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Lori Anderson

I was once asked to write about my "artistic journey”, and I thought of several ways that could go. I mean, WHICH journey? The journey I take each day when I sit to design jewelry or melt glass? The journey I take to find my creative self in the midst of a chaotic day? Or the journey I took to get to this point in my life, where I make pretty things for a living?
I thought it might be interesting to try the latter — how I ended up where I am now, where I have the absolute joy of actually making a living making jewelry. It’s a strange, convoluted journey, with lots of twists, turns, and almosts, and it will tell you a little more about me, and in the end, why my jewelry is so eclectic, and doesn’t adhere to one given style.
I’ll start with my first real-world job. It’s as far from jewelry design as it could possibly be — four years in the US Air Force. Joining right from high school, I spent a year in California learning Korean, and then off to Osan AB, Korea, to work an intel position. Lots of fun, except for chemical exercises, but no beading. I never even thought of it.
After four years in Korea, I left the military for the civilian world, and held a few different jobs, mostly in marketing. While marketing didn’t have a thing to do with making cool things, it DID give me a solid background that I now use everyday in how to market myself and my company.
A quick jaunt to Italy occurred when I realized I was never going to quite be complete without a college degree. I spent the three months before classes began living in Italy, teaching aerobics for spending money. I fell in love with Venice and, of course, Murano glass. I spent my time admiring the vases and large sculptures, never dreaming that glass beads were going to become an integral part of my future career. Oh, if I’d only known then what I know now, and had unlimited money to spend on Venetian beads!
After self-imposed poverty while getting that degree, I decided to take a year off to make some money before medical school, and ended up in the IT world, smack-dab in the middle of the dot.com explosion. Once again, I found myself working in sales and marketing, and gained more skills that would eventually serve me well when I owned my own company.
Another twist in the road — meeting my husband! Deciding to have a family rather than spend up to age 40 in internships, I happily got married, and discovered while making wedding programs, table cards, and favors that I had a bit of a creative side. I very nearly took the tests to become a wedding coordinator but then, oh joy, we were expecting a baby!
While I was pregnant, I spent part of the time on bed rest, and my friend brought me some beads to keep me busy. Uh oh. Kinda got hooked. I didn’t have time until after Zack was about 8 months old to really play around seriously with the beads, but it was addictive. I sent some things to my mom, who took them to her office, and they sold — and all of a sudden, I had a business!
Now I exhibit at craft shows, run my web site, write tutorials for magazines and books, have been a mentor to a few new crafters, and have never had a job I loved more. I feel so lucky. All of those twists and turns in my life could have led me anywhere — a career military sergeant, a PeopleSoft IT professional, a doctor, a wedding planner. Each of those stops along the way gave me something to take with me to this part of my Journey.

And I couldn’t be happier.

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Alice Craddick

I try to put God first in all I do, and show honor to Him with the gifts He has given me including Beading. I do beadweaving using tiny little seed beads and beading wire to construct beautiful pieces, reasonably priced to wear every day or for that special event or gift you might need.

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  Alicia Marinache
My name is Alicia - I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend and I love creating pieces of beauty.

I help busy people like you re-discover the peace and tranquility of life - through my wearable one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces, the unique home decor and art, and my daily musings on art and life in general.
I am often asked how did I start 'All the Pretty Things'.
At origins I am a Computer Science Engineer - I spent many days (sometimes even the nights) of the last 18 years doing Software Development and Architecture, and I still do that too, with the same passion as in the beginning. I have always considered the applications I design and develop not only my babies, but a piece of art! Elegance is important to me - be it in a unique and beautiful necklace I design for an evening gown or the next web application.
I believe our lives have become too busy and complicated; we forgot to stop and really smell the roses; we lost the ability to look at the world through the eyes of a young child. I am trying to bring peace and colour through my creations: most of them jewelry pieces, but also accents, home decor, and what not. My art allows me to find the beauty of the moment, it helps me get over those days that seem to never end, it allows me to discover the life inside me and around me.
And that's how I decided to share this passion with others: by extending my passion for elegance and design from the software world into the jewelry and art world to create designs to adorn the woman who has confidence in her own style and taste and handcraft them with love right here, in Canada.
This blog contains stories about the art I create at All the Pretty Things, along with other stories on beauty, life, elegance, simplicity: in a word 'life'. Sometimes I might digress, depending on the current news :)
I wish you an enjoyable visit with us - if I managed to bring you a moment of quiet and peace, let me know by comment or email.
Remember to fully live every moment: it is the most precious gift we have been given!

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Amanda Tibbetts

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  Amber Dawn Goldish
~*Inventing, creating, watching, learning, growing, sharing, living... *~ The only way to be strong in this life is to embrace your uniqueness, accept your flaws and never, under any circumstances, harden your heart.

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Annita Wilson

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Beth Emery
i'm an artist trying to find her way in this world. i'm a beader, painter, potter, metalsmith, and writer. i love animals. i live in fairbanks, alaska.

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Beti Horvath
I love colors and shapes, and how they combine. It took me forty-odd years to recognize that the expression of this love was through creating jewelry. So here I am blogging about my craft. I hope that sharing with the world will bring me even more satisfaction with this fascinating craft, and maybe give my family a break every time I finish something...I won't have to track them down to show them my stuff!

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Birgitta Lejonklou
I grew up in a house with a gorgeous view over lake Vättern in Jönköping /Sweden. I do think that the ever shifting view outside and the fact that the walls inside the house were covered with paintings by different artist planted the seed of artist inside of me. My dear parents gave me a lot of support with practical things and also tons of encouragement Thank You ! I painted a lot as a child and sold my first paintings at high school that was long ago. I have been working as special nurse for 30 years but to much static work with UCG hurt my spine so I had to start over with my life and leave this worke that I did love ..but my body did not.. and at that time when I was not able to paint or read or..You name it ..I started play with some old jewelry from my drawers and a new part of my life began :) it is easy to get addicted to beads and I am..

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Candida Castleberry
I am the proud mother of a brilliant and handsome little boy. He's the light of my life. I am the wife of one of the best husbands on the planet. I am so blessed. I stay home with our son, I think I've learned as much from him as he has from me.

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Carolyn Lawson

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Cassie Donlen
I'm just the typical mom to 3 fabulous boys and wife to a husband that I adore. My life is centered in chaos of daily living and participating in the 400 activities that the boys are involved in. Every spare moment that I have involves me sneaking off to my workshop to create lampwork beads, metal work, and jewelry. It's been my passion for 11+ years and I still can't get enough of it. Although, I find myself wanting to dabble in any and every artsy project out there in the world and it is frustrating that there isn't enough time to do it all. I'm just a girl that loves life, family, and all that it has to offer.
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Cheri Reed
Hello, my name is Cheri and I am in the start-up phase of my fashion jewelry business; Creative Designs by Cheri. My oldest daughter was murdered by her ex-husband and I am certain my destiny involves helping Domestic Violence. During this first year of my business, I will be donating 10% of my profits to Domestic Violence in memory of my daughter, Brandy Leigh (Reed) Schneider. I will be increasing my donations as my business grows. I also donate my jewelry pieces for non-profit organizations to auction off to help with their cause.

