Our Mission      

 Attacking Childhood Hunger! 

Our goal is to ensure that NO child in Cedar Springs goes to bed hungry. Childhood hunger hurts us all. Hunger erodes health, undermines our community's future and robs children of their potential to achieve. To break the cycle of hunger, Beach's Picnic Basket (BPB) is committed to providing good tasting, healthy, cost effective sack dinners to children that are nutritionally at risk.


Join us in our attack on childhood hunger!

Please consider:
  • Volunteering your time
  • Donating an item from our wish list
  • Making a cash donation

The Pain of Hunger
    Children that do not receive adequate nutrition show the following symptoms:
     * Below average weight and height
     * Pale complexion
     * Dark circles under eyes
     * Fatigue
     * Trouble paying attention 
     * Behavior problems
     * Poor grades and attendance

Together we can quiet the pain of hunger!