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Graduation Photo Collage Ideas

graduation photo collage ideas
    photo collage
  • Photomontage is the process (and result) of making a composite photograph by cutting and joining a number of other photographs. The composite picture was sometimes photographed so that the final image is converted back into a seamless photographic print.
  • photos delivered via "stream of consciousness" updated in real-time
  • The ceremony at which degrees are conferred
  • commencement: an academic exercise in which diplomas are conferred
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graduation photo collage ideas - CLASS of
CLASS of 2011 GRADUATE COLLAGE Picture Photo Frame GRADUATION School Years GIFT!
CLASS of 2011 GRADUATE COLLAGE Picture Photo Frame GRADUATION School Years GIFT!
Wonderful GRADUATION Keepsake for the Graduate Laser Cut Text: Class of 2011 Holds One 5x7 photo, 2 wallet photos and two 4x6 cropped photos. Graduate verse included. Verse Reads: Graduate The exciting times you've had so far, interesting people you have met, have touched a place within your heart, that time will not forget. A bright and promising future is waiting ahead, it's true, so live your dreams and start them now, the rest is up to you! Joyce Boyce Copyright Overall Outside Frame Measures 13 1/8" x 11 3/4"

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this is a tale of coming clean
this is a tale of coming clean
My mother always asked why I spent so much money on my DSLR camera but never did anything with my pictures. "You shove the memory card into your computer and then they just sit there! What good does that do?! Do something with your pictures!" From this, I got the idea of transforming the walls of my room into a gigantic four page scrapbook with four almost-endless canvases. I could get hundreds, thousands printed. I can pin up souvenirs from my late-night escapades. And I'll always able to add to it. After sifting through the thousands of photos on my Flickr, I selected all the memory-linked shots and sent ‘em to Snapfish for printing, eventually ending with a looming stack about 9 inches high. Cracking down, I covered one wall entirely of photos, and although the canvas was full, it felt empty. Scrapbooks have words, stickers, labels-- more than just pictures. Scrapbooks tell stories that go along with the pictures. Noticing that missing element, I went through all my Surfer magazines, cutting out words that stood out to me, hoping later I’d be able to put them together to tell a story. Taking this mess of magazine cutouts scattered across my bedroom floor, I recognized similarities in some words grouped them into individual stanzas that each had a theme of their own, including everything from rules on how to live life to my shaky relationship with a close friend. In the end, these stanzas belonged together. Collectively, they effectively captured each bit of emotion flying around in the tornado of my scatterbrain. Spreading them around an entire wall would destroy the connection they shared. Although disjointed, they told my story, they embodied me at that moment. I am left with a full, yet empty collage of pictures on my wall, a remaining stack of loose photos now about 6 inches high, and this poem... this is a tale of COMING CLEAN real life- built on quicksand often afloat, not always sinking real choices- sometimes i just need to know unfiltered opinion 100% honesty- give and get explore my surroundings get the clearest picture look beneath the surface through the lens passionate fearless adventure high energy -the rules- travel wander live large won’t submit myself to external forces won’t settle for the little white-water bumps always in for the biggest, the best challenge the proven tipping point strive for an off the wall essence of the perfect day via SMS looks like feels like a friend a love Jordy Jordy whats next? high school. graduation. 1. like you 2. lust 3. sunshine 4. sunset 5. and not cry? summer. college. imagine yourself living the dream the road never ends
college graduation invitation
college graduation invitation
My sister wanted me to edit her graduation photo. I added the owl and message. she LOVED what I did and gave me a little reward, yay!!! also, autorization to add my signature and upload here on Flickr -> I did not take the photo, I just edited and added the message

graduation photo collage ideas
graduation photo collage ideas
7x15 GRADUATE Poetry/Collage w/Cream Mat CLASS OF 2012 & BLACK Solid Oak Frame
7x15 Graduate Poetry Collage Frame. Cream Mat w/Laser Cut Text: Class of 2012 in small Rectangle Opening. To read Poem, click on photo or see larger image link. Holds three photos with poem or remove poem and add a fourth photo in its place! Frame Holds (2) Two - 4x6 or cropped 5x7 photos and one cropped photo in small rectangle opening. Actual Opening dimensions: 2 - 3.75"x5.5", small rectangle opening - 3.75"x2.5", small oval opening - 3.75"x2.65". Includes frame, glass, cream laser cut mat, poem, backer. E-Z Bendable tabs to access photos. Easel or Wall mount ready.