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Cheryl McCloud

Living my dream through art.

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Cheryl Roe

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Christina Hickman
I've been a beader for almost 20 years. I make costume jewelry for Renaissance Faires, focusing on the Elizabethan era. I am also inspired by the Art Nouveau and Art Deco eras. I'm getting more and more into using vintage components and recycled bits in my jewelry. I am currently obsessed with steampunk designs and bead embroidery

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Christine Hendrickson
I'm Christine and I've been working, collecting, and playing with beads for almost as long as I can remember.

As a teenager I began collecting beads and made my own jewelry. Over the years, my bead collection has grown...a lot! Then a couple of years ago I became interested in clay through my sister's pottery work. At first it was mostly throwing using a potter's wheel, and that has evolved into hand-building and, eventually, making my own clay beads. I've recently started experimenting with metal work and am looking forward to creating ways to combine it with my clay work.

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Cilla Watkins


I am so happy you found me~! I make jewellery or jewelery (if you are from the USA). Look around and stay awhile!


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Cindy Wilson
My life is filled to overflowing and most days I wouldn't change a thing! I have an amazing husband and daughter and we are all in this journey through life together. God has blessed me beyond what I can describe here, but if I had one wish right now it would be to have a spare room for just the business...It would be nice to have a dining room table just for meals again!

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Cindy Wimmer
Hi! I’m Cindy and I’m so glad you came by for a visit. I hope you enjoy reading the little stories and photos I share about life, my family, and creating jewelry. Please leave a comment and introduce yourself…I love hearing from each and everyone who visits.I’ve been making jewelry for almost five years now, and have found that it’s a fun-filled road to happiness. I am a Mom of four busy, highly imaginative boys. When I can sneak a spare moment, I’m off creating jewelry. I absolutely love working with wire…sterling silver, copper, and even stainless steel. I also love to work with art beads that are one-of-a-kind. Here are my top 3 favorite things about designing jewelry:

1. A jewelry project can be simple or very detailed, you decide. No matter what, when you’re finished you’ll have a little piece of art that you can actually wear!
2. The possibilities are endless… there so many styles and materials to try. I love learning new techniques and finding new challenges. My latest interest is working with metal and vintage finds.
3. Oh the people I have met! I have made some wonderful friends through our common love of jewelry. There are so many talented designers, suppliers, bead artists and teachers out there, all surprisingly willing to share their knowledge and passion.
4. Bead shopping!….alright it’s easy to get carried away…. I said I would only mention my top 3!

In case you’re wondering just how I came up with the name,sweet bead studio, I have my oldest son to thank. We were driving along in the car talking about my new jewelry shop that was in the works. What to name it…hmm…that’s when he called out, “How aboutSweet Beads?” I added “Studio” to it and my new shop was born! The brilliant little guy was only 5 at the time.

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Cory Celaya
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Cory Tompkins
I love being home with my family. I enjoy getting lost in a project, website, tv show, etc. I started this blog to showcase my handmade jewelry and other Artists beautiful handmade creations as well as to discuss life, love and passions.

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Cris Peacock
Hi! I am a California transplant, living on Maui. When I'm not paddle surfing or enjoying the water, my favorite thing to do is create something....paints, fabrics, clay, metal, paper, I love it all. Hope you find something interesting here that sparks you to create too. With Aloha....Cris

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Cynthia Deis
Shiny Little Things is a blog about mixed media crafts, jewelry making and the business of creating a family business. You can click on the tabs at the top of the page to visit the store online, see current classes, read the newsletter, watch craft videos or download free project ideas.
The real life store is located in Raleigh, North Carolina and you are invited to stop in and sit a spell.

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Cynthia Machata
I grew up making beaded jewelry and rediscovered my hobby after my kids were born. My inspiration comes from travel and exploration. I find ideas from culture, museums, friends and scouring the internet. I've lived all over (the Pacific Northwest, San Francisco, Manhattan and now New England) and traveled extensively (India, New Zealand, SE Asia, Mexico, Scandinavia, the Baltics, rural England, Spain, Paris ....) Each place is a new discovery for me. I love to check out the local colors, materials, textiles and beads! It inspires my designs. I would love to be able to quit my day job ... but until then, it is simply my weekend hobby.

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Cynthia Wainscott

As I reflect upon the exotic cultural richness of my home country of Peru I craft my jewelry based upon the vibrant people costumes, architecture, and childhood memories of my past. After many preliminary sketches I meticulously select only the most beautiful and unique materials that I import from Peru. I delight in working with Murano glass, Alpaca Silver, Sterling silver, shells, turquoise, water pearls, crystals, coconut, leather, ribbon, stones, butterflies and exotic seeds to create the perfect harmony in every design. In addition to my Peruvian materials I also incorporate brass pieces from the U.S. The variety of my materials allow me to explore different techniques, embossing hammering and painting metal, crocheting copper wire for a bracelet to twisting wire into different shapes for a necklace. All of these techniques combined with my unique materials coalesce into a modern, elegant, and nostalgic style of jewelry that is worthy of the name of my business, Exotic Peru.

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Dana Hickey
Hi there! I am a London, Arkansas based artisan, I am self taught, and have been making jewelry for as long as I can remember. While my style leans to casual elegant, the jewelry I craft is a fusion of styles and techniques. I never mass produce my work so each piece is unique. When not creating jewelry, I'm taking care of my wonderful family, managing the office aspects of our construction business, and working on the finishing details of our new home and studio that we built atop a hill in the beautiful Arkansas River Valley, where the breeze dances with the tree tops.

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Dana James
I have a couple of blogs that I started as a way to get my thoughts and ideas down if not on paper, which I would lose, then on the internet. I have so many varied interests that obviously more blogs were needed but have scaled down to the Dana's Jewelry Design blog, my new blog Basically ART and the Gem Tree blog which gets updated occasionally when I promote my book or have a new gem tree design. I have lived most of my life in Washington State in the great Pacific Northwest and am married to a wonderful and supportive husband. We have two dogs, Buddy and Leo, 3 children grown and 3 grandchildren. So, join me on my journey to find crafty, unusual, and various things to highlight your day.

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Dana Lang
This is a one woman operation, just having fun making cute and interesting things to make people smile. From beautiful one of a kind jewelry pieces to unique home decor items, Tumblestone has affordable gifts for all ages and occasions. Periodic flash sales and random giveaways happen here as well! This blog is about Tumblestones adventures in the world! If there is something you are looking for and cannot find it in my shop, (all pillows and sewn items for example) can be found on Tumblestone's facebook page (see tab on right side of page), or send me a message! I love to do custom orders as well!!

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Debbie Price
Part time maker of jewellery by hand, dreamer, oracle, evil genius...

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Denielle Hagerman

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Diane Valasek

Dragonfly Close is the name of my home. I'm a crafter and a gardener and I love using what I grow in my cooking. 

