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Beach Pet Friendly Hotels

beach pet friendly hotels
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beach pet friendly hotels - Dogfriendly.Com's California
Dogfriendly.Com's California and the West Dog Travel Guide: Pet-Friendly Attractions, Parks, Beaches, Attractions, Dogpark, Restaurants and More...
Dogfriendly.Com's California and the West Dog Travel Guide: Pet-Friendly Attractions, Parks, Beaches, Attractions, Dogpark, Restaurants and More...
The complete travel guide for travelers with pets to California, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah and Washington. Great for residents and visitors alike. Plus's 200 "must see" dog-friendly places in the West.
This All New 800 page 4th Edition now has over 6,000 dog-friendly places! In additon to even more California listings than before, we have added dog-friendly places throughout the West including the states of Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah and Washington. Plus a special section on Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks.
This comprehensive travel guide is designed just for dog travelers! For all 9 states, you'll find a variety of great dog-friendly accommodations, campgrounds, RV parks, pet-friendly attractions, parks, beaches, hikes, dog parks, outdoor restaurants, highway guides and more. PLUS enjoy reading about and visiting the Top 200 "Must See" dog-friendly places throughout California and the West. And whether you are traveling with a small dog or big dog, we focus on places that allow well-behaved dogs of all sizes and breeds.
LODGING - From standard accommodations to upscale resorts, you'll find dog-friendly hotels, motels, bed and breakfast inns, cabins, vacation rentals, and upscale resorts. This guide includes both chain and independently-owned specialty accommodations that welcome your four-legged friend. Pet policies like pet fees and number of dogs per room are included. And the accommodations we list allow dogs in non-smoking rooms.
CAMPGROUNDS AND RV PARKS - In addition to hotels and motels, you will also find dog-friendly campgrounds and RV parks that welcome dogs. Stay at campgrounds that offer dog-friendly trails nearby or within a short walk of your campsite. Plus pet-friendly camping cabins and RV parks for the not-so-ruffin'-it getaway.
TOP 200 "MUST SEE" DOG-FRIENDLY PLACES - Read about and visit some of the best places to bring your best friend. From places that welcome pets with open arms to some great places to visit that allow pets. Find hotels that pamper your pet, first-class outdoor dog-friendly dining, popular sightseeing spots, great shopping centers that welcome your pooch, and some of the best dog-friendly beaches and hikes around.
ATTRACTIONS - Enhance your travel experience by visiting popular sightseeing areas, taking a dog-friendly boat, train, gondola or carriage ride, visiting a dog-friendly winery or farm, taking a guided walking tour, shopping in a retail store, walking through a historical area or museum, enjoying a National Park or even visiting a pet-friendly amusement park.
PARKS, BEACHES, HIKES AND DOG PARKS - Visit local, state or national parks and view huge waterfalls, giant sequoia trees, sand dunes and red rock country. Pet policies are included, such as where dogs are allowed off-leash and where they need to be leashed.
OUTDOOR RESTAURANTS Dine outdoors with your best friend by your side at sidewalk cafes or upscale restaurants that have pet-friendly patios. Choose from a variety of restaurants and cuisines.
HIGHWAY GUIDES - Finding dog-friendly lodging along the road is now easier with our Highway Guides. There are 15 major highway and interstate guides with pet-friendly hotels and lodging arranged in order from north to south and west to east.
Also includes:
- Public Transportation that allows dogs including city buses, cable cars, trains and boats.
- Pet Travel Tips: Be sure to read our sections on Preparation for a Road Trip and Etiquette for the Traveling Dog.
- Internet Updates to let you know what has changed since the book was published.

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Wrightsville Beach, NC located near Staybridge Suites
Wrightsville Beach, NC located near Staybridge Suites
The history of Wrightsville Beach, NC is one of natural beauty, the forces of nature and a natural desire to enjoy life to its fullest. Wrightsville Beach, or New Hanover Banks as it was once called, began transferring into private ownership in 1791. Most of the early visitors were fishermen and hunters traveling to the Island by boat. Already the history of Wrightsville Beach, NC was being built on an appreciation of nature and Wrightsville's bounty. Sailing became increasingly popular and led to Wrightsville's first structure the Carolina Yacht Club, built in 1853. Later in the century, a turnpike was built to connect Wrightsville with the mainland. Shortly thereafter, the Wilmington Seacoast Railroad Company constructed a track between Wilmington and Wrightsville and development on the Island began in earnest. The rail eventually carried an electric trolley and with it thousands of visitors from NC and other eastern states. Wrightsville Beach had emerged as a popular summer vacation destination. In 1905, the Lumina pavilion was opened. The 12,500 square foot complex hosted many of the days top big bands and had other attractions, such as, a movie screen actually positioned over the oceans waters! Lumina has since given way to changing times and different visitor interests, but the spirit of its grand celebration is bright in the history of Wrightsville Beach, NC. Today, Wrightsville continues to be a favorite vacation destination for many, naturally.
Our guests!
Our guests!
Here are two of our recent four legged "guests" relaxing in their suite at the Residence Inn Beverly Hills! Our hotel is pet friendly and happy to welcome all your family members to stay with us.

beach pet friendly hotels
beach pet friendly hotels's East Coast Dog Travel Guide: Premier Edition 6,000+ Dog-Friendly Places!
Get the full and complete Dog Travel Guide to the East Coast from, used by millions of people annually for pet travel information. Want to read about our Top-200 "Must See" Dog-Friendly Places on the East Coast, plus over 6,000 more places to visit with your dog? From New England and New York through the Mid-Atlantic States and down to the Southeast and Florida, you'll find a variety of great dog-friendly lodging, B&Bs, campgrounds, RV parks, pet-friendly attractions, parks, beaches, hikes, dog parks, outdoor dining, highway guides and more. Our highway guides for I-95 and other highways list accommodations by city and exit. Also includes a section on Canadian cities Toronto, Montreal and Quebec. From resorts like Key West, Bar Harbor, Cape Cod, the Adirondacks, Asheville and the Blue Ridge, Hilton Head and Jekyll Island to cities New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Washington, Atlanta, Orlando and Miami this guide covers everywhere to go with your dog.