BE Active

Sports Based Bereavement Support Group

BE Active is a sports based youth bereavement/support group for children and teens who have experienced the death of a significant person, like that of a parent or sibling. The group meets once a month at various location to participate in a recreational game or activity which varies each month.


The purpose of the BE Active group is to introduce kids to other kids going through similar grief as themselves, as well as place kids in an environment where their loss is not the focus, just a common factor with other peers Our hope is that the kids can connect and be able to help each other. There is no other program such as this and nothing similar in our area.


In coming to the BE Active group, kids will: meet other kids who have experienced similar losses, be placed in a healthy and positive environment where talking about death is not forced, and most importantly have fun playing a wide variety of sports and games.  The group is kid centric, but parents are welcome.

Families can sign up on this website or through the BE Active Facebook Closed Group. Request access at this link: For more information, please contact