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Doris Stumpf
.. wie alles begann? Im Internet natürlich! Da habe ich zum ersten Mal entdeckt, dass man Glasperlen auch tatsächlich selbst herstellen kann - und seither verfolgt mich der Glasvirus auf Schritt und Tritt und mit ihm kam auch mein Glaszwerg Horst in mein Leben. Horst passt auf meine Perlen auf und trennt sich nur ungern von einer Perle aus seiner Schatzhöhle...
Ich freue mich, dass ihr mich durch mein Leben in der Glaswelt begleitet. Liebe Grüße Doris

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Dyanne Everett-Cantrell
I am a 48-year-old beadaholic. I am the mother of 3 children and the NaNa of 8 grandchildren. I am a substance abuse counselor by trade. I've been beading jewelry since November 2011.

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Elaine Robitaille


Yeah. That. I’m Elaine Robitaille. I currently live in Swift Current, a smallish town in southwest Saskatchewan, under the Big Sky of the Canadian Prairies. Before this I lived most of my life in Calgary, Alberta on the edge of the prairies and at the base of the Rockies. Our household consists of my partner in crime, an equally geeky but not so crafty guy, my tween sidekick (aka my daughter) and our mascot, Sam The Siamese Cat. And me.

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Eleanor Burian-Mohr

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Enikö Fabian
Amióta az eszemet tudom mindig volt hobbim. Hímezni a Dédim, horgolni a Nagyi, kötni Anyu tanított. A kézügyességet pedig Aputól örököltem. A kereszt szemes hímzés volt eddig a kedvenc, de rátaláltam a gyöngyökre és "belebetegedtem" :) Most már egy éve vagyok beteg. Remélem nem is gyógyulok ki belőle... fabian.eni73@gmail.com

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Erin Prais-Hintz

Imagine yourself doing what you love and loving what you do, Being happy from the inside out, Experiencing your dreams wide awake, Being creative, Being unique, Being you- changing things to the way you know they can be- Living the life you always imagined.

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Heather Davis

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Heidi Post

A creative weirdo. A 14-year old living in a rapidly aging body. Not as disciplined as I'd like to be. A super klutzy spaz. Completely obsessive - especially when it comes to new project ideas. I've been marching to my own drummer since I was born. That led to a lot of stares and being picked on when I was younger, but I'd rather stand out than be a sheep. Contrary. Strong. Dependable. And the best darn guacamole-maker alive.

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Hilary Frye

Artist, Designer, Instructor

B.A. Art Education, K-12

Iowa State University

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Ilenia Ruzza
Sono una mamma a tempo pieno e quando i miei piccoli di 6 e 8 anni sono a scuola divento un pò artista creando gioielli in ceramica dipinta o con le perline! Adoro anche cucinare...sopratutto biscotti e torte che spariscono in breve tempo... I live in Northen Italy, near Milan. I'm a full-time mom and a "creative-housewife"! When my 2 little sources of inspiration are at primiry school, i love create little jewelry using Swarovski, japanise delica beads. I like also painting ceramic in Scandinavian technique (using lustri and a paint with 12% of gold)!

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Inge von Roos

I am a speech language therapist, beadmaker, and jewelry maker. I also enjoy travelling, photography, hiking, collecting art and pottery, and reading.

I have been making beads for about 3 years.

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Jami Shipp
I love life, I get to love and be loved in the service of one another. I enjoy learning new things and sharing that information. I enjoy creating things out of reclaimed items, in so doing being a litlle gentler to the planet that hosts all of what I love. I have online shops and enjoy going to and working craft fairs and shows, some juried - others not, either way I get to mix and mingle and I feel like that's when I truly shine.

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Jayne Capps

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Jean A. Well

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Jean Yates

I am a well known jewelry designer and a columnist for Australian Beading magazine. Check out my jewelry book, Links. You may buy it simply by going directly to Amazon, or any top bookstore. I never stop thinking about what I am going to create next. TRUE truth. I keep my family life pretty much out of this arena, but I have a lot of children and two are autistic. Therefore, I occasionally write about autism, because it is a part of our lives, always. I am proud of my family. My husband Jim is extremely funny and incredible with the kids and I adore him. But back to the jewelry: I like color, and I like fine materials. I consider myself an investigator, as far as design, ideas, and materials. What do I mean by that? I mean that I like to study jewelry design, as if I were taking a course in school. That is my idea of FUN! Jean Yates, PJI. Private Jewelry Investigator. Back to life in general: I think a lot, about many things, and I love good movies and good books. I am willing to review on Amazon if something is particularly fine, in my opinion, and I will give good reasons why. Always, I go my own way. And I like it that way!

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Jennifer Cameron

Short version: Creates with fire, glass and metal.

Long version: Maybe I will write the longer version someday. However, if this isn’t good enough, you can learn more about me, my life, my work, my inspirations, my travels, my successes and failures by reading my blog at glassaddictions.com

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Jennifer Pottner

Many of you know me because you’ve bought gemstone beads from me over the last several years.  Or maybe you’ve bought some of my beautiful lampwork beads?  My name is Jennifer Pottner and I have been a gemstone bead seller for 10 years, a glass artist (SRA-P61) since 2008 and started working with polymer clay in 2012. I sell gemstone beads, my lampwork beads and jewelry on etsy at www.rockcandybeadstudio.etsy.com in addition to local gem/jewelry shows. My new blog, www.rockcandybeads.com, will let my customers know what’s new in my world of beads and things that I’m currently working on.

Creativity is very important to me and a way of life. I love experimenting with color and design! Working with glass and clay is pure bliss ! I’ve always worked with my hands and had a strong creative drive. Polymer clay is one of my new favorite mediums.   I can do so many things and more with itthat just cannot be done with glass. A lot of polymer clay artists move on to glass, but I’ve done kind of the reverse… Everything I do is self taught, although I’ve been taking advantage of some great tutorials on-line from other artists and there is so much information out there to learn.

I have a fabulous husband who lets me indulge in my creative passions and we have 3 great kids, 3 cats and a dog.

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Jennifer VanBenschoten
I was born in N.J. in 1974, and it took me 26 years to escape to the Adirondacks, where I currently make my home with my husband Tom and my dog Moose. Making glass beads and beaded jewelry has become my daily meditation. I love the rich history of human self-adornment, fashion and costume. I think the way you dress speaks volumes about who you are and what you do and why you do it all. I love ancient ethnic jewelry from all parts of the world, but particularly from England, Germany, India, and northern Africa.

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Jenny Davies-Reazor

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Jenny Vidberg
I blog about the jewelry I make. I make jewelry in my spare time when I am not working as a teacher or spend time with my family that consists of my fiance and our two daughters. If you are interested in buying a piece of jewelry you can e-mail me or visit my etsy-shop.
I den här bloggen visar jag smycken som jag tillverkat.
Jag tillverkar smycken på hobbybasis men om någon är intresserad av att köpa något smycke så kan ni självklart kontakta mig via min e-post eller besöka min etsy-butik.

