Photo Cake Australia

photo cake australia
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Photo 39/52 - Happy 1st Birthday
Photo 39/52 - Happy 1st Birthday
Photo 39/52 - Week 39, 2011. How time flies, Liam is one today! We celebrated his birthday over the weekend with family and friends, and boy did we have a massive gathering! I swear my place stretched a bit at the seams to accommodate some 80 adults and kids. It was hectic to say the least but I think everyone had a good time. I would like to thank Liam's grandparents for all their help over the past year, it made all the difference for us. And many thanks to the neighbours and friends who have been an immense help not just for the party but keeping us sane when the going got tough. My wife and I designed this cake together. We wanted something different and very special. A very talented friend of my badminton vice-captain made this incredibly detailed cake for us. The face of the malamute is 3D, and his mouth is holding the strings to Liam's name. There are a few figurines on the side of the cake, icing sugar balls and cubes. Cake itself was a moist chocolate cake and was absolutely delicious!
Christmas Cake - Buttercream
Christmas Cake - Buttercream
This is my final cake for my Beginners Buttercream class. We had to do a moulded cake (ie Wilton) and follow the directions. I decided to do a christmas one so I could freeze it and use it later for Kindy. My instructions were minimal and the pic I had to follow extremely tiny, despite that, I am quite pleased with the result. The teacher Sherrie did the twisted candy cane on the door, as you can see one is better than the other but still effective. It was quite an interesting cake to make as it used more techniques than just the basic star to cover the cake. The other cakes from the class were all pox, sorry Sherrie, and I didn't even bother to take photos, but I did pick up some tricks which will make decorating a little easier and more efficient.

photo cake australia