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Movie Theme Party Decorations

movie theme party decorations
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Hollywood theme Cycle 3 Result's
Hollywood theme Cycle 3 Result's
Hi All! First of all before we start I would like to wish you all a "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!" Let's start of with the theme, it was Hollywood! I only got 5 photos :( as there is 6 of you girl's left! If you could not do it and your excuse was good, fair enough! But let's see how well the 4 girls went- lovethoselivs- This was simply gorgeous! I loved the red dress that gave it that "Hollywood" look! I also liked how you put her on the red carpet! As well as the black backdrop! Well done, you did a great job! Blake's Doll's- Taylor Swift!!! Wow!!! Blake!!!!!THIS IS AMAZING!!!! YOU HAVE SUCH GREAT TALENT!!!! This is one of your best photos like ever!! I love it!!!!! FANTASIC JOB!!! ?¦?$h?єy ?uvz вr?tz¦?- This is one of your best photo's I have seen! I love how you had her going through a door to a Premiere of her movie! She look's really posh with that Sparkly silver dress. Great Job! DollGaga- Gaga! Lady Gaga style! I liked how you turned your model into a celebrity, I liked the outfit! Because you made it how Lady Gaga would of done it! I also liked how you curled the hair! The only thing that let down the picture a bit was that the background with BNTM Award's on it had another white brickish background behind it- it looked a bit... different. But still I think you did a wonderful job!! Forever Dolls-Amber by day, celebrity by night! I loved the whole red carpet and Black backdrop, it went really well together!! Amber's pose was fantastic, the sunglasses gave it that Hollywood style! But I'm not quite sure if the writing needed to be moved around a little, I don't know?? But I think you did a excellent job! But....... As you all know this is a competition and somebody has to go out each week. But nobody goes out this week, because it wouldn't be fair if someone did their picture and they went out when some other people didn't even do theirs! But here is the order of the best to least job done on there pictures. 1. Blake's Dolls 2. ?¦?$h?єy ?uvz вr?tz¦? 3. lovethoselivs 4. DollGaga 5. Forever Dolls The next theme is..... Advertisements You will each get a different advertisement! Please do your picture!!! ?¦?$h?єy ?uvz вr?tz¦?- Perfume (Any) DollGaga- Lollies (Any) Forever Dolls- Clothing line (Any clothing item) Blake's Dolls- Movie (Any) lovethoselivs- Florist (Make up a name) Bratz Luvr- Decoration's (Party,Christmas...etc.. whatever you want) If you have any problem's with your theme please message me! Your pictures will be due the 2nd week of January! As Christmas and New year's eve I am given you 4 week's!!! So please get your pictures done!
Joel's 5th birthday! The team came over and the theme of the birthday party was the movie CARS. I decorated the cake like a race track from cars, Bekah made the decorations to put on it.- little cars , the banner and the Piston Cup. We all p layed driving games which I lost everyone but a good time was had by all.

movie theme party decorations
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