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Jessica Dickens
Behind the jewelry designs and the displays and the pretty packaging lives me the creator. That is what I hope to explore with this blog. It will also be a visual blog sprinkled with my jewelry designs and my thoughts in between. I hope you will join me in my journey and better yet, find some inspiration here to start and share your own creativity<3

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Jessica Klaaren

I'm a mother of 2 boys and a wife to a fantastic man who loves me very much. I love to laugh, listen to music (or rather rock out to it), dance, sing, and in general I'm a fun loving kind of girl. I try not to take myself or others too seriously. I love art and am a jewelry designer. I have a Real Estate license and also valuate houses for banks from my home, which has allowed me to be a stay at home mom for the last 7 years. I'm into spirituality but not religion. I'm a progressive, modern hippy of a girl and believe in equal rights, love, and peace.

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JJ Jacobs

My name is Judy Jean Justine Jacobs (aka "JJ") and I live in Northern California. I'm in love with bright, vivid colors and use them freely in my abstract paintings, fused glass designs and lampworked beads. I'm striving to make my living as a full-time artist after recently leaving a life-long career in the real estate industry. Follow along as I document the journey from commercial real estate developer/broker/property manager to successful artist!

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Joan Williams

My name is Joan Williams and I'm a self taught jewelry designer and mixed media artist. I was born and raised in the Chicago area, and I now live in the Missouri Ozarks with my husband, son and jillions of beads - along with lots of ephemera and stuff that my packrat ancestors saved (and I'm so glad they did)!

My passion is creating jewelry that bears the patina of time and travel, using a blend of new components and found objects. I'm also crazy about antiques, horses, flowers, rusty hinges and chipped paint, so you never know what I might be inspired to talk about. I hope you'll stop by from time to time to see what I'm up to!
Visit my Etsy shop and my Facebook page, and to see additional photos on Flickr!

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Judith Johnston

I make lampwork beads by melting glass rods in the flame of a lampwork torch. I also make jewelry from my lampwork beads and sterling silver.

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Judy Riggs

Rigglettes is my creative outlet, the crazy, colorful, fun stuff that I have let out in small bursts of lunacy. It's what I do to stay sane, have fun, relax and enjoy myself. I'm busy meeting the most interesting people in the art world - I'm constantly amazed at the creativity of others. I'm hoping when I grow up I'll have half the creative genius of some of my fellow artists!

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Judy Turner
I've been creating something since I was 10 years old & drew murals for my elementary school. I love creating things that bring a smile to someone else. It's healing to the soul.

Find Judy here


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Julie Anne Leggett

My name is Julie Anne. I am a full time Mom, part time government contractor and lover of all things beautiful. I am passionate about God, my family and living a happy, balanced life. In my (very limited) spare time, I make pretty, shiny things and I am hoping to share them and my experience in making them with you. And by the way, I also cook, sew, scrapbook, read, dream, etc. You might find some of that stuff on this blog too.

Find Julie here


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K Hutchinson

Hi! I’m Kim…my friends call me K, Nan, Nan K or Kimmer.

I have been doing art for as long as I can remember. I even stayed an extra year in high school to stay and play in the art room with my favorite Art teacher, Mrs. Belling.

Mixed media is something I am really loving to play with but then I enjoy doing anything art related.

I am still search for my niche in art. Hopefully someday I will find it! Maybe it will find me!

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Karen Meador
I am a former classroom teacher and university professor who conducted educational training and wrote for teachers and parents of K-12 children. I also consulted with school districts in developing gifted education programs and preparing differentiated curriculum. My home is at Dreamcatcher Ranch in San Marcos, Texas.

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Karyn Bonfiglio
About Plus Size Bangles:
This website was born when one of my dear friends requested a custom bracelet that was 8 inches in length. She loved handmade jewelry, but was disappointed when she bought jewelry from other online sellers, shipped the piece all the way to Europe, and discovered it didn’t fit.
We realized that there was a real need for handmade, one of a kind bracelets, bangles and other jewelry in plus sizes. Each piece is hand crafted out of wire, beads, and other fun vintage or found items.

About the designer:
Karyn Lewis received a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Drawing from Colorado State University, where she also explored metalworking, painting, jewelry making and more. After several odd jobs, including working as an Arts & Entertainment reporter for a metro paper, Karyn quit her day job to become a full time freelance illustrator. Karyn lives in the Midwest with her journalist husband and young son.

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Katherine Gale
I appreciate art in every form and have been creative my entire life. When I meet a talented artist I am curious where they derive their passion. What drives them to do what they do? I want to share occasional musings about my creative process and how a jewelry design is born when so many ideas occupy the mind. My addiction for beads is never ending and I am constantly striving to learn more. This year I hope to improve at lampwork bead making and learn torch-fired enamels and a lot more about bead weaving....there is so much more to learn. Occasionally I like to talk about my five terrific grand kids or take pictures of things that catch my attention.

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Kathleen Lange Klik
I am a jewelry artist and photographer living in Virginia with my awesome computer geek husband and our glorious dog Twila. Inspired by nature and contemporary design, I enjoy creating jewelry that is fun and unique with unexpected elements.

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Katja Benevol Gabrijelcic
My name is Katja, but my friends call me Kitty. I started working with polymer clay in 2004 and it's still my first love when it comes to my artistic endeavours. I love making beads, focals, experimenting with new techniques ... my dream is to just sell beads, altough I make jewerly as well. But since I'm a full-time translator (from Italian and English into Slovenian, from Slovenian into Italian), this is still only my hobby. I also do mixed media (on paper, canvas, art journaling) and lately I've been trying to transfer the concepts into polymer clay.
I write my blog (slovoni.blogspot.com) together with my husband. We mostly write in English and Slovenian.
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Kelli Jacobson

Kelli, aka Creative Moon creates handcrafted treasures made with joy and love from seed, glass, wood, and natural stone beads

I love to make different styles of Jewelry, such as Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, and work with many varieties of beads such as Seed, Glass, Wood, Polymer Clay, and Natural Stones and Gemstones. I do Wire Wrapping, Knotting, and have been making my own Polymer Clay Beads.

I’ve mainly been two things my entire life:
1. Told that I “March to the beat of my own drum”. I’ve literally been told that since Elementary School – They wrote that on my report card!!! And boy do I ever. I’m a free spirit! =)
2. Creative. I remember when I was a kid, my Mom had a couple of those big craft books and I was constantly going for that book finding the next thing I could make. And my favorite and best subjects in high school? Art, Music, and Drama.

