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Best Home Decorating Stores

best home decorating stores
    home decorating
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  • A quantity or supply of something kept for use as needed
  • (store) keep or lay aside for future use; "store grain for the winter"; "The bear stores fat for the period of hibernation when he doesn't eat"
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at the turf...
at the turf...
first photobooth of 2009. i hope to do a lot more of these this year... we took this strip at the turf club in st. paul last weekend while we were seeing our friend's band (the blind shake) play their big new year's show. it was super fun. i usually don't love their music (even though i love them!) because it's super loud and they usually don't get on stage until after midnight. but i decided to go this time and i was so glad i did. it was a great show. the show was preceded by a somewhat awkward party at the house of one of jared's bandmates. that was mainly awkward because they had about 5 dozen wings there and didn't seem to know that jared was vegan. it was fine though, we weren't hungry. also, jared had sent me into the liquor store on the way over there to grab a six pack and i happened to grab something that he basically hates. oops. then we were stuck in a super smoky basement where there was a porn mag in the bathroom that was lamely hidden under a couple of home decorating magazines. not to mention jared's bandmates' girlfriend's friend (i know) who kept picking up her shirt and flashing everyone and taking photos of it. um, yeah. after we left the party, we were pretty hungry (because of the lack of us eating wings) and somehow the only place that was open around university and snelling at 10:30pm on a saturday night was...taco bell. but the dining room closes at 10, which we found out after we parked the car and walked up to the door. then we had to get back in the car, unpark it, pull up to the drivethru and order two veggie chalupas and two vegan tacos. we hadn't eaten taco bell since our road trip to mn from ca over two years ago. there's a reason why. we also learned that they don't take walk-ups at the drivethru so basically they're closed to anyone who doesn't have a car after 10pm. this seems unfair to me. but anyways, it was a good show. [wow, was that a long story in which nothing too exciting happened? oh well, it seemed necessary to share the rest of the story]
Good Bye Pink Bathroom
Good Bye Pink Bathroom
We embarked on the complete remodel of our bathroom in the Winter of 2007. My husband was planning a little surprise on me, and discussing with his buddy the make over of the master bathroom. We have lived in this house since 1986, and endured this awful bathroom with its pink and apricot trim. I always tried to make the most of the situation by decorating with the color instead of against the color. My husband came home and asked, how would you like to start on the bathroom? I said, WHAT? YES, of course. My wish finally came true, with the announcement I longed for, let's get this thing done now, and stop waiting for the right time to do it. And so we began the most challenging project of our home. I had two weeks time to do all of the shopping and planning before the construction would begin. We wanted to get this project finished in time for our annual St. Patrick's Day party that we have in our home. We had six weeks to complete the project. All went well except for a major snafu by our local big box home improvement store ordered the incorrect cabinet countertop. We had to switch to Plan B, and a few phone calls were made, and we found a gorgeous remnant of granite at a supplier in Wixom, (that was less expensive than Corian), and had the new top within a week's time. We didn't have a top at St. Patrick's Day, but everyone was just as pleased with the dry sink concept and made the most of the inconvenice. I scrambled, studied, measured, shopped and shopped and shopped, put a lot of miles on my van, and finally found the various parts for the look that I wanted. I am so pleased with how everything came together. My builder (my husband's best buddy) was terrific and we got it done and finished in six weeks time.

best home decorating stores
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