As for myself I will always put square pegs in round holes. Love designing and making jewellery. I use vintage finds, gemstones, found objects and I love salvage, tribal, bohemian and assemblage styles.

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Margareta Saari

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Maria Horvath

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Marian Hertzog

I am a creative soul wandering around in my studio with bits and pieces of things that I like. Putting together pieces of art to wear or look at.

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Mary Ellen Parker

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Mary K McGraw

As a child I received a jewelry making kit full of wondrous beads. This simple gift sent me on a lifetime exploration of what can be made with them. Another of my fascinations is fabric and how I can manipulate it to express my feelings. Putting beads and fabric together is absolutely magical in my opinion.
I drifted in and out of the arts and crafts world from the 70s through the 90s by creating one of a kind jewelry, clothing and purses, and selling them at craft fairs, businesses and home parties. At the same time I was raising a family and pursuing a career in retail buying and then in real estate.
At the urging of a friend I began teaching jewelry design at GCSC’s Education Encore program several years ago. I found that sharing my skills with others and watching them progress in their knowledge was very satisfying, In addition I began teaching a few years later at The LH Bead Gallery, where I can give students a more personal learning experience.
Though I was mainly self-taught in the beginning of my exploration of creating jewelry and art, I have taken every opportunity to take art classes from the excellent artists we have in our area. In addition each year I go away to workshops where I learn from national instructors.
The thing I like most about working with beads and fabric is that there is always something new to learn. Right now I am fascinated with working with metal and resin, in both jewelry design and in adding it to fibers to make an artist statement. Next year who knows which direction my curiosity will take me, but wherever I go I will share my knowledge with those that are interested.

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MaryLou Holvenstot

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Martha Aleo

My name is Martha Aleo. I am interested in creativity and inspiration, and how they are influenced by landscape, community, tradition, history, philosophy, religion, culture, life experience and access to materials. Don’t forget science and math. They are all related. I intend to focus on those topics in this Blog. While I am primarily a crafter and writer, I do not intend to limit this Blog to crafting and writing. I want to explore creativity and inspiration in relation to all the arts and scientific topics as well.

My reasons are more than academic. I am in the process of unlearning much of what they taught me in school. I am trying to open myself up to looking at (and listening to) the world in a different way. I am searching for my own voice. I don’t know if I’ll find it, but in the end it doesn’t really matter because it’s the journey that’s the most interesting.

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Maybeline Tay

Hi welcome to my blog. I am a wife to a very patient husband and a mother to 2 active children. I am thankful to God for them. Balancing my role as a mother and my daytime job as a school counsellor does take a toll on me. To de-stress, I create. I love to create. It keeps me sane when I am bored, tired, cranky or sad. I have been making jewelry since 2003 and have been playing with polymer clay for almost a year. Currently, polymer clay is my favorite medium. However, I have a very tentative relationship with polymer clay. There were days when we were the best of friends and on other days I was tempted to throw in the towel and call it quits. But so much has been invested into this relationship - a toaster oven, many accessories (mica powder, paint, stamps, tools, different shades of coloured clay and pasta machine, to name a few! Moreover, I had to brave my husband's amused and sometimes bewildered looks at my ever-growing stash of supplies. My pride prevented me from calling it quits. For the good times and the bad times, through thick and thin, I will weather this and iron out the kinks in my relationship with my clay.

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Megan Collins

I'm a bit unusual but since all of are doesn't that make us usual? I am an Air Force brat born at the Air Force Academy. I was fortunate that I moved to some cool places but not too many...I now call sultry Southeast Virginia my home. I am with a great Navy guy but I understand the joys (and pains) of being single. I love children...but I love visiting with them and don't plan on having them. But I am a Mommy to four kitties and two beautiful Pit bulls. (although one is a baby boy so he is handsome not beautiful) I love my family with all its quirks. Like many people I have an issue with weight and food so I'm working on it.

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Melissa Meman

Welcome to Art. Life. Love. Like the title implies, this is a small view into my world. I blog about family life, my love of gardening and music, and of course, my love of art jewelry!

My jewelry business, Melismatic Art Jewelry, is my passion!

All of my one-of-a-kind, limited edition, and custom designs are handcrafted solely by me utilizing a wide array of materials and techniques. My current love is metal...sterling, copper, bronze, and brass. I especially love mixing them up with each other and other elements...gemstones, artisan beads, Czech glass, and my new found love, enamels. Most findings, such as ear wires, bails, and clasps, are also handcrafted by me or other artisans...not many mass produced components here!

My artistic journey began many years ago in a small southern town. I am the youngest of five children and we grew up in the country. Our sweet mother made most of our clothes by hand...she also quilted. Our father was a house-painter, but also a farmer and we lived off the land as much as possible. My sisters and I have always been involved in some craft or project for as long as I remember...I think my first endeavor was crocheting which I still love!