So, I am a Creative Free Spirit! I go with the flow and let the world take me where I need to be. Right now, and for the foreseeable future, it’s Jewelry Making! =) As I’ve grown older, I tend not to frit away from things as much. Point in case, I’ve run an Internet Radio Station now for the past 10 years. Albeit, not actively there for awhile, but it was still up and running and now I’m back to actively managing it again. What I’m trying to say is that while I may seem to flit around on the winds of my moods, there’s always some incarnation or another around. In Jewelry Making, that could end up with endless possibilities – teaching, different styles, making beads, etc…

So, how did I decide on Jewelry Making? Well, as I said, I’ve always been creative. I remember back in high school, and yes, we won’t mention how long ago that’s been, me and my friends used to make friendship bracelets – in fact, I still have them and some embroidery floss that wasn’t used up. In fact, one of my fondest memories is of us in Driver’s Ed… we’d be sitting there in class with the end of our floss safety pinned to our shoes or pants and we’d be sitting there making bracelets. And when we were in the car, they’d be pinned to the back of the headrest (when we were in the backseat). It’s really quite funny when I think back on it now. Don’t worry though, I turned out to be quite the excellent driver. Anyhoo… over the years I’ve dabbled in creative projects of one kind or another. Many years back, a friend of a friend was doing some jewelry work, and wanted someone of the same “spirit” to hang out with and it was suggested we get together. And I got on the jewelry making bug once again. The friendship petered out when I moved, but the bug never really left.

Recently, I spent a big chunk of time being unemployed. I was laid off and I didn’t have the right education or experience to find another job. At least until a couple of months ago. But, while I was unemployed and my prospects slim to none, I was getting desperate to figure out what I could do to help support my family, yet doing something I love. And then it hit me… I had a dream one night that I could make jewelry and sell it. It wouldn’t be another internet marketing gimmick, it would be an actual tangible product, made by me, that I would sell directly to the consumer, all on my own terms, no one telling me what or how to do it. And so the idea blossomed from there. I started learning more and more about beading and stringing and wire work and polymer clay bead making, and knotting, and oh can you see where this is going? LOL I just keep learning more and more. And perfecting everything as I go along. If I’ve had a rough day, all I need to do is sit down and create something and it peps me right back up. So, what’s thereaputic to me, is a beauty for you, in the way of a a beautifully handcrafted piece of jewelry.

I guess you can also see that I like to write. I can be quite verbose at times. I always like to give a back story to pieces that I make. I’m not a mass producer, I’m a “hey this mood hit, and I feel compelled to make this and there’s usually a reason behind it” kinda gal. My pieces usually have a story. I’m glad I get to share my stories and my creative passion with everyone. It means a great deal to me. I hope you enjoy the pieces I make and the stories I share. If you have a story, and want me to create a piece based around it, let me know, I’m always up for doing custom work. In fact, I love it! =)

Thanks for stopping by, and if you’ve managed to read your way through this, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! You are wonderful and greatly appreciated! Oh, and SMILE!!! Someone always loves you! =)

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Kelly Ramstack
I love spending time outdoors visiting National Parks, hiking, backpacking, canoeing little rivers, fishing, snowshoeing, rock climbing, gardening, taking photos, walking my dog, and going to farm auctions. I love searching for bargains at thrift shops and rummage sales and enjoy knitting and reading. I crave a more simple life. I currently work at a computer all day as a desktop publisher. I don't like talking on the phone or texting and watch very little TV. I cook from scratch - mostly vegetarian meals but I'm not a vegetarian. I got married in August 2010 to my best friend. I sold my house in the city and moved to his place in the country. It's different living out in the middle of nowhere, but I like it.

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Keri Lee Sereika

I began stamping and papercrafting in Feb 2003 and haven't looked back....except to say, "What did I ever do with out this hobby?" :) It is interesting to me how this hobby has now turned into a "career" of sorts...and I love it!!!
I also dabble in photography and would really like to get that business up and off the ground. But I think I have to wait a little while until the kiddos get a bit bigger! LOL
I have been on design teams, manufacturer's design teams, written and designed for magazines, contributed to a few books and been published on a regular basis but nothing has been as fulfilling to me as being a wife and mom and good friend to those The Lord has placed in my life!

Thanks for stopping by to say HI~

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Kim Ballor
Currently I feel very blessed to have a huge pool of knowledge about products and techniques and am looking for ways to pass that on to other people who love to create. While I still have to work to make a living, I feel like my real purpose is to use the skills God has given me to give back. I work with a handful of ministries, all of which have something to do with art. I have learned how to fund-raise to support projects big and small. And I would like to encourage artists and crafters to use what they can do to help or serve others who need encouragement. After all, isn't art meant to be shared?

My life is part work, part learning, part creating, and part sharing all of it.

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Kim Bender-Hora
Coming to you from rural Iowa. Many years ago I started crafting and have never stopped wanting to see what's out there next to learn! My husband and I love to travel the roads looking for the "trash" we turn into treasures. Our home is shared part time with his son and daughter and full time by our furry friends(my best helpers). Hope you enjoy the creations and a few stories about our lives

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Kirsi Luostarinen
dkl, design kirsi luo

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Laura Demoya
I am a self taught designer and have been making jewelry for a few years. I am a physician and bead mainly at night if my 2 beautiful toddler girls actually let me! My favorite materials are gemstones, turquoise, silk and sterling silver.

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Laurie Hanna
I am a Jewelry Artist who makes Artisan Crafted Jewelry. I use semi-precious stones and freshwater pearls and lampwork beads.

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Leah Curtis
I started dabbling in jewellery making when I was a teenager. I shelved my hobby, started University, and forgot about it. Through the inspiring work of a few jewellery artists, I started back at it in 2009. I'm a beginner, believe me! I love to try all areas of jewellery making, but polymer clay and wirework are my main passions.

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Lesley Watt
Funny, caring, loyal, reasonably smart, sometimes stroppy, occassionally neurotic but mostly very positive. Have got to the point where life's too short so the plan is to stop doing things i don't enjoy and do more of the things I do.

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Linda Inhelder

I am a jewelry designer working with PMC,sterling silver and gemstones.

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Linda Landig

I have been designing jewelry on and off for over 30 years. I started out by taking some metal smithing classes and learned the basics of forging metal from a local silversmith. I eventually set up a small studio in my home. I worked with metals for about 10 years, but it never was quite the right “fit for me”.

All along I was collecting beads, but I had no real plans for using them. In Spring of 1995, I bought some lovely faceted fluorite and made a purple, green and topaz colored necklace for my mother-in-law. In designing this necklace, I discovered what had been missing for me: the richness of color!

With high quality beaded jewelry I could combine my love of color with my passion for jewelry design. In time, I discovered the world of art beads: from luscious colored lampwork beads to rustic ceramic work and textured metal clays! Currently, much of my work incorporates art beads as the focal point or accents.

My jewelry has been in local galleries, shops and juried shows since 1998. I often do custom work, as well. In the summer of 2009 I set up an online shop. In July of 2010, I added Linda’s Bead Blog & Meanderings to my online presence.

I hope you will enjoy my musings and join in on the conversation.

