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holiday photo folders
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holiday photo folders - HOLIDAY TREE
This HOLIDAY TREE FOLDER WHITE is our most budget-friendly 4x6 photo frame for the holidays. Its surface is glossy and smooth on the outside, and smooth and non-laminated on the inside cover. There is no text on the inside. Easily slip in the photo from the bottom opening, and you have a neat one-piece package. For the 4x6 size, the photo matting (layer with the photo opening) is glued on the top. So you can load the photo from the bottom. The bottom of this matting is not glued. A precut slit exists on the bottom of the photo area to further secure the photo. The front cover of this holiday folder is always available for text imprinting for all sizes.
Will be discontinued soon! After this season, we may no longer have these folders. So get them while they are still available!

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Santa Cristina Beach / Platja de Santa Cristina (I)
Santa Cristina Beach / Platja de Santa Cristina (I)
Santa Cristina - Lloret de Mar, La Selva, Girona (Spain). I have found this old photo in a forgotten folder of a CD / He encontrado esta vieja foto en una carpeta olvidada de un CD. Have a nice weekend! ENGLISH The Costa Brava is a coastal region of northeastern Catalonia, Spain, in the comarques of Alt Emporda, Baix Emporda and La Selva, in the province of Girona. Costa is the Catalan and Spanish word for 'coast', and Brava means 'rugged' or 'wild'. The Costa Brava stretches from Blanes, 60km northeast of Barcelona, to the French border. In the 1950s the Costa Brava was identified by Spain’s Franco government as being suitable for substantial development as a holiday destination, mainly for package holiday tourists from Northern Europe and especially the United Kingdom. The combination of a very good summer climate and excellent beaches was exploited by the construction of large numbers of hotels and apartments in such seaside resorts as Blanes, Tossa de Mar, Lloret de Mar and l'Estartit. Tourism rapidly took over from fishing as the principal business of the area. Whilst part of the Costa Brava coastline leant itself to tourist developments on a very large scale other parts have retained a more traditional look and have become "hidden gems" for visitors who want a little more than sun, sand and sangria. Small towns like Cadaques (close to the French border and close to the foothills of the Pyrenees) have attracted artists such as Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso and are now fashionable resorts. The coast between Roses and Tossa de Mar has many delightful small coastal towns such as Pals, Begur, Tamariu, Llafranc, Aigua Blava, Fornells , Calella de Palafrugell and Sant Feliu de Guixols. In 1998 coastal towns of the Costa Brava signed a charter the Carta de Tossa which undertook to pursue environmental protection along with tourism. This recognised the value of the region's wide range of natural habitats and micro-climates. The Islas Medes off the coast of L'Estartit is Spain's first maritime nature reserve and it provides a home to a wide range of fish and acquatic flora. The nearby wildfowl reserve on marshlands at l'Emporda also saved land from the potential ravages of development. ---------------------------- CASTELLANO La Costa Brava es una region costera del nordeste de Catalunya, Espana, en las comarcas del Alt Emporda, Baix Emporda y La Selva, en la provincia de Girona, desde Blanes, a 60km. al nordeste de Barcelona, hasta la frontera con Francia. En 1950 la Costa Brava fue identificada por el gobierno de Franco como un lugar susceptible de un desarrollo sustancial como destino vacacional, principalmente para paquetes de vacaciones destinados al norte de Europa y particularmente al Reino Unido. La combinacion de un buen clima veraniego y de excelentes playas produjo una explosion inmobiliaria con la construccion de un gran numero de hoteles y apartamentos en lugares como Blanes, Tossa de Mar, Lloret de Mar y l'Estartit. El turismo supero reemplazo rapidamente la pesca como principal negocio en la zona. Mientras que una parte de la Costa de Brava se dedico plenamente al desarrollo turistico a gran escala, otros lugares han conservado un aspecto mas tradicional y tienen “joyas ocultas” para los visitantes que desean algo mas que el sol, la arena y la sangria. Pequenos lugares como Cadaques (cerca de la frontera francesa y cerca de los Pirineos) han atraido a artistas tales como Salvador Dali y Pablo Picasso y ahora son lugares de moda. La costa entre Roses y Tossa de Mar tiene muchos pequenos pueblos costeros encantadores tales como Pals, Begur, Tamariu, Llafranc, Aigua Blava, Fornells, Calella de Palafrugell y Sant Feliu de Guixols. En 1998 los pueblos de la Costa Brava firmaron la Carta de Tossa para priorizar la proteccion ambiental frente al turismo. Esta reconoce el valor lso los habitat y microclimas de la region. Las Islas Medes, en la costa de L'Estartit es la primera reserva natural marina de Espana y contiene una amplia diversidad de peces y flora acuatica. La cercana reserva de los Aiguamolls (marismas) de l'Emporda tambien protege un terreno natural del desarrollo turistico.
Holiday Inn de Las Cruces, 1985
Holiday Inn de Las Cruces, 1985
Las Cruces, NM This photo spent a while in my "Where Is It?" folder, until Ms. Redenn solved the mystery! Original caption below. It's now a Ramada Inn; please see G. O'Graffer's 2008 photo via the link. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My note-taking abilities had lapsed somewhat by 1985, so I have no idea where this was taken--other than it was probably Texas. Any guesses? Possible clues, from the Great Sign: The Jack Welch Show was appearing at the Billy the Kid Saloon. (Googling did not help.)

holiday photo folders