Currently, I live in Maryland with my husband and son.

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Melissa Mesara

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Melissa Muir

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Paige Maxim
I'm Paige, a 28 year old jewelry designer from Maine. I am inspired by many things, including nature, color, art, art beads, and other artists & designers. I create jewelry & gift items using a variety of material & techniques. I use mostly basic stringing and simple wirework, but love learning and using any technique I can. I also love using art beads, vintage lucite, gemstones, and Czech class in my work. I hope you will gain a better understanding of who I am, what I do, and how I do it, and maybe even be inspired!

Find Paige Here


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Pam DeBoer

I have always been an "artsy-crafty" person. Be it painting, fiber arts, paper crafting, photography, or what-ever in between. Around about 2004, I was involved in a "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" Life Group at Celebration Church Stevens Point, and I was introduced to beading jewelry, (thanks Lynn!), and I have been hooked ever since. I live in Wisconsin, where you can experience all 4 seasons in one week, on a couple of acres, with my hubby and family. Which consists of 3 children left at home, (one out-married with a baby girl and expecting and two out-married; 4 in/2 out cats; a hedgehog; a fire-bellied newt; 2 canaries; a lovebird; and a chinchilla. Yes, beading is my solace, thanks for asking..

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Pam Farren

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Pam Hurst

I have been making jewelry forever. I began making Mother's Bracelets with my sisters around 2000 as an official business. After a few successful years, we all started moving in our own directions, I moved toward taking lampwork classes and making glass beads.

Since then, I have taken many classes in several different mediums and combine them to create the jewelry I do. I currently am working with metals and loving it! I am certified Level 1 in Artclay.

Personally, I am a wife and mother. I have two children ages 10 and 12. Prior to my jewelry creating, I was an Industrial Engineer and worked in metal fabrication. I feel some of my formal training rolls over into my jewelry business which helps me immensely.

I have self taught myself, but I have also taken classes and workshops with some of the best. Some of my teachers have included:

• Metal Clay: Hadar Jacobson, Donna Penoyer, Marti Icenogle, Myra Perrin
• Lampwork: Heather Trimlett, Jari Sheese, Kim Hickcox
• Metalsmithing: Kim Conrad, Irina Miech, Lisa Claxton

Find Pam Here


Patricia Handschuh

I have been making beads and designing jewelry for over 10 years. I work part time for Special Olympics.

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Patty Miller

Hi! My name is Patty Miller. I am a mixed media artist from the Knoxville area who is most recently distracted with making beautiful seed bead jewelry! I also make one-of-a-kind etched metal jewelry. My pieces feature my handmade beads and worked metal pieces. I began designing jewelry 16 years ago. Several years into my jewelry work a friend introduced me to lampworking and it has been true love ever since. I also incorporate into my designs metal work, precious metal clay, wire work and seed bead work. I will gladly do a custom piece for you if something you like has already sold. Please note that it won't be exactly alike because it's handmade.

Find Patty Here

Penney Klapoth

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Regina Santerre

I am a beader! I love beads! I have been beading for about six years now and seeking to share my experience with others and expand my knowledge of beads, beading techniques, and have fun along the way.

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Rhea Freitag

I am a late blooming artist who has wholeheartedly accepted this archetype as Who I Am. I love mixed media, collage, assemblage and jewelry making. I dream of freelancing while teaching art, publishing my work, inventing, writing professionaly, traveling the world and creating space for people to heal through art and expression.

Find Rhea Here


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Rochelle Brisson

20-something year old living in Connecticut. An artist and designer, with a passion for jewelry. Lover of all things vintage. Amateur photographer. Blogger, who's often short on words. Attempted crafter, cook, and fashionista. I'm just a girl trying to create her place in the world.

Find Rocelle Here


Sabine Dittrich

Find Sabine Here


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Sandra McGriff

Find Sandra Here

Sandra Neights

I've loved art since I was a young child. I always found joy in drawing, painting and music. In college I majored in fine arts with an emphasis on painting. I became involved in art jewelry several years ago and it has become a passion for me

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Sandra Young
Crafting is second nature to me and the best thing about it is sharing the things I create with others and seeing the joy it gives them! Creating beautiful pieces of jewelry is something I'm very passionate about. Join me as I grow my online presence and bring my designs to life for purchase or admiring. Along the way you'll get to know me a little better.

Find Sandra Here


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Sara Oehler

Sara Oehler (pronounced Ay-ler) or simplified to Sara O is a well known designer residing in sunny Phoenix, Arizona. She has designed and written for numerous publications including:BeadStyle, BeadandButton, Bead Trends, Stringing, Jewelry in Fashion Trends, Simply Beads, The Flow and Today’s Creative Home Arts. Her design was featured on the cover of the September 2011 issue of BeadStyle Magazine. And, Sara O co-authored the book Show Your Colors, published by Kalmbach in January of 2012. As “Ask Sara” of Soft Flex® Company, she has had the opportunity to have her work featured in several advertisements, signs, fliers, postcards, and more. Sara O has attended, showed her designs, demoed and taught within the Soft Flex® Company booth at hundreds of bead shows in her almost 13 year career with them.