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Lisa Liddy
Welcome to my other world! The world of beautiful, handcrafted jewelry and metal components…all made by me. I started making jewelry on a whim and found it to be relaxing…my own Zen gardening, pushing beads around until they come together in that perfect combination. I’ve been making jewelry for several years and selling it through friends, family, home parties, and the occasional show.
In March, 2011 I launched Metal Me This! where I sell a vast array of etched and textured metal components (brass, copper, and nickel) like beadcaps and etched sheets for mixed media designs and jewelry…all created by me in my Phoenix studio. Color is a recent addition to the mix and I’m thrilled with the response! “Color Me This” is launching in July/August 2012 as I begin selling my custom-blended patinas for metal and other surfaces.
It started with my Joolz by Lisa line…one-of-a-kind creations made with handcrafted, artisan glass lampwork beads. I usually know the artists personally or by reputation and count many of them as close friends (though often miles and oceans separate us). I love combining these glass treasures with various shades and shapes of freshwater pearls and sterling silver beads, as well as semi-precious stones, vintage glass, and Swarovski crystals. Early on I knew that to differentiate myself from the thousands of other jewelry sources, I needed to reach a little farther in my designs and I hope that comes through as you look at what I have to offer.
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Lori Dorrington
Hello! my name is Lori Dorrington and I am an artist and jewelry designer living in Atlanta, GA. I share my studio space with my wonderful husband Chuck and a fluffy cat named Beau. I love to travel and enjoy sleeping under the stars whenever we can get away to camp. Someday we hope to move to a cabin in the woods of North Carolina. Until then we are happy with our exciting life in the city.

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Lori will post when she is well.Thanks for understanding




Lori Poppe
My name is Lori Jean Poppe (nickname lorilllijean) and I live in rural Wisconsin with my husband Allen and 3 of our 4 children. My husband and I own a farm just out of Bear Creek were we raise Holstein heifers and feeder steers. We also have 2 beautiful horses, 2 wonderful dogs, 1 inside cat and many barn cats . In my opinion country living is by far the nicest way to raise a family and creativity too. With that being said I would like to share my creative side.

For the past 12 yrs now I have been designing and making jewelry out of my home. I have a small studio set up in what used to be my office and that is were I spend my time creating jewelry for family, friends and charities. Most of my work includes silver, copper, lampwork & glass beads, crystal, natural stones and now Metal Clay. My techniques include wire wrapping, metal work, fused glass, metal clay and mixed media. At present I am studying to be Jewelry Designer & Repair Technician through Penn Foster and read everything I can that has to do with designing and creating jewelry. I also plan to set up classes for the medias I of have learned and teach these wonderful forms of art.

I hope that you will enjoy all of our Adventures in Creativity and please share any tips, techniques, ideas and thoughts along the way.

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Mallory Hoffman
I've always been interested in crafts and crafting. For a while, I crocheted until my fingers and arms ached from the work. Macrame came next. I made some very elaborate pieces that might be around today. I used to quilt. I can't tell you how many UFO's I still have in my house from my quilting days. Since I found glass, my sewing machine has gathered dust. That was a bit over 4 years ago. I think I'm stuck now for good.

Today, I'm into melting glass to make glass beads. I love bright and beautiful colors. I love modern art. My beads reflect this. It's hard for me to make a traditional bead. I love to change the shape of beads. I love to cut the beads. I love to mix colors that normally don't go together. I love to dot beads. I love to make plunged dots. I love to experiment and play. Some people call it bead making. I simply call it therapy.

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Marge Beebe

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Marianna Boylan

I'm a mom,artist, designer, glass bead maker, vintage lover, knitter, painter, writer and bookworm who loves to sew, decorate, work on home improvement projects, play board games, take lot's of pictures, scrapbook, shop, spend time with family and friends and blog about what I'm working on or whatever is on my mind. For more info about me and my work be sure to visit my website. Thanks again for stopping by!

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Marion Simmons
I’ve wanted to be an artist ever since I can remember. I grew up in northern New Jersey, received my degree in Graphic Design & Illustration from the Ridgewood School of Art & Design, and worked as a graphic artist until the birth of our first daughter.
While our daughters were growing up, I nourished my creative cravings with various endeavors such as magazine illustration, crafting, a scrapbooking business and teaching art at our local homeschool association.
After our family moved to Colorado in 2005, I began exhibiting my paintings at a local art gallery; my paintings have been featured in several Colorado artists’ guild exhibitions. In 2008, I was introduced to a local non-profit organization, The Wings Center, which serves adults with special needs. They were looking for someone to do art with their participants; I volunteered to help and soon became an art teacher to adults with special needs. I had no idea what to expect, but have been pleasantly surprised at the joy I receive through my time with them.
I have been making jewelry since I was in high school. I was making feather jewelry and wearing it in my hair 30 years ago; I knew I was cool but no one else had caught on yet! Four years ago my passion for jewelry making was reignited when my oldest daughter was got married. When we couldn’t find the bridesmaids’ jewelry we wanted at a price we liked, we decided to make it ourselves. A friend told me about this website called Etsy, once I checked it out and I was off and running.
Since starting up my Etsy site, my jewelry has evolved into what I now call "Modern Vintage." I’ve discovered & utilized verdigris patina, antique brass findings, wire wrapping, and etching my own designs.
My passion for treasure hunting has grown and so has my skill level. I'm discovering new techniques everyday. My style and my compulsively creative mind, hopefully, will continue to evolve and learn more about jewelry making for many moons to come. 
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Marla Gibson

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Marta Weaver
I'm blessed and thankful to be a Christian, married to Greg my Knight in Shining Armor,and mother of 8 wonderful children. Three are grown, the rest are ages 5 to 16, all adopted. I enjoy homeschooling and try to squeeze in jewelry design time between lessons,laundry and cooking etc. Creating beautiful jewelry is a way for me to nurture and rejuvenate my spirit. When I step into my studio I am able to design pieces from my heart and that is where my creations are born. Each one of my pieces tell a story, a story I could only in vision because of my life story.

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Marti Conrad

WV, United States

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Maryse Fritzsch-Thillens
Jewelry and rosary designer, lampworker since 2003 and loving it more each day

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Melanie Brooks

The Earthenwood Studio experience started somewhere during the end of my college career, when I decided to combine my love of ceramics and jewelry making and become a porcelain bead maker. While I have dabbled in other materials and other forms of ceramic work over the years, porcelain beads as an art form has remained the consistent focus of my artworks and career.

Over the years, I have designed and sold my handcrafted ceramic jewelry, beading components,and ceramic gift tiles at art fairs, galleries, bead stores, and bead trade shows all over the country. I designed and run my website www.earthenwoodstudio.com, and sell my ceramics from two different Etsy sites.

I have blogged regularly for many years, often offering an interesting glimpse into my creative process and studio life. I have designed jewelry for project articles for magazines and books, working frequently with Interweave Press (Stringing, Beadwork, Step by Step, and Creative Jewelry magazines). I have also designed projects for Simply Beads and Bead Unique magazines. My designs have also been featured in several books, including Steampunk Style by Jean Campbell, Chain Style by Jane Dickerson, and Four Seasons of Beading by Barb Switzer. I hope to write more articles in the future, and someday perhaps even write my own book.

In early 2008, I wrote a series of blog posts called Steam Week, which chronicled my studies into the genre of Steampunk and detailed a series of charm designs that I created during the blog series. Steam Week led to me writing an article for Beadwork Magazine and more steampunk related articles.

I have taught many classes over the years, and while in college, I organized and taught a series of beading classes for a local bead store. In winter of 2010, I will be teaching three workshops on brass filigree wrapped ceramic pendants on a Bead Cruise. I am open to the idea of future teaching opportunities, particularly in the areas of basic beading and wireworking.

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Michelle Hardy
I am married to a wonderful man, and have 5 rambuctious boys. I am employed full time outside of the home and am pursuing my MBA. In my "spare" time, I love to design and create one of a kind jewelry.

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Mikala Coates

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Mowse Doyle
Always the dreamer ! Artistic at an early age. Vivid imagination. Mixed media artist who loves to combine the various textures and colors of the items I come across in my daily life. Have taught many crafts and techniques. Avid reader with a curious mind. My favorite materials are paints & ink, textiles, polymer clay, wood & bamboo, and food ( I love to cook as well). I am an organic gardener and animal lover also.

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Nan Emmett
You haven't really had a bad day until a monkey steals your lunch. ~Khambrel Marshall

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Nancy Boylan
I have always enjoyed creating and have worked with many different materials. I have quilted, painted, cross stitched, and punch needled, to name a few. I have made jewelry for friends and family for more than ten years. In the last few years I have been lamp working and working with wire. I enjoy all of it. I hope to keep on learning new things and expand my skills. I want to do it all!

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Nancy Peterson

I have a wonderful dear husband who blesses my life and two dear boys.

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Nicole Rennell
These things are so hard to write . . .

Well, I’m Nicole. My day time job is pretty exhausting, but in my free time I make jewelry from polymer clay, metal, hardware, and whatever else I have on hand. Nothing I make is free of cat hair, thanks to my three helpers. There is also some occasional blood mixed in, as I’m quite clumsy with a clay blade. My nails are constantly blue from ink, and I swear the clay residue on them will be there forever. But, I love making something from nothing. And, I really really love having jewelry that no one else has.

Most of what I make is designed for my own use, but I’m hoping to start an Etsy or Artfire shop in the near future. If you like what you see and want a custom piece, I can do that too.

That’s all I can think of at the moment, but if there is anything else you want to know, feel free to ask.
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Niki Meiners
Freelance Artist, and Writer, Niki Meiners of North Carolina realized after a paralyzing illness she wanted to reconsider her career as a National Sales Manager. Her thoughts immediately turned to her first passion, art. In 2003 she began an odyssey that would take her from product design to publication and everywhere in between. She is known for her distinctive, high quality creations that feature a diverse mix of styles and highly creative approach to even the smallest detail. Her creations are simultaneously beautiful and functional. Her in depth knowledge of the industry allows her to produce projects with a specific understanding of both the consumers and the manufacturers. Her work has been featured in the industries leading publications and manufacturers’ websites and it can be viewed at nikimeiners.wordpress.com and on Examiner.com as the Wilmington, NC Arts and Crafts Examiner.

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Niky Sayers

Hello my name is Niky and welcome to my blog. I'm happiest when in the chaos that is creation. I enjoy making jewellery mostly but will give any thing a try! Things I love..... Fleur (my very best friend), sparkly stones (opals and tanzanite), silver, and glass (lampwork and Lalique). Feel free to have a poke around and leave a message.

PS spelling not my strong point, never was, never will be, but with the help of spell checker you might be able to read it. Forgive me if one or two (three, four or more...) get through!!!
Oh and have a lovely day!!!

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Norma Turvey

You've successfully slain the dragon! How will you toast your marshmallows?

I wouldn't slay the dragon, I would rather befriend him and maybe share my marshmallows with him if he would toast them first!

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Paige Maxim
I'm Paige, a 28 year old jewelry designer from Maine. I am inspired by many things, including nature, color, art, art beads, and other artists & designers. I create jewelry & gift items using a variety of material & techniques. I use mostly basic stringing and simple wirework, but love learning and using any technique I can. I also love using art beads, vintage lucite, gemstones, and Czech class in my work. I hope you will gain a better understanding of who I am, what I do, and how I do it, and maybe even be inspired!

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Pamela Gangler

Namaste' I am a licensed massage therapist,acupuncture college student, artist, lover of life and animals, huge bookworm and yogini. I also am addicted to beads. It might be unhealthy, really, lol. I am totally obsessed.

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Patricia Johnson
I live in Southeastern Wisconsin, I’m 40 something, been with my best friend and husband for 22 years, we have two wonderful daughters.
For as long as I can remember I have always been interested in art and have had a love for bright colors. My mother was a wonderful artist herself and did whatever she could to encourage me.
My journey into glass began in the summer of 84’. I was on a day trip just checking out neighboring towns, when I stumbled across a stained glass shop. I watched the woman work and we talked for over an hour. Well, what can I say? I left the shop that day with tools, glass, and a beginners book. I have been working with glass in some form or another ever since.
I worked with stained glass for several years. Then for Christmas of 98’ my husband gave me a kiln, I was hooked and have been fusing ever since.
I started selling shortly after that completely by accident. I had a few friends who wanted a pendant after seeing mine, then their friends wanted one for themselves, and it just kept going from there.
In the last few years I have been learning lampworking, and metalworking.

In my shop you will find wire wrapped jewelry, fused glass cabochons, lampwork glass beads, and recycled supplies..

I also offer a very special memorial pendant called “ Memory Stones” where crematory ashes of loved ones or pets are fused between layers of dichroic glass and wrapped in sterling or 14k gf wire.

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Patti Vanderbloemen

Hello and thank you for visiting my blog! I live in Northern Virginia and am addicted to many things, including jewlery design, cooking, crocheting, crafting, etc., hence the name of my blog. I hope to update this blog with the trials and tribulations I encounter while living through life's addictions! Thanks for stopping by!

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Perri Jackson
I've been creating some kind of fine and intricate handwork since the age of 5. AKA – A Long Time. I'm an absolute fool for wire, beads, thread, yarn, embroidery floss, wire, fabric, beads, wire, and paper (oooh! origami!!) and oh, did I mention wire?

Once I start creating – I swear my feet don't touch the ground. Time doesn't matter. It's like paradise, only I don't need to search for it – it lives inside. I consider myself incredibly blessed to have it and to be able to share it.

I write tutorials and jewelry magazine articles – my work has been featured in Bead&Button's Wire 2011 and Wire Spring 2012 issues,and in Beadwork Magazine, I've had the great fortune to have been chosen as a finalist and placed in Bead&Button's Bead Dreams competition several times.

All anybody in the world needs is love, sunshine, a beach to sit on, sparkly baubles to fondle and mu shu chicken. That's it.

And as soon as I figure out how to combine baubles and mu shu successfully, you'll be the second one to know…… :^)

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Raida Disbrow

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Renetha Stanziano

I love my family, all types of art and I am seriously addicted to beads. I also like to make dolls from time to time.

