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Pet Friendly Seattle Hotels

pet friendly seattle hotels
    seattle hotels
  • (Seattle Hotel) The Seattle Hotel (also known as Hotel Seattle) was the third of three hotels located in Pioneer Square in a triangular block bound by James Street to the north, Yesler Way to the south, and 2nd Avenue to the east, and just steps away from the Pioneer Building.
  • Of or relating to pet animals
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This hotel was AWESOME
This hotel was AWESOME
Not only were they really pet friendly but I would say they loved dogs there. Most hotels will put you in a room that smells like a 20 year old ashtray but our room was amazing! If you are traveling with animals stay at a Kimpton property!
Seattle Hotels | Edgewater Hotel
Seattle Hotels | Edgewater Hotel
This Seattle hotels nestled on Seattle's waterfront at Pier 67, we're surrounded by beauty: the majestic Olympic Mountains; the sparkling waters of Elliott Bay and the velvety-pink sunsets of the Northwest sky.

pet friendly seattle hotels