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Saturday Sequins

Hi, I'm Sarah! An artist and jewelry maker obsessed with all things sparkly.
I'm also a writer, a hula hooper, an Introvert, a divergent thinker, a Scanner, a night owl, the proud owner of very pretty curly hair, and a lover of tasty food, going on miniature adventures, and learning new things.
What is Saturday Sequins?
This blog is my ode to the two things I love most in the world. Namely, the making of wearable art and that most glamorous of fashion embellishments, the sequin. I strongly believe that sequins aren't just for dance costumes and prom dresses. They're for everyday wear.
I also believe that sequins aren't just something we wear -- they're something we live.Through the art we create, the experiences we have, the things we think and say, and the way we treat the people closest to us, including ourselves!
My mission is to bring more sparkle and shine to your life and mine. On this blog, you'll find:
My work, including works in progress.
Featured artists -- especially people who use sequins in their work!
Tutorials for jewelry and other projects.
Insights on creativity and the creative process.
Advice on doing what you love for a living.
Lists of my favorite suppliers, tools, teachers or artists.
Anything else sequin-related.
And once in awhile, random things like recipes or pictures of my socks.

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Shanti Johnson

I'm a human Being. Ocean luvin, tree huggin, hippy grrl who lives by the Seashore in Fla exploring the beach, Livin for the Sunshine and Candy Colored Fun!

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Shari Replogle

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Sonya Stille

I am a stay at home Mom to two wonderful active boys and I can't forget to mention my wonderful Husband :) I have a passion for creating jewelry. I love working with mixed media, such as metal, gemstones, resin, polymer clay, and all the other shiny wonderful things I can get my hands on. When I just need to do something creative but relaxing I always go back to my favorite beadweaving. I am trying to push myself and grow into a good jewelry designer, not doubting myself all the time. Learning to let go more! Always relying on God and my family.

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Stefanie Teufel

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Tammie Everly
I am a baby of the 60's. A well traveled, proud Catholic, Navy wife married 19 years to my best friend and staunchest supporter. I have two awesome teenagers and a crazy Boxer dog. I love trying new crafts and artistic venues. I love the beach. I want to travel back to Europe and see London and Paris again (staying in a hotel & not wearing a back pack) and I want to see southern Europe. I don't mind moving, but I do look forward to the day DH & I find our 'forever' house. Please check out TTE Designs on Etsy, Art Fire and FaceBook ~

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Tania Spivey

I feel compelled to explain. Moobie. You will be hard pressed to locate it in any dictionary...unless you happen to own our version. My youngest child. The payback the good Lord issued to me. A nickname gone horribly wrong. Her way of life. My insanity. What happens to the mind of a mother of four children... Don't say you haven't been forwarned...

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Tanya Wiles

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Therese Frank

Hello, my name is Therese and I live in the great state of Alabama. I love to make jewelry in my spare time. I started making jewelry in 2005. I was looking through a beading magazine and saw a necklace that I fell in love with and just had to make, so I did, and I have been hooked ever since. Along with jewelry making I crochet, paint mostly on glass items, make clothes, quilt, counted cross stitch, and a few other crafts. I'm a mother of one, a handsome young man that is all grown up and on his own.

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Tina Holden

Polymer Clay Artist, Jewelry designer

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Toltec Jewels

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Tracey Nanstad
I am retired (medical) from general Motors. I am enjoying my retirement by spending time with my 3 grown children Aaron, Jessica and Courtney as well as my 2 grandchildren Kileigh (Courtney) and Ethan (Mike & Jess) I am married to Chuck for 15 years. I love to do beadwork, read, play video games, cook, and have recently developed a true love for photography. I love animals, and am owned by 2 Chinese Shar Pei dogs. Maddux is 7 and a black brushcoat male, Sienna is 6 and is a red black masked female.

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Tracy Choy
My name is Tracy and I create jewellery when I'm not at my day job as a teacher. When I was younger, I've always been a crafty person. I've tried oil painting, Chinese brush painting, cross stitching and the list goes on. One summer, I met some wonderful friends who introduced me to some local bead stores and that's when the hobby began. I then started hand knotted jewellery, when I was asked to make a friend's wedding necklace. I took a class to learn how to make hand knotted pearl necklaces and loved it! Ever since then, I've made many hand knotted designs including my own bridal jewellery. :)

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Valerie Norton

Welcome to my blog! I've been interested in art for as long as I can remember. Over the years, I've experimented with various art media but have always been fascinated with glass. I began fusing glass about 6 years ago and haven't stopped since! I think of each of my glass pieces as a "little bit of wearable art"! Thanks for visiting and come back often!!

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