A collaboration of creative women

Elegant Handmade Beaded Jewelry & Accessories

Pieces are stitched, strung and wire wrapped by hand. The collection features original patterns and one of a kind items. My work can be seen in my gallery.

You can purchase items through my online shop at ArtFire. Visit my restringing page to learn about getting your necklace or bracelet repaired.

Specializing in Handmade Clothing, Knitted Pieces, and Handspun Yarn

All of the dresses I make are one of a kind, made from re-purposed and vintage materials. I believe in giving beautiful, old things new life and greater purpose.  What better way than custom clothes for little girls? 
Vintage fabric is used in the apparel, which features children's clothing. The collection uses designer patterns, which are lovingly made individually on my own machine.

Here are some of my current offerings. Check out my Etsy page for all of my pieces!

 Yellow tweed Knit wrap with custom cuff Fuzzy ears scarf with hoodie (scoodie) Polka dot perfection dress
 Patriotic Summer DressBrown tweed Knit wrap with custom cuff Sweet Summer Baby
 Mercury on Fire Green Meanie Kitchen Sink