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Shannon Hicks

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Shannon LeVart
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Sharon Driscoll

I am a quirky, happy, creative, solution oriented, procrastinator. And, I don't just love art - I'm immersed in it. Metal, Glass, Ceramics, Fiber, Paint, Printmaking, and the list goes on and on...

I've been lampworking since 1994-95 when I couldn't find the right beads to go with a jewelry piece I was making. Creating jewelry has been a passion since college and I've been doing this for over thirty years.

From my doorway here in Michigan I can see deer, turkey, an occasional bear, a variety of other wildlife, and forest. This includes two golden retrievers, an extremely snotty chihuahua, and a very nice husband.


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Shelby Foxwell

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Shelley Graham Turner

I am a craft nut! I move from craft to craft, never working at it too long before moving on to the next (that's the NUT part!) Visit my Etsy shop at http://www.torisophia.etsy.com

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Sherri Stokey

I love making stuff:) Whether it's cooking up something interesting in the kitchen or working on something else handmade, I'm all about giving it a shot:) I've done stained glass, decorated cakes, made cross stitch wall hangings and poured my own candles. I've restored old photos, researched my family's genealogy and printed books putting both together. You name it, I've probably tried it (with differing levels of success). Right now, I'm all about designing and making MicroMacrame jewelry. It takes the old macrame techniques to a whole new level - this ain't your momma's macrame:)

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Shirley Moore

God has helped me to find my creative voice through beadweaving. I love my husband, homeschool my kids, and love to talk! I make bread, read books, and thank God for all the rich blessings in my life.

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Skylar Bre'z

Hi! I'm a History student with an advanced degree in Women's Studies. I love teaching. In my spare time, I also make jewelry.

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Stacie Florer

After graduating from college with a degree in Technical Writing, Stacie and her husband left Arkansas for Oregon. A friend in Washington state introduced her to beads, which in turn, led her to metalsmithing. Stacie has traveled extensively with her husband around the United States and Asia, honing her design and metalsmith skills. While living in Singapore, the artist Chankerk taught her how to really 'see' shape and form. Back in the States, she had a metalsmith studio in downtown Chattanooga for two years, leaving again with her husband on an adventure filled year and half long tour of the United States in 2009. On this last trip, she studied wax carving and lapidary skills in Black Mountain, NC with noted jeweler John Beirle; mined for quartz crystals in Hot Springs, Arkansas; was a featured artist at the Arkansas State Capital for a month; discovered a lapidary artist in Taos, NM whom she uses his stonework exclusively in her designs; collaborated with noted Porcelain artist Katie Swenson in Eugene, OR for her show, “Poems in Clay”, and is currently working from her home studio in East Tennessee.

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Stacie Stamper

I am a transplanted city girl, trying to figure out how to survive in the country. I am married to my best friend, Mike and have the cutest dog ever, Scarlett. I miss the people, places and things that I had access to in the city, but have met some great folks out here to help me pass the time. Check back often to find out what's going on, what I am working on, and just take in my random thoughts on life.

P.S. - I apologize if the blog title finds you with an uncontrollable urge to hum the theme song from Green Acres, but what can I say--"Dah-ling, I love you, but give me Park Avenue.

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Stacy Alderson

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Stephanie Haussler

I am a jewelry designer and bead addict! I make beaded jewelry that is fun, wearable art. My very talented husband, Chris, makes handmade lampwork glass beads, buttons, marbles and jewelry also.

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Stephanie Stamper

I am a wife and a mother of three.I have a desire to buy beads. I tend to make a little jewelry, but mainly buy beads to horde

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Sue Hamel

I am Suz, with a passion for crafts and everything fun and beautiful. I live in the Sunny Southeast with my hubby and my kitties. I have been crafting forever or it feels like it. I am addicted to rubber stamping, pretty papers, ribbons.

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Suzette Bentley

Suzette Bentley is a self-taught jewelry designer and is the inspiration behind Ellie’s Bijoux, an online jewelry gallery. Her creations have received rave reviews, and has recently been published in Bead Trends, Bead Style and Stringing magazines. She lives in Waxhaw, North Carolina, a quaint little town just south of Charlotte with her husband Scott, their daughter Isabella and Ellie, the little family dog. Ellie is a small black and white Papillion who tips the scales at 9 pounds. She is very elegant in nature and has an exuberant personality.

Suzette designs and creates each piece of jewelry in her home studio. All of her designs are one-of-a-kind and made from quality stones to create truly unique masterpieces. Some of her favorite materials to work with are chains, charms, crystals, enamels, semiprecious and precious gemstones, glass, metals, and pearls.

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Magpie Gemstones is a small family owned business in the Hill Country of Central Texas. We have been buying and selling beads for over a decade and making jewelry for over two.Szarka is the owner and is supported by Kateri who pulls your orders and does the gem shows.

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Tammy Jones

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Tania Tebbit

I am a lampwork bead artist,jewellery designer & teacher. I have just found some new loves with Zentangle & Mosaics. I will often try to fit in a bit of crochet, when it is too cold to head to the studio. I live in the beautiful Brisbane Valley Region of Queensland Australia. Owner of Jet - Beaded Creations of Distinction and Founder of Artisan Beaders of Australia.

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Tanty Sri Hartanti

Welcome to my blog "TJewellicious"...
visit my online shop at my account Facebook :
www.facebook.com/tjewellicious (Tanty Sri Hartanti).
Thanks for visiting... ^_^

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Terry Matuszyk

In 2006, I transitioned my hobby and love of collecting vintage jewelry into a home based business. I sell vintage costume jewelry at antique shows and flea markets as well as online at Pink Chapeau Vintage Jewelry and Ebay. In 2009, after much cajoling and convincing by my husband, I decided to try my hand at making jewelry. I am constantly trying to learn new techniques, and experiment with new materials. I have found many creative jewelry friends on line who have inspired me and helped me along the way. I have recently started to sell my artisan items on Etsy. It has been extremely rewarding for me to be welcomed as a member of the online jewelry community.

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Tina Bosh

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Tracy Bell

I live in Battle Creek, Michigan for the past 2 years and am originally from Kalamazoo. Being born to a very crafty family I have been exposed to do-it-yourself projects all my life, I grew up with both of my grandma's sewing, one knitting and one big into crochet. My dad has always worked with wood, the first project I ever remember him building was a pickup camper that no one but him was sure it was going to make it out of the garage.

My love of beads started with my first tubes of beads given to me at the age of 8 by my mother. I know they were to keep me quiet while she worked and they sure did their job. With a little stretch cord I created several little patterned necklaces for myself and a few for my dolls.

At the age of 12 we took a trip to the Corning factory and I fell in love with glass. I could have watched the guys make marbles all day. At that time you could tour the whole REAL factory and it was amazing to see how they made all the tableware.

Last year I decided to quit my job and go into making jewelry full time and it has been an amazing year. I am so thrilled that sales have been great and the shows have been much easier than I ever thought they would be.

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Vonna Maslanka

You forgot your mom's birthday! What can you make out of super glue and olive pits?

Make a bracelet. What were they thinking when they asked